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  1. He has been banned 4 times already and those overturned, what makes you think it will be any less different? As far as I am concerned, he made his bed......
  2. He always looks so happy doing what he does!
  3. Well, any relationship that The Dark Blues had with DFCSS has now probably just hit an all time low!
  4. That's what I thought when I read it on Twitter. Strange.
  5. Lets see how he adapts to the championship. If anything, a stint here will def make him a better player one way of another.
  6. The video above does show that he has some talent, ikes to get stuck in and does have an eye for goal. I hope the young lad comes here and knocks us off our seats. We will just have to wait and see though.... but lets judge him on what he does at Dens and not on a video (Goes both ways).
  7. Where are you getting that from? The boy hasn't even joined us yet, let alone kicked a ball and we have him as shite. Give the lad a chance on the park first.
  8. Don't want Stokes..... the guys is a nutter and I don't think he would fit in our dressing room..... I think his head might get jammed in the doorway
  9. Saw this on twitter, Graig Burley talking about his time at Dundee. https://anchor.fm/footballcfb/episodes/From-Derby-to-Dundee---Craig-Burley-egivek
  10. It's called Yin and Yang....... Bring in CH and that total high needs to be offset with an utter low, it's the Dundee way lol
  11. I thought it was more that the scum club were trying to paint it that way and not Biter?
  12. Even if he were to apologise and score a barrel load of goals in this league? You're right, there is tainted ,and there is "scummy tangy horrible biting prick get it right up ya!" tainted and I think he falls into the latter!
  13. He would certainly chomp this league if he joined us!
  14. He could score a wonder goal one minute and miss a sitter that you or I could have scored the next..... It's a shame because I believe if he did the little things right here, he could have been another Dee Legend.
  15. Or Dundee United and Celtic could too! 🤣
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