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  1. Welcome to the Dark Blues!
  2. The Arabs have been peddling this hype since their Messiah has been scoring goals for them since the start of the season. Also the deluded ones have been claiming that Shankland is better than Caniggia. You can't but help getting embarrassed for their supporters with shite like that!
  3. Just watched footage of this incident and I can tell you with a 100% unbiased view that it would have been a penalty. However, if the ref had been awake he would have given hand ball against Forster beforehand and it should have been a free-kick to Alloa in their box. The Alloa play put's his leg in front of Kerr and Kerr falls over because of this. Not sure why Cammy felt the need to take three touches and the ball should have been in the back of the net on his second touch. Was it a penalty, yes, but there should have been a handball against Forster just before that.
  4. TheDarkBlues

    Disagree Button Discussion

    Just checked our email Server Delivery Reports and it was accepted and send to your email address at 1:00pm. Check your spam folder?
  5. TheDarkBlues

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    Hemmings didn't exactly set the heather alight when he first came here. It took an injury to Loy before he started getting game time and he then started banging in the goals. If we can sort out our midfield players getting further up the park and supplying our forwards then we will start scoring goals. Makes a change from the last few years where we never had a decent striker, now we have three and we should let them battle it out for their places, it creates more competition and willingness to score goals, which can only be good for us in the long run.
  6. TheDarkBlues

    Disagree Button Discussion

    Got both, You should get a email back from our support software right?
  7. TheDarkBlues

    Disagree Button Discussion

    Sorry, I should have stated that the Moderators note is from myself and not Cobra. I just split the topic at this post.
  8. TheDarkBlues

    Disagree Button Discussion

    Further this, I redid the template for the email and private message for Deleted Post notifications a couple of days ago and I have checked all the links and they're correct (fingers crossed). I can only assume that there was an error in the old template to the support link, but no one alerted us to this and we never knew there was an issue. So my apologies for that. If one of our moderators remove a post in future and you feel that our actions are wrong, please feel free to contact us. I will also check why we are not getting your messages, if I could ask you to send another one (as a test) and let me know you have sent it, I can look into this for you. Cheers,
  9. TheDarkBlues

    Disagree Button Discussion

    I can tell you that we have never received anything from yourself regarding this or any other issue or we would have answered you back. When you send us a message via our our "Contact Us", a "Support Ticket" is automatically created in our support software as these messages are routed via our support system. I will have a look at the url link within the email as that is an error and will need to be corrected. There is also a link in the Menu for all our support (I will check all the links to make sure they are correct). Failing all of that, you are more than welcome to send Scott, Jim or Myself an email or private message if you have any questions etc.
  10. TheDarkBlues

    Disagree Button Discussion

    Your post was removed because the moderators felt that it was a personal dig at the original poster. If you had created a support ticket asking for a reason why we would have explained our decision to you and you have every right to ask us to reconsider our decision on the matter (Like it explains in the private message and email you received from us). But I guess it is easier to whine and bitch about it on the forum than create a support ticket with us.
  11. TheDarkBlues

    The Cost of Watching Scottish Football

    They should let me in free.... I personally don't give a flying fuck about you people!
  12. I thought that he was your typical average ref today. I thought he wasn't biased towards either side and was pretty much just shite either way. Not sure that it was a penalty with Kerr, looked like it was more to do with the fact that Cammy fell over the ball... but I would need to have a look at it again before I vent my anger and disgust towards the bastard in black... or blue..... or whatever colour they were wearing today!
  13. I know, it was McGee, sorry I have had other things on my mind today
  14. Have to admit, we need to work on our game, showing signs of improvement but still lack that killer instinct in the final third. However, good win, 3 points in the bag and that's the most important thing.
  15. Who was your man of the match against Alloa Athletic?
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