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  1. if he signs...hes a great signing with a tremendous attitude and no way did he bite macallisters leg if he disna sign hes a dirty cheating leg biting lying arab b*****d .
  2. also used to deliver papers for sandys...started aff on baberton and barrasie courts then moved on to the even side of st fillians(late 80s) the weekends were a nightmare.....deliver fridays tully while starting the collection saturday morning deliver the courier etc then go try and get money from the folks who ignored ya on friday...back to the house work out your book and hope the f**k you hadnt short changed yourself ...doon to the shop to hand the money in and usually get a grilling fae harry about some trivial sh**e..saturday night do the tully then sprint back doon to get the posts...sun
  3. great signing..hope he has his head screwed on though as ive a feeling hes gonna get booted up and down the park as boys see him as a scalp.
  4. Chances are boys not playing tonight will be playing in the next friendly.. Give them all decent game time
  5. the big boys league oh how we all want to be there...get there and its absolutely sh**e 🤣
  6. the online version aint much better...give you the headline then part of the story then ask you to subscribe to read the rest....oh and their facebook page banned me for getting into "discussions" with a man who probably has a pro union tattoo stamped on his a**e.
  7. Charlie Adam.. Is definitely well probably well maybe signing this year
  8. Read elsewhere that he is willing to take a substantial wage cut to fit into our wage structure... No sh*t sherlock I don't think we're offering 40k+ per week at the moment 😂
  9. if he does sign i really hope his attitude is spot on and he doesnt look at the season as just a kick about...the boy has an opportunity to do what every single one of us would love to do and step out on that pitch playing for the team we love.
  10. Happy enough if he signs BUT only if he's getting roughly what the rest are being paid...
  11. That's kinda what I'm saying mate they can't come out now with a set of punishments after letting 2 clubs off scot free
  12. The problem we have now is. Does the SPFL /sfa throw the book at an individual player or club while letting 2 of our biggest clubs off scot free.. Think if this was a Hamilton, Ross County player punishment would have been swift and hard
  13. hit clubs where it hurts the most..points deductions...i wouldnt be giving any club who have to play celtic or aberdeen points as thats unfair to the rest of the dross but giving celtic a 3 point deduction will hurt these c**ts more than any paltry fine dished out.
  14. Get the feeling our season will either get pushed back or binned altogether.. Think its time clubs like ours started kicking up f**k about the way certain teams seem to get away with murder
  15. Anybody thinking the SPFL will deduct points from one of the bigger clubs are deluded.. Aberdeen and celtic will get a strongly worded letter yet if a Hamilton player stepped out of line then the SPFL will come down on them like a ton of bricks
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