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With the Premiership season kicking off this Saturday at Dens against Ross County, we spoke to @jailender about the Staggies, his views on Billy McKay crossing the divide and how it’s felt to see his team go from playing in the Highland league to cementing their place in the Premiership.
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Winners Of This Years Player Sponsorship 2017/18
The winners of this years Player Sponsorship will be announced after the Ross County game this Saturday.

So good luck to all of you who entered this year.

We have raised over £1,126.00 this year, fantastic effort and we here at The Dark Blues Team thank you all for taking part, donating or lending your support!

This year, our player we have sponsored is the magic number 9: Sofien Moussa

Thanks again everyone!
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Is the Present Premiership Structure the Best We Can Come Up With?

Cobra's Top Two Topic/HK's post lead me here. "Is the structure of the Premiership the best we can come up with?"

Writing off the Top 4-5-6 places for half the Premiership Division before we've started the season, cannae be right.

Probably a differnt argument, but I would be delighted to see Twa Ugly Sisters spread their poison somewhere else.

OK part of this is to see the Premiership more "open" But wha wid want them?  The last few days have shown again

neither of them in good light. They must have some decent fans. But who would want to be associated with them?

Know this has been well discussed before, but with the New Season only days away, as well as the excitement this

brings to fans of every club, there is also the thinking... "Is this anither stressful season focusing on bottom clubs?"
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