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  1. TinyImg is very easy, you just drag and drop the image, and save to your device. It is that simple, no other user input required.
  2. The 2mb limit to uploading images is there for a couple of reasons. We have limited amount of space on the our servers and putting a limit on how large an image is is one way to keep the sizes down. There are many sites and apps (on your phone or desktop) that will allow you to optimize the file size of an image. One of the best free websites to optimize an image first is TinyPNG: https://tinypng.com/ There are a couple of ways to get get around this. By either upgrading to Gold Membership, Removing some of the older images which you previously uploaded or upload to a free image sharing such as imgBB and then dragging the image into the post editor.
  3. I have added a new plugin that will take you to the last new post.
  4. Sorry folks, I have had to change the theme to a temp one until I can get to the bottom of the issues which many are experiencing right now. I hope to have the theme redone over the weekend.
  5. The fact is this, United won the league fair and square. The league position doesn't lie, they were so far in front of us and they would have won the league regardless of how many points we won from now and until the end of the season. I don't begrudge them winning the league, but I hate the way that the SPFL dealt with this whole affair afterwards. The SPFL in my opinion is corrupt to the core and needs to be investigated. My opinion of course!
  6. There are many scientists who have already came out and put this theory to bed. Corona was a natural mutation which was introduced into the food supply, that is all. There are makers which are clearly defined when virus and bacteria is man made or man altered. Unfortunately, normally most new inventions are for the military, then which cycle down to the general public. Sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the bad. For example, the Internet was developed and financed by ARPANET.
  7. It would just be good to get things talking about the football again. The new season can't come quick enough, so we can get back to putting our hopes up, just to be dashed by how shite we are week in week out!
  8. Oh I am old enough to have watched all those Scottish teams (apart from the 1974 one). I remember watching the 78 world cup with my old man, the game against Holland will always live with me in a bitter sweet way. The first two games where we bottled it and the game against Holland where we ripped them a new one. Archie Gemmill's goal was a thing of beauty, the way that he beat players left and right and scored... what a peach! Let's face it, that Scottish cup squad was probably the best I have ever seen, but as in true Scottish style, we bottled it right at the start and saved the best for last when it didn't matter!
  9. Good and Scotland never seem to be words I would use to together! 🤣
  10. I have a feeling that this is an issue with our default theme. Let me know if it continues and I will think of something else to be done.
  11. This should have stopped now though?
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