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The Dark Blues
  • European Cup 1St Round 1St Leg: Dundee 8-1 Cologne 1962

    • By UWTB1893
    • 03rd October 2017, 5:32 pm

    Over the next few months we will be looking back at some programmes involving the Dee. It may stem from memorable victories to Derby wins or maybe one or two unique programmes.

    The first programme we will look at is from our very first match in a European competition, which is also our largest ever victory in the competition and to this day, our opponents biggest defeat.

    dfc 1.jpg

    I give to you, Dundee 8-1 FC Cologne.

    dfc 2.jpgdfc 3.jpg

    Being paired up with the early favourites of the European Cup, Dundee welcomed the West German Champions FC Cologne to Dens Park as we looked set to tussle with the crème de le crème of the top European teams.

    dfc 4.jpgdfc 5.jpg

    With ten West German internationalists in their team and labelled one of the early favourites to win the trophy, this looked like a daunting task for The Dee. When the full-time whistle went though, it was the Germans who were shell-shocked after the Dark Blues had blasted eight past them.

    dfc 6.jpgdfc 7.jpg

    We can maybe take into consideration that the German keeper was knocked out only a few minutes into this game and he only lasted until half-time when he failed to return to the field. Back in them days, there weren’t any substitutes so Cologne had to play the reminder of the game with only ten men.

    dfc 8.jpgdfc 9.jpg

    Our goals came from Alan Gilzean (who bagged a hat-trick), Bobby Wishart, Hugh Robertson, Gordon Smith and Andy Penman. Our first goal was scored by Matthias Hemmersbach who headed the ball into his own net.

    dfc 10.jpgdfc 12.jpg

    As you can see, DC Thomson published a souvenir programmes for this and all of Dundee’s other games in the European Cup and unsurprisingly, the first one featured the team with the Scottish League title. A photo that gives ever Dee a sense of pride.

    dfc 11.jpg

    At only sixpence a programme, it's no doubt a steal on how much I had to pay for my own copy 50 odd year later!

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    Thank you for getting back .... And yes it is excellent (Better than excellent friend, but eh cannae think o' anither word)

    You could not have picked a better year to start this project to launch this new addition on the forum. Whit a year '62.

    The programme & the text really says it all, but once more, full marks for your format & presentation. Great stuff again.

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    Thanks chaps. Hopefully got a few more up meh sleeve that people will enjoy!

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    First time I've studied up on the pen pictures of the Cologne players for probably55 years !(and yes I do have that and all the other home progs of that amazing time) and was struck by the fact that 3 of them were described as petrol pump atttendants and others as travellers,clerks.Was this some sort of Kashloul dodge to get round regulations on how much they could pay players at the tme.Some of them were after all World Cup veterans

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