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    Dark Blue through & through. Live in Forfar so every game is an away game. A member of Forfar Dark Blues supporters club.
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  1. Mary

    Cammy Kerr Tonight

    Kerr made a great clearance early on, timed his tackle to perfection. Keeper had at least 2 cracking saves that kept the score down. McPake was criticized for taking McGowan off but he was running out of puff and started making rash tackles.
  2. Mary

    That Minutes Silence.

    We sit in the Derry and the folk round about us stayed quiet. There were some at the back and over at the side booing. Then the shushing started. It would have been better not rising to the bait.
  3. Mary

    Just In

    High blood pressure for one .
  4. Mary

    Just In

    So true, always wish they had more on target.
  5. Mary

    Just In

    That's why I sit in the Derry. About 10 years ago I took my wee son, he was about 6 to the Raith game we were sitting behind the goal watching the warm up and they started taking shots on goal. Thanks to a great save from my son I didn't get a ball in my face.
  6. Mary


    In previous games he's had to go out and collect the ball & hold it up until help arrived instead of being in and around the box waiting for the ball to arrive.
  7. Mary

    Player of the Month (Oct 2019)

    I went for McDaid, though it could just have easily been Dorrans.
  8. McDaid simply because he scored the 2 goals and has taken a lot of stick. Could have just as easily been Dorrans.
  9. Mary

    Our Bench

    I didn't notice what the bench was doing. To busy celebrating the goals. First one, I was saying to my son that I couldn't believe it went in, second one, from where we sit in the Derry, knew it was going in before it hit the back of the net.
  10. Mary

    Finn Robertson

    That's the big difference between this season & last season. Last season we would have lost that kind of game.
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