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  1. greenbananas

    Score Predicitions for This Weekend?

    4 draws 1 home 1 away
  2. greenbananas

    Dundee V Livi

    Heart ruling my head...narrow win
  3. greenbananas

    Predictions for This Weekend?

    Aberdeen 2-0 Dundee 1-1 Hibs 3-0 Motherwell 1-0 Rangers 2-0 Celtic 2-1
  4. greenbananas

    D-Day At Dens

    Islay, i think if we were adrift then it would be a different story
  5. greenbananas

    D-Day At Dens

    I think Cobra made the point that Lennon hasn’t won an away match since February...so its an ideal opportunity for them to end that run I go for a narrow loss but NM will still be manager come Monday
  6. greenbananas

    Pre-Match: Dundee V Aberdeen

    16/1 with bet365...
  7. greenbananas

    Predictions Season 18/19.

    I try my best! That’s the finished article...if i posted the original I would be strung up by the RS McColls haha
  8. greenbananas

    Predictions Season 18/19.

    Rangers Celtic Aberdeen Hibs Hearts Kilmarnock Motherwell St Johnstone Dundee Hamilton St Mirren Livingston
  9. greenbananas

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2018-19

    Argentina and corn beef...doh!
  10. greenbananas

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2018-19

    Im gonna say the next signing will be Argentinian...saw NM in Asda talking to a bloke who had a trolley full of corn beef
  11. greenbananas

    Jack Hamilton Signs

    Ignore my question...heez 6 fut 2 ish
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