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    Season 2019/20 we are going to be doing a joint player sponsorship with 'up wi' the bonnets' again to raise cash for Dundee football club.

    This will be our 5th year where we, as a community can help the young stars of tomorrow break through the ranks. Players like Cammy Kerr, Craig Wighton and Gavin Rae, who all broke through the ranks to become a full-time professional footballers, as we like to say, 'they're one of our own!'.

    Your sponsorship money will help the young players at our club flourish, buying much needed equipment and training facilities. So you know your donations will be put to good use.

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    Our aim this year is to raise a total of £780, this way as part of The Dark Blues and Up Wi' The Bonnets community you can help sponsor a First Team, Youth Team and/or Academy player for the up and coming season! Please note all prices include VAT.

    • First Team Player Sponsorship: £450
    • Youth Team Player Sponsorship: £198
    • Academy Player Sponsorship: £120

    How to Donate

    There are a few methods you can choose to donate towards player sponsorship 2019/20.

    • PayPal: This is probably the easiest and secure method for you to donate your cash.
    • Credit Card: You can choose to pay via your credit card and this can be done with Pay Pal.
    • Collection and Collection Points: MORE INFO COMING SOON (or contact @Tayzurri)

    You can use our form to donate here:



    The above options will incur a small fee, we suggest that you use the 'Friends and Family' option when donating to us and this eliminates this. You can do this easily by following:

    1. Logging into your PayPal account.
    2. Select the 'Pay or send money' icon/link by clicking on it.
    3. Select the 'Send money to friends and family' option.
    4. Enter our email address '[email protected]' and the amount you wish to donate.
    5. Please leave your forum username and email address, so we can identify you.

    Sponsor Players Named

    The quicker we can raise our objectives, then the quicker we can find out which players are available in each category. When we know this information we will then put the player names into a poll and vote on the players you would like The Dark Blues to sponsor. I think this is probably the fairest of all the options we could have chosen.

    We will hold at a raffle to determine who will win a framed jersey signed and/or the invite to annual sponsors event.

    Raffle Ticket System

    For every £10 donated, a raffle ticket with a random ticket number will be given to you on the closing date. The more you donate we will throw in a few more tickets, so you will have a better chance of winning.

    Tickets for each amount is as follows:

    • £10: 1
    • £25: 5
    • £50: 10
    • £60: 12
    • £70: 14
    • £80: 16
    • £90: 20
    • £100+: 25

    The only thing that we ask is that 'The Dark Blues/Up Wi the Bonnets' gets the "website accreditation" and nothing more.

    Closing Date

    As of yet there is no closing date to this event. However, this will change once we get more information from the club as to when we can submit our donations.

    We will announce the winners after the closing date.

    NB: Please note. You will have to be a dark blue member to vote for the sponsored player.

    On Behalf of everyone here at the Dark Blues and Up Wi' The Bonnets, I would like to thank everyone who has donated or will donate to help the club! Cheers!

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