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  1. You posting All lives matters, that tells me everything I need to know. You say that you're not racist, fine I will take you at your word, but prove me wrong by posting Black Lives Matter!
  2. To say that All Lives Matter in response is not, in fact, to care for all lives. It is to use egalitarianism against itself. It is to insist, against evidential reality, that all people are treated equally now. It is to use misuse normative statements as descriptive statements, in order to undermine efforts for change. https://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2020/06/05/week-in-review-the-fake-equality-of-all-lives-matter
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Lives_Matter According to professor David Theo Goldberg, "All Lives Matter" reflects a view of "racial dismissal, ignoring, and denial".
  4. https://www.sportsnet.ca/basketball/nba/explaining-lives-matter-actually-means-say/ Listen to this and understand why saying 'All lives Matter' is wrong!
  5. Racism isn't just an American thing, it is all over the world. Do you honestly think that there aren't racist cops in the UK, France, Germany? This isn't a George Llyod 'thing', this is a murder of a black man by a white cop (Who has had previous for being a racist). This is hundred of years worth of black lives killed by racist people and George Llyod was the tipping point for a lot of people against any type of racism.
  6. You really do not understand why it is black lives matter. White privilege at its best.
  7. I think this says more in one sentence than I could have in a whole paragraph. While our generation stood by and allowed racism to continue, I pray that this generation say that they will not allow racism to continue any more on their watch. Being against racism is not being PC, it is being a fucking human being. I find it funny that a bunch of white race privileged males from a generation who should have known better, still don't get why someone being killed by those who were meant to serve and protect can still murder black people in this day. I bet none of you have every had to put up with racist comments or abuse because you're white... unless being called Jock from an English man. #blacklivesmatter
  8. I just wish that the SPFL would do their job for a change, and stop fobbing it off to other clubs who have a vested interest in this proposal working. Neil Doncaster and his cronies are a bunch of yellow bellied cowards and nothing more! They would rather pass the buck and than any sense of professionalism or integrity over this hold whole matter. Could you imagine the outrage if the courts found a mass murder guilty and told him/her to go deliberate their own sentence that they would like to serve! You couldn't make this shit up... unless you're the SPFL or Dominic Cummings of course! The SPFL have turned Scottish football into a (Bigger) bloody joke over this whole affair.
  9. Should be working now BCram.
  10. TinyImg is very easy, you just drag and drop the image, and save to your device. It is that simple, no other user input required.
  11. The 2mb limit to uploading images is there for a couple of reasons. We have limited amount of space on the our servers and putting a limit on how large an image is is one way to keep the sizes down. There are many sites and apps (on your phone or desktop) that will allow you to optimize the file size of an image. One of the best free websites to optimize an image first is TinyPNG: https://tinypng.com/ There are a couple of ways to get get around this. By either upgrading to Gold Membership, Removing some of the older images which you previously uploaded or upload to a free image sharing such as imgBB and then dragging the image into the post editor.
  12. I have added a new plugin that will take you to the last new post.
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