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  1. I would think the best way to mitigate losses would be a complete restructure to get the proper clubs back at the top level. Void this season then start from scratch going back to the structures that brought success in the 80s. A top league of 10 (best v best) and more money with the pile being divided by 2 less teams. You pick the biggest clubs: Old Firm, Hearts, Hibs, Dees, United, Killie, Well and then maybe have a pre-season competition for the last 2 places since there would be arguments over who the other 2 teams should be. I don't think anyone can argue with the first 8. Maybe 4 teams in a knock out for the other two places: Falkirk, St Mirren, Partick, Dunfermline. I think every other team probably has less than 2000 fans? Then have a 14 team second division like the 80s with 39 games for extra cash for those teams. Go back to one up and 1 down to try and keep the biggest teams at top. It's no coincidence that since they brought the playoffs in that you end up with all these smaller teams (Hamilton, Livingston, St Johnstone, Inverness, Ross County) in the top division far more than they ever have been before. That isn't good for the game. If you look back at the war they did this by kicking teams like Arbroath out of the top division and putting Falkirk in there.
  2. My source was nobody connected to Dundee FC and I made that clear. Things change but last week he was coming to Dens. It does not bother me one slight bit if you believe that or not.
  3. James managed to get another chat with him yesterday but he's not coming to us. A poor decision from the lad and no ambition at all. That's not the right type for us at all. His old man is a Dee as well.
  4. I wasn't going to say anything since what I said didn't happen but since you asked, May's demands have changed drastically. The only hope we have now is a loan if he can't get a release from Aberdeen. He is asking Dundee for more money than other clubs, which in my view means we should walk away. My source was very reticent to tell me that and was clearly embarrassed when having to do so. I doubt the subject will come up again.
  5. My information is that the only acceptable offers (to the player [through his agent] and to Aberdeen) are from us. I was assured the deal was very imminent at the weekend and all May had to decide was whether he wanted to come permanently or on loan, so I can't understand the delay at all. United have no interest and I was told that no other interested parties will get close to our offers. I will hopefully see my source again this evening and will report back. They are not connected to Dundee FC.
  6. Correct. 😎 Done before Aberdeen fly to Finland is the latest I've heard and pretty much down to the player whether it's loan or permanent as we have an agreement in place for both. Well done John Nelms.
  7. We were excellent yesterday and look better than we have since probably 2007-08. Very excited about this team and that's before James has finished his signings. I have it on very good authority that May is coming to us but that means we won't get Wright so we do need another winger as Todd and McDaid are more backup players. What do members think about Dominic Thomas as a winger? Also, how good is our crowd. It is a travesty that we aren't in the SPL and teams like Hamilton, Ross County and St Mirren are. I bet a lot of chairman were devastated we got relegated. I expect another 3-0 midweek. The ICT game will be tough but really hope we put down a statement against Peterhead like Ayr did yesterday.
  8. We are the only logical choice for May. United will have to play Shankland after paying that money for him and the other three clubs are much smaller than us. I'd be very surprised if between John, Gordon, Jimmy, Dave and James we don't get this done quickly. I would actually expect him to be here for tomorrow.
  9. With United having signed Shankland surely we are the favourites to get May over the two Saints who will pay a lot less than us. Playing at Dens surely is more appealing than those toy town stadiums. Hopefully Dave Mackay being at Dens will play a part as well.
  10. Two good names. Add in James Scott at Motherwell, Innes Cameron and Kilmarnock and Callum Hendry at St Johnstone. That is one thing about the Championship that we can sign guys like that on loan and they should get goals.
  11. I see the revisionism has started already with Shankland and we didn't want him anyway now that it looks like they have a chance of getting him. I hope those saying that are right because if United get 24 goals out of him again, they will be very difficult to topple. I do like the signings James is making though.
  12. After paying a fee for Byrne does anyone else think we will make more bids for players?
  13. It is no surprise to me that James wants Miller away. An experienced man in the dressing room that the players will look up to. It's the same reason I don't think he will have any interest in Charlie Adam. James is just starting out and will make mistakes, it's dangerous having those types in the dressing room that unhappy players may turn to. I heard last week that we have contacted Shaughnessy but thought it was the usual taxi talk but if Cobra has heard the same then maybe not.
  14. Are we still in the third tier of youth teams. Can we really produce the best young talent if we are stuck playing Elgin and Montrose?
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