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  1. charliedee

    Elgin On Sunday

    Strongest team possible and get a good win.. Get the demons from the Derby away before the next league game
  2. (fortunately)the 1st time in years we have 3 forwards who will score goals for us...unfortunately with the squad we have we cant start with 2 up front...mcpake has a huge dilemma on how to keep the 3 of them happy over the season as atm our best formation is 4-5-1
  3. charliedee


    Strange game thought we were miles the better team for the 1st 35 mins should have been 1 up early then that 7 min collapse.. 2 nd half was a non event
  4. charliedee


    angryarab is that not the boy who was high up in the arabtrust organisation and frequently gets his sh**e spouted in the papers.
  5. charliedee

    500 Fans Missing From Ayr Game

    I might be wrong but its just something that popped up in my mind
  6. charliedee

    500 Fans Missing From Ayr Game

    im pretty sure it was v Montrose and the crowd was 1900ish
  7. charliedee

    500 Fans Missing From Ayr Game

    im pretty sure we had less than 2k at a midweek game the week after getting beaten from Aberdeen in the league cup final 1995.
  8. charliedee


    they have 1 player...keep him quiet and we will atleast get a draw....they aint nothing special...get them on the back foot and lets see how well they cope.
  9. charliedee


    f**k them...1 man show..get somebody to stick to shankland like glue and we don't lose the game.
  10. strange thing to say but has signing hemmings gave the manager a severe problem....last week 1 up top outstanding this week 2 up top sh**e...get the feeling we'll chop and change the front 3 to keep them all happy.
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