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  1. Dundee United Fans Just want to make things clear, we do not allow Dundee United supporters to join this forum, I don't care if you come in peace or have nice intentions. It never ends up that way. If you sign up for this forum and you are found out, you will be banned. This is not a forum for Dundee and Dundee United banter! Previously Banned Members If you have been banned by us, then there was a reason for it.... so do NOT create another account with us. If you create another account, we will ban that account as well. I do love a game of wak'a'mole, as it is easier for us to hit the Ban button than it is for you to have to go through the hassle of creating a new email account and forum account.
  2. TheDarkBlues

    New Posters

    As my PM to you, I understand your frustration. You're a new member and you feel that don't need to justify yourself being a Dee. I would be exactly the way you are right now myself. You've hit the forum with a bit of vengeance and you like to post, I have no issues with that, that's what forums are for! I would ask that we can all move on please, and Welcome to the Dark Blues Deesturbing (You might want to think of a name change though )
  3. Hi Everyone, The reception towards new posters recently, with the finger pointing and calling them out to be DABS doesn't do us any good or make us feel welcoming or friendly. Yes, we do get the occasional united supporter joining the forum and they are quickly found our and dealt with (Sometimes with most of you guys even knowing about it). I would appreciate and ask our members to revert from the finger pointing and creating posts towards new members being DABS. I know personally myself, if I joined a forum and were made not to feel welcome because of the way I post or on the suspicion that I might have joined under false pretenses, then I would leave and never come back. We used to be a welcoming place for all Dees and I feel we are quick to judge and condemn new members solely on suspicion rather than evidence. So I would ask that you let the Moderators deal with suspected DABS on the forum. Send us a report or a private messages if you suspect anyone being an Arab. Please do NOT create posts accusing new members of something which they very well may not be. We will remove these posts in future. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. TheDarkBlues

    McPake and Nelms Out

    Merged 4 topics together which were all on the same topic. Hope you guys don't mind, left a link to the merged topic for you.
  5. On paper, that is more than a decent squad/team. As I have always said, a good manager will get the best out of mediocre players, but a bad manager will never get the best out of quality players.
  6. TheDarkBlues

    McPake and Nelms Out

    Sometimes I only wish 😂
  7. It's not the players......................
  8. TheDarkBlues

    McPake and Nelms Out

    Screw you and your facts bud! 🤣🤣
  9. TheDarkBlues


    and? I think too many Dundee fans think that his job at Dens is a lot more than it actually is. He is here for the youth setup and nothing more. So, where he spends his time on a Sat night is up to him.
  10. TheDarkBlues


    I think the convo could go like this: Strachan: Hey James, I think your team selections and tactics are off.. McPake: Gordon? Strachan: Yes? McPake: You're with the kids...... now cheerie bye!
  11. TheDarkBlues


    You actually probably believe that he has a major influence at the club right, Wrong, he is there for thew youth setup and nothing more, he even said that himself. He also said that his door would always be open if McPake needed someone to talk too. He has NO say on the running of the club whatsoever!
  12. TheDarkBlues


    I think you really need to really understand why Strachan is at the club, and it has nothing to do with the first team or the senior squad. So to berate someone who has no control over what happens on the park is wrong on all accounts.
  13. TheDarkBlues

    McPake and Nelms Out

    We have QOS at Dens on the 22nd
  14. TheDarkBlues

    Is This Worse Than Kernihan Season

    Hartley had more money thrown at him than the last 6 previous managers.
  15. TheDarkBlues

    If Oxygen Was Ever To Be Rationed

    I don't blame the squad....
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