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  1. charliedee

    Team v St Mirren

    here I agree with ya just pointing out that I noticed a huge difference today....it also pisses me off when you hear the old "manager lost the dressing room,players down tools" these players should bloody realise that they are not playing for McCann,macintyre they are playing for Dundee.thats been our biggest problem man management of players has been sh**e.
  2. charliedee

    Team v St Mirren

    watching that today it became obvious that the players were not giving a sh*t under Macintyre.....what a difference watching boys throw themselves infront of shots and having a bit of dig further up the pitch...I don't think we'd have seen that if Macintyre was still incharge.
  3. charliedee

    Most Damaging Signings

    jack hamilton
  4. charliedee

    Team v St Mirren

    11 v 11 we win that game easily....silly sending off from odea(just header it)but was not the best ball played to him....even doon to 10 we still looked capable until Hamilton decided to show us how sh*t he is....1st and 3rd goals are horrendous especially the 3rd with us just equalising....was pleased in the 1st half the way they were throwing themselves into blocks etc ….the young laddie can be very pleased with his debut.
  5. charliedee

    Team v St Mirren

    aye we're sh**e but lets not pretend that f**cking mob over the road are better than us....keeper had an outstanding save in the 1st half(which looking back should have been a penalty)they were f**cking stinking up in inverness until the sending aff and they were f**cking stinking until the "penalty" tonight....
  6. charliedee

    Team v St Mirren

    f**k right aff with that chat..they were f**cking louping again until an awful refereeing decision gave them a comfortable cushion...
  7. charliedee

    The Play-offs

    watching that sh**e tonight I take back my "wouldn't fancy our chances" comment a week or so ago....thon was f**cking brutal to watch and I fully expect st mirren or Hamilton to do whatever one of them get thru.
  8. charliedee

    Cammy Told To Go By Jm, Now Reprieved?

    kerr will be ok if hes just required to throw himself into tackles and run about clearing his lines....but we'll need better if our next manager wants us to play out from the back.
  9. charliedee

    Team v St Mirren

    We need to play our strongest 11 as if tonight's result goes st mirrens way we can decide on who finishes 11th and if I was in Hamiltons shoes and saw us putting out a weak team I'd be mighty pissed off. And no doubt we'd get fined.
  10. charliedee

    Who do you think will be next?

    aye I believe he'd be looking for bigger clubs than us...but hopefully if he does become available we ask him....don't ask don't get.
  11. charliedee

    Who do you think will be next?

    i'd be hanging on as I think jack ross will get the bullet from sunderland when new owners are found
  12. charliedee

    "Stop the game, ref, it's a head knock"

    the simple way to stop this sh**e is to contest every drop ball....and timekeeping to be taken out of the refs hands...somebody goes down..clock stops this will soon sort out the cheating that goes on.
  13. charliedee

    Who do you think will be next?

    hope we take our bloody time ...and its not one of the usual suspects who gets it
  14. i'll take any win after the f**k up this season has been I don't buy all this talk of losing the last 2 games to get him the sack...
  15. charliedee

    The Way Forward for DFC (note to FPS)

    regarding the youths maybe its time we started to look more closely at boys who are playing in the DDYFA...we seem to be thinking that out of town youths are better than local lads...there are a lot of cracking young boys playing in Dundee and with better coaching might be able to step up...
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