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  1. 'Dream' move to Rangers...... bloody hell, I could imagine if it were the likes on Man United, Chelsea or AC Milian....... Dream move my arse!
  2. Hasn't that always been the way though with Rangers?
  3. Novo will never be Billy Dodds and we should let bygones be bygones with Novo. He played well for us and he got a good move (for him) and we the supporters should have seen that at the time. He should have shown a lot more composure and maybe could have handled the pelters he got from the crowd better, but Rangers got two goals that night because of our support. He had a point to prove and he proved it I suppose.
  4. Agree with pretty much everything you have said. Vincent was never a defensive midfielder when he played with ICT, Hartley took him and tried to shoehorn him into a position he had never played before and it never worked out for him. Hartley never learnt his lesson from that and did the exact same thing with Nick Ross by playing him at that defensive role. Both players got pelters from the crowd, but that should have been aimed at PH for putting the players there in the first place.
  5. The Coxy was bouncing that night, and after the second goal went it was amazing hearing all three sides of Dens Park singing the same and at full volume. If the club wants bums on seats, then give us a team and football on the park that we want to watch. The support is there, but the quickest way to turn people off coming is the terrible performance on the park we have had for the last 2/3 years.
  6. I said the same thing at the time about Berra, didn't want us to sign him because his legs had gone, but he has vastly improved our defence.
  7. Agreed, anything with De Niro is normally good to watch.
  8. So sorry to hear that bud, I hope you didn't have too long to wait until help arrived? Cars can be a nightmare at times I hope the scoreline made up for some of the misery of breaking down!
  9. Could see Meekings drop for McGhee, but it would be unfair on the three who have had two shut-outs!
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