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  1. He was young when he came to us and imo not ready or good enough to make much of an impact.. We couldn't afford to persevere with him.. Nobody watching him back then would ever have imagined he'd turn out to be quite decent
  2. what we should be doing when games like last night are expected to have a low turnout is close the derry and sell tickets for the coxy only atleast make it look like there is a half decent turnout
  3. get bloody sick o all this look at uniteds crowds.....the majority of them would vanish like sna aff a dyke if they had to suffer what we've had to suffer for the past 40 years....theyre romping the league went into todays game slight favs they'll turn out in numbers...if the roles were reversed and we sat miles clear at the top while they f**ked about midtable...they'd be begging us to take 3 stands at the dump...they know it we know it every c**t knows it they are fair weather fans come out when the going is good and they smell blood...….ps f**k em f**k em all.
  4. I call these united fans the 3 Yearers.. Not a f**cking peep out of them.. Now they are all popping out of the woodwork.. The Tully Facebook page seems to attract these wallopers
  5. even at 2-0 doon having played sh*t the 1st half..i felt that in the 2nd half if we'd got the next goal we could have got something out of that game then the keeper does that and knocks the stuffing out of the whole team and fans.....I normally defend keepers due to my young lad being one but f**k me if he did what Hamilton did on the 3td goal i'd have booted his erse
  6. we'll beat motherwell and get Falkirk in the next round..he'll rip our fullbacks new arseholes ...that's the way these things tend to work out
  7. May..if they dinna make us into world beaters by the end of January they'll be classed as f**cking sh*t
  8. Can we play all our games behind closed doors
  9. the problem with managers is they think the players belong to them ...Hartley did it with harkins..fell out with him McCann did it with bain fell out with him....the quicker managers realise these players are employees of Dundee fc and not theirs the better...if todd is better than whoever else is starting mcpake should be playing him regardless of if their bestest buddies or not..gets on my t*ts that we constantly have managers who cant f**cking manage players properly.
  10. remember that game..they lobbed a ball into our box which we cleared right to the feet of the fullback out on the wing ...rather than take a touch he stepped out of the way to get a throwin allowing them to lump the ball back into our box....brutal sh*t to watch but it got them results.
  11. was on my phone didn't realise it missed month out
  12. I've a feeling both Ness and dorrans will be away before the end of the
  13. bottling the final v rangers and duffy playing his mate burchill instead of novo was a criminal offence.
  14. the team who turned up v united CAN win the 4 games the team I watched last week will lose all 4 then be more concerned about a relegation playoff than a promotion 1.
  15. nope and I also don't think nelms is to blame for us having a corner then conceding a goal 10 seconds later...rookie manager or not we should be beating sh*t like inverness with the players we have
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