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  1. Sat down to enjoy my dinner and catch up on DFC news. Today's piece by George Cran in the Courier. It says we paid £250,000 for Nelson. This can't be true surely?
  2. Unfortunately Hearts have a manager now. Was the German the worst ever manager seen in the SPL? Were they not about 8th when he took over? I think everyone knows they will win the league but that is irrelevant to us. There are two promotion spots available and we should be aiming to produce Championship winning form to go into the playoffs with a sense of dread when others look at us. I will just be ignoring Hearts all season.
  3. Dundee beating Koln and St Johnstone beating Hamburg in the same year. It shows how strong our game was. Juventus and Milan did for us and Aberdeen while the third Italian team Bologna were knocked out by the team that put St Johnstone out in the last 16. Rangers won the Cup Winners Cup and Celtic lost on penalities in the semis of the European Cup.
  4. A bit worried if we are out bidding SPL teams for players but in a playing sense he sounds good.
  5. The way I read it we can invoke this clause and suspend him on no way until the SFA say Championship clubs can train again. At that point we have to pay him his full wage or are in breach of contract. At that point he would presumably be allowed to leave for free and could pursue us for lost wages? I suspect the next few days will see him either come to an agreement on a reduction or deferral or an announcement that he's left the club.
  6. Fair enough Harry. I am maybe confusing what the club said with what I read on here. There was definitely a topic that criticised Dunfermline but look at them now preparing for next season alright helped by selling a player. We should have with hindsight in my opinion only paid players their furlough and said we'd backdate top ups when the insurance came in. Do you not agree? I just think we have been throwing stones in glasses houses.
  7. This is fine but let us not forget all the snide comments from our fans when Dunfermline released 15 players etc at the start of lockdown. If you want to be critical, this could have been avoided if we DIDN'T Bury our heads in the sand at the start of this. The official statements were almost bragging about us topping up wages and refunding season tickets. But yes it is good that we are being open and upfront now and not signing Burley and CC33.😂
  8. I'm not sure how anyone can try and claim they aren't Arabs. Roache and Nicholson clearly are. Robertson (is he still there?) is maybe a Dee. The new batch all seem like the sort that "support" Liverpool or Chelsea, especially Hamilton.
  9. Whoever gave the email to the sun should be sacked on the spot.
  10. Has Nelms taken a pay cut?
  11. McCrorie Rooney - Berra - O'brien - Marshall Dorrans - Kelly - Walsh Hemmings - Nisbet - Dobbie
  12. There was a team in the Premier (pretty sure it was Killie) who missed something like 6 in a row a couple of seasons ago. 😂
  13. That is a bit like saying he was nicely dressed when the bus hit him. Glad they are being honest though and the support will rally, it is what we do.
  14. 78. Francois Dubourdeaux
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