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  1. Irene Marot

    The Manager

    No he should not and the sad thing is the level of manager we can attract is now much lower than back in October. Under the criteria of Nelms, the replacement will clearly be Ian McCall.
  2. Irene Marot


    Picked up a copy of the Courier at the shop this morning and something struck me. I read the interview with Ricky Foster of St Johnstone and he says their aim is always to do everything they can to avoid relegation and that's the most important thing. That seems to be his club's focus. They believe they can do better but put their minds on staying up before anything else. Before that I read the interview with Jesse Curran. He says our aim and the talk in the dressing room before the season was top four. Is this our problem? We aim too high so aren't prepared for a battle and the heads drop earlier than other clubs when it quickly becomes clear we won't be making out target? Why as a club do we keep trying to run before we can walk any time an opportunity presents itself or we look like finally becoming stable?
  3. Irene Marot

    The Manager for Post-split Games

    McIntyre is absolutely rubbish but we have a decent squad that should see us 11th at least. If there was a motivator out there available I would sack him tonight but I can't think of anyone. Please do not let him be in charge next season though.
  4. Irene Marot

    St Johnstone V Dundee

    I think we can beat St Johnstone and if that happens it'll give us confidence going to Motherwell. That's not a game I'd expect to take anything from but a win in Perth would be a huge boost. This game is going to define our season. Trying to be realistic but positive I think both ourselves and Hamilton will pick up 3 points before we meet and St Mirren will get 3 or 4. We will need to beat Hamilton and I think we will. With 2 games left the table will be: Hamilton = 28 points, St Mirren = 25 points, Dundee = 24 points. Livingston will have nothing to play for and we will win there to go to 27 points whilst Hamilton and St Mirren will draw again. We will beat St Mirren on the last day to go to 30 points but I can't say I'm confident that St Johnstone will win at Hamilton so we will be 11th but in good form and will win the play off. PS - If McIntyre actually gets someone to mark Kennedy this time it will help. He has looked like Messi against us twice which is just embarrassing.
  5. Irene Marot

    Score Predicitions for This Weekend?

    Aberdeen 3-1 Livingston Visitors take a shock lead and are playing well but once Aberdeen equalise, they coast to victory. Hamilton 0-2 Hearts Early set piece goal then the spoil the game as much as possible. Score on the break late on. Hibernian 0-2 Motherwell Bubble burst when they don't benefit from onside goals being disallowed, penalties from diving or Rangers missing so many chances. Goal in each half as Well dominant. Rangers 4-0 Kilmarnock Two early goals then a cruise. Home fans sing sectarian songs at Steve Clarke. St Johnstone 1-2 St Mirren Terrible result for us. Buddies score from a corner after 15 minutes then a second early in second half. Hosts play dreadfully but get a soft penalty late on. Dundee 0-2 Celtic For 70 minutes they miss every chance they get but score two in four minutes to kill the game. After creating nothing we bring on the subs and force Bain into 3 great saves plus hit the bar.
  6. It will be a nice money earner for Dark Blue Holdings.
  7. People are making excuses for Kamara. He was excellent last season but has been rubbish this and HAS downed tools. I wouldn't sign a player like that.
  8. Irene Marot

    GTF Please

    The only thing that would have made yesterday worse was sitting in a 15,000 lego block in the edge of town. I have come round to dreading this idea of moving, although thankfully don't think it has a chance of happening.
  9. Irene Marot

    Thank You Martin Woods

    If only we had a player like Kennedy instead of one who resorted to just outright kicking him when fed up of having the p**h ripped out of him. If McIntyre is going to fill the squad with players like Woods next month then it better be on six month deals with a better plan for the summer.
  10. Irene Marot

    Last Chance Saloon V St Mirren?

    I can understand how everyone became negative under McCann as I did myself but don't know why people are being negative so early about JM. I STILL think we have a better squad than Accies, St Mirren, Livingston and Motherwell (and St Johnstone but they have a better manager - the one we should have got) so am certainly not settling for 10th position. How many players from those five squads would you take at Dens. Probably not more than 4/5 in total so we can still get above them. We WILL win on Saturday.
  11. Irene Marot

    Martin Woods

    I heard this at the game last night and also Paul Quinn, his ex captain at Ross County expected to come in as well.
  12. I like how you reckon a team on 8 points is within reach. As things stand it will take us 21 games (ie end of December) to reach that many!
  13. Irene Marot

    10th Position.

    I think with the right appointment we could still get top six. McCann is THAT bad.
  14. Irene Marot

    Tommy Wright

    I added the last comment sorry but thanks to admin for tidying up the text! The full article is in the Sunday Mail it is https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/tommy-wright-dogs-dieting-st-13293831.amp I don't know why cobra has such a problem with Tommy Wright as he ALWAYS dismisses suggestions he could be manager. I think a gift horse is looking us in the mouth and we should act quickly. So what if he lost at Ibrox, it was only the second game they have lost since we beat them after the split, which we didn't deserve to.
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