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  1. Really? All I am getting from everyone, it happened in the USA what right to people have to have a protest here in the UK because it has nothing to do with us! Am I wrong? The reason I bring up the beach is because no one on here is saying that it's wrong, but it is wrong to protest something which has nothing to do with us because it happened in the US? He we were pretty quick in joining the USA to attack other countries which had nothing to do with us... oh wait a minute there was oil involved! Your argument is flawed, both are just as bad at this time, but at least one of them has more meaning than just getting a bloody sun tan.
  2. Maybe it will help bring justice to Darren Cumberbatch who died while being beaten and tasered by British cops. It has been over a year and still no enquiry because investigators have yet to obtain a transcript of the inquest. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jun/06/a-black-mans-life-is-not-valued-attack-on-year-long-delay-of-uk-police-death-inquiry-darren-cumberbatch It might also make police more accountable while performing their duty, to prevent future deaths regardless of the persons colour or political belief. While I agree with you that, police should be adhering to the lockdown, as this could be spreading Corona into a second wave, hower, still plenty of people ruching to tourist spots and beaches with total disregard of the lockdown. I didn't go today, purely because I want to keep to the lockdown, But I would have been if there wasn't a lockdown. Pretty the same reason why I am not rushing to the beach either. My point is, you will not stop people protesting in pretty much the same as you won't stop people rushing to the beaches during the lockdown.
  3. If you think racism in the UK police is not there, think again. So lets say that these people around the world protested after the lock downs were lifted, would their protests have the same effect as they're right now? No, they wouldn't. You guys would then be saying, what's the point of holding them now, that happened 6 months ago! The point is, if you feel strongly enough over something, then you have every right to protest about it.
  4. By you saying All lives matter to Black lives matters undermines the black lives matters and what black people in the USA are trying to do. All lives will matter once black lives matter.
  5. Could you imagine the bloodshed if black people in the USA started going around with guns! https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jun/06/rightwing-vigilante-armed-antifa-protests One rule for white people and another for black people!
  6. Edit: I don't believe you or anyone else here are racists, I just want to make that point! However I do thing you are ignorant to the issues that black people face in our in society and in the US. Why? Because your yourself have never had to live with your skin colour being anything but white. You, I, Chomp, Cobra and many other white people have had it easy simply because the colour of our skin. I have blacks friends in the USA who have told me horror stories from themselves, their parents and grand parents. My friends grand mother told me stories about watching Black boys being lynched due to nothing more than the fact that there skins were black! It still happens to this day, hence why the anti-lynching law that is being brought through but blocked by (you guess it) middle aged white men!
  7. To say that All Lives Matter in response is not, in fact, to care for all lives. It is to use egalitarianism against itself. It is to insist, against evidential reality, that all people are treated equally now. It is to use misuse normative statements as descriptive statements, in order to undermine efforts for change. https://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2020/06/05/week-in-review-the-fake-equality-of-all-lives-matter
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Lives_Matter According to professor David Theo Goldberg, "All Lives Matter" reflects a view of "racial dismissal, ignoring, and denial".
  9. https://www.sportsnet.ca/basketball/nba/explaining-lives-matter-actually-means-say/ Listen to this and understand why saying 'All lives Matter' is wrong!
  10. Racism isn't just an American thing, it is all over the world. Do you honestly think that there aren't racist cops in the UK, France, Germany? This isn't a George Llyod 'thing', this is a murder of a black man by a white cop (Who has had previous for being a racist). This is hundred of years worth of black lives killed by racist people and George Llyod was the tipping point for a lot of people against any type of racism.
  11. You really do not understand why it is black lives matter. White privilege at its best.
  12. I think this says more in one sentence than I could have in a whole paragraph. While our generation stood by and allowed racism to continue, I pray that this generation say that they will not allow racism to continue any more on their watch. Being against racism is not being PC, it is being a fucking human being. I find it funny that a bunch of white race privileged males from a generation who should have known better, still don't get why someone being killed by those who were meant to serve and protect can still murder black people in this day. I bet none of you have every had to put up with racist comments or abuse because you're white... unless being called Jock from an English man. #blacklivesmatter
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