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  1. Brilliant idea, donated and shared on twitter and Friends of DFC fb 👍
  2. Anyone know anything about this?? In tomorrow’s Courier ‘Top right Corner’
  3. Went to buy some raffle tickets there and apparently finished at 5pm. 😢 With it being last Friday of the month, think they would have left open until Sunday. Would be good if there was continuous things on the go. Maybe like raffling off Hospitality or something. I am sure the uptake would be greater than they would get in if someone was buying it?
  4. Does look like the Dundee one though as they didn’t have small numbers under the Macron badge on the St Js one I don’t think
  5. Since not much going about. Don’t know if it’s a coincidence, however Ross Callachan has been out training in Dundee gear the last couple of times he has put training updates on Instagram?
  6. Have decided to leave mine and the U18s ticket refunds as a donation to the club.
  7. Record Attendance at Hampden v Motherwell for 2 non OF teams 136,274
  8. Just reading on BBC that Aberdeen have it also, however their policy is due for renewal next month. Their insurance company aren’t allowing this type of cover going forward. If we indeed have the cover, just hope our policy isn’t due for renewal for a few months yet 🙏
  9. From whispers I am hearing, we are only 1 of 6 teams within Scotland to have the appropriate insurance to cover the events that have unfortunately unfolded. Hopefully the whispers are true 🤞
  10. Yeh Injured, out for minimum 6 weeks I think I read somewhere
  11. Similar pattern to our game from last night, although we didn’t get beat
  12. Hearing whispers Hemmings out ill tonight. hopefully a lot of sh**e
  13. What a difference Berra made to the defence today. Absolutely strolled it. Thought Callachan was outstanding today. Hope his injury isn’t as bad as it looked 🙏
  14. See a Commercial & Marketing Exec Role has been advertised at the Club for anyone interested. https://www.indeedjobs.com/dundee-football-club/jobs/ee4df77b4775b483def1/_hl/en_US?cpref=Iiru9vHen7nrffrQ9KY3BOnbpR0nnuC4AQHnBR57etxSbUiHHWFJNgkC1MQLp4O5
  15. Seems we couldn’t agree terms with Mullen. St Mirren end all sorted, just the player terms.
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