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The Dark Blues
  • You Wanna Blog, Well We Have the Blogging Thing to Get You Started!

    The Dark Blues has introduced a new feature to its members. The Dark News Blogs, written by Dees for Dees!

    Fancy yourself as a writer, a blogger and or feel you have something to say about being a Dundee fan and want to get it out there on the largest Dundee FC fans forum? Well now you can!

    We have introduced a new blogging feature called 'The Dark Blues Blogs'!  Any Dark Blues member now has the option of creating or writing their own blogs regarding anything related to Dundee Football club. You have an idea, write it up, post it and bob's your uncle... it's out there for others to read!

    What do I get out of this?

    You get a platform to show off your writing skills. This could help if you are studying to be a journalist in a multimedia environment as newspapers or magazines and you are required to show yours work in a live environment.

    Do I need to be a writer?

    Nope! We want people who are interested in football in relation to Dundee Football club. We want people who are hungry and eager to connect to others. We will give you help with writing your blogs or help posting them.

    We don't mind, you can send us your blog post in Word, and we will do all the work required to get your blog up and posted.

    What is expected of me?

    Absolutely nothing! But there are a few rules which need to be followed when submitting your posts.

    1. Your blog should be around 400-800 words long, and must contain no profanity, off the wall ranting and raving full of expletives and be about Dundee FC, Following Dundee FC or related somehow to Dundee FC. Did I mention Dundee FC?
    2. We can only accept original content which has not been submitted elsewhere unless you have expressed permission from the original author to use their work.
    3. You cannot copy news articles and claim them for your own! So no copying the Courier or Evening Telegraph. They will send their enforcer to your house, so don't say you haven't been warned and it is really hard to type with broken fingers ;)
    4. You must use non copyrighted images or images in which you have permission to use.
    5. There is no limit on how many block posts you must write over the month or year, in fact you decide. but remember, if you want to build up a following, write often and write well.
    6. Have the Internet... well duh.

    What do I write about?

    Pink unicorns and multicoloured rainbows.... but as long as it Related to Dundee Football Club!! Duh!

    The topic is totally up to you, the history of the club, you going to games, your away adventures to other clubs or anything related to the club we love.

    Interested? Well leave a comment below letting us know and we will PM you with information on how to get started!

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