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  1. charliedee

    Six Minutes Added On

    maybe its time to adopt the rugby way of timing a game...big electronic clock with an official stopping and starting it every time there is a sub or injury issue...clock gets to 90 game over......I listened to the game at work and still cant find a reason why there was 6 mins added.....was f**cking seek when they scored.
  2. im 46 and this is just the norm for me....we have the occasional good season where we are comfortably away from relegation and finish mid table …..2 league cup finals.1 Scottish cup final.numerous relegations and numerous failed attempts to get out of the 1st division....I don't expect our fortunes to change any time soon.
  3. charliedee

    Reception for Scott Bain

    he'll certainly get a nice reception on the park...when we give him one of the easiest games of his career
  4. charliedee

    Scottish Cup

    well done Aberdeen and to think if we'd have beaten queens we'd then had have to beaten Aberdeen,rangers then celtic to get to the final …...good ane.
  5. charliedee

    Dundee V Celtic

    we'll huff and puff fall behind then celtic will just knock the ball about then kill the game with a 2nd early in the 2nd half then knock the ball about controlling the game...we'll then score a late goal to lose 2-1 they get 3 points we don't take a f**cking hiding abody moves on.
  6. charliedee

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    imo central defenders don't need to be the quickest...just have the ability to read the game.
  7. charliedee

    Worst Season Ever?

    might well be our worse season ever....but that aint down to the man currently sitting in the managers chair.
  8. charliedee

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    meh another coulda shoulda but didna game....ach well still think we win 3 more games this season and we'll stay up st mirren x2 and accies .
  9. charliedee

    Dundee V Hearts

    yup and we could say that numerous times this season...quick example motherwell last month ...should have won didna win..
  10. charliedee

    Relegation Battle

    Christ almighty even when we don't have a game..some folk still come on and say we're going doon…..3 points from 10th and 1 ahead of 12th.....still all to play for....nae panic stages yet...I still believe we now have players who will battle in every game.
  11. charliedee

    Relegation Battle

    thing ive noticed this season is teams like Hamilton,st mirren pick up unexpected points due to the opposition being bloody dreadful on the day...apart from the 1-1 v rangers I cant remember the last time celtic played us and had an off day....somebody pointed out aberdeens woeful home record this season....we go there and get pumped 5-1 and mcinnes describing it as their best performance of the season.
  12. im glad I was working today and not on the beer last night...ive saw some amount of sh**e spouted here and elsewhere stating last nights defeat meant certain relegation....we are definitely showing signs of a team who will fight and a cuffing from rangers wont have me throwing in the towel and accepting we're definitely down.
  13. charliedee

    Relegation Battle

    deing horsefield davis macgowan ralph dales woods robson wright curran nelson all fit and I honestly think we have enough to get out of the sh**e we find ourselves in
  14. they did the same v Hamilton..blew them out the water the 1st 20-25 mins...get the game won then settle down....like I said earlier its a pity we conceded so late as 0-0 2nd half would heve given us something to build on.

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