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    Dark Blue through & through. Live in Forfar so every game is an away game. A member of Forfar Dark Blues supporters club.
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  1. I must try and remember to take some photos this time.
  2. Forfar Dark Blues are hosting an afternoon Ceilidh with Steven Carcary on Sunday 3rd March 2-5 in the Legion Hall, Academy St. Forfar. Tickets £5
  3. mary

    Karl Madianga

    Mibbie aye mibbie no as they say in farfar.
  4. mary

    Dundee In 1600

    Could be why Dens road looks like a river every time there's torrential rain. I worked in a shop on the Hilltown from the mid 70's & when they were digging the underpass and it was halted again because they had hit water, an elderly gentleman commented to us in the shop "why are they surprised? It's not called Wellgate & Ladywell etc, for nothing."
  5. Welcome to the Dark Blue side of the street.
  6. mary

    Personal Attacks On the Forum

    very well said
  7. I've always liked Holt, yes, he's made mistakes but what player hasn't. Everyone notices his mistakes but didn't seem to notice the times he's cleared the ball off the line or made important tackles or (can't remember the game) the flying header that ended up in the waste bit of ground beside the Derry instead of in the back of the net. PS The Derry even applauded him v the St. Johnstone game. I nearly fell off my seat!
  8. That's true about DFCTV, once it was up and running successfully it was claimed by the club
  9. mary

    Best Dee Chant

    That's "wee" sons favorite
  10. mary

    Best Dee Chant

    Glad all over, courtesy of Speroni testimonial
  11. mary

    Best Dee Chant

    walking doon the provie road, to see Tom Gemmill's aces
  12. mary

    Best Dee Chant

    If it's not raining I'll be in the garden centre
  13. mary

    Best Dee Chant

    Cheers, I just couldn't remember the start. (it's an age thing) Daydream Believer is one of the songs on the playlist at my work just now. & i keep wanting to sing the alternative version.

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