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  1. wish he had thought on friday
  2. I have this awful feeling that we will continue with Hemmings up front against utd. all by himself.
  3. she must have been skint or tried to get a royal bank loan
  4. I hate to say it, but we tied his managerial hands ,by not allowing him the other part of his double act.
  5. Don`t know, I found a tenner on Waverley platform when I was gagging for a drink
  6. unfortunately, these days, a guy from outwith Scotland with deep pockets, is the real lifeblood of the club.
  7. my son was mascot at that game, fantastic night
  8. roasted most games unfortunately
  9. compared to what ? He can run fast and direct.............
  10. when are we getting the decent ex centre forward please ?
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