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  1. DONE DEAL! Danny Swanson! Has moved to East Fife
  2. If you have PM'd me recently, I will get back to you either tomorrow or Friday guys. Sorry for the delay!
  3. I think he was doing all the wrong things for the right reason. Scottish football is corrupt, stagnant and change was required and he did what he thought was best for Scottish football and not the club. It's just a shame that all the other clubs could do is think about themselves. I hope Nelms doesn't make that same mistake again.
  4. It shouldn't matter who we play, or where we play them! If we are serious about winning this league, then lets take the fight to them.... Deefiant!!!
  5. RB, Thank you, been a bit of a lzy bazza for a couple of weeks and forgot all about this. So, I pinned it as well.
  6. When we were 3-0 down to Hamilton (I think it was them)
  7. I wonder if the "cream" is still floating to the top then? Could Bain now be their third choice Keeper?
  8. Just putting it out there B. I'm more than sure we have people who have a lot of experience in this field that could help the club out. Not a dig at anyone
  9. If anyone thinks that they could do better and help out the club, I'm more than sure that they could send in an email offerring their services.
  10. Not sure why you can't post a Youtube link. Just copy the url and paster it into the editor and our software does the rest for you.
  11. Moussa was about as effective in the box as burst condom in a red light district! But he gave you 110% every time.....
  12. Hey guys, I just want to reiterate something which I have said for a long time regarding rumours on the forum, treat them with a pinch of salt and light hearted humour. If they turn out true then fair enough, if they turn out false...... then maybe we will never know due not being privy to what happens behind the scenes at Dens. Just do what I do, treat every rumour with a pinch of salt, it's always fun to speculate about transfers and if they happen they happen if they don't they don't. I have heard that we are signing Griffiths, Pele, someone's son that we had signed 50 years ago. Also heard that Billy Dodds will be coming back as assistant manager (Had to add one for some controversy).
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