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  1. DeeVinci

    Whats Still Required ?

    I'd agree at least five players as the squad is so thin, decent starting 15 but we need a bit of depth when injuries kick in, if we only have room for three I'd pick two more strikers and a midfielder. I'm thinking were a good bit short of cruising this league but if we can hang in there until Christmas and strengthen again we've a fair chance of being there at the end. Playoff's are definitely achievable.
  2. DeeVinci


    I still think Goodwin has showed he has the potential to be a good manager and would not have been to displeased if he had come to Dens. Glad we won't be facing him at Alloa as I'm sure he would have had them fired up. Think he has a harder job on his hands at Saints as we would have given him more time to build a team (well maybe) and he'll be playing SPL teams.
  3. DeeVinci

    Dave Mackay

    Welcome back Dave, liked him as a player at the Dee, annoyed me a bit a Saints but did get a fair bit of stick from many a Dee and let's not forget he took great delight in being a dab slayer at the Scottish cup final 2014 every Dee deserves a second chance
  4. DeeVinci

    New Kit Verdict

    Looks good, like the all dark blue version shorts and all. Now to see it swinging round someones head after they score against the horrible tangy mob
  5. DeeVinci

    Re Scott Bain's Fallout At Dens....

    Bain is certainly not as good as he thinks he, just look at the goal he flogged at Ibrox a few weeks ago. We'll see how good he is when Celtic are in Europe and he has more than five minutes of action to deal with and the Celtic fans have ago at him. DFC and McCann made a right mess of the situation but I know what would happen if I told my boss to go and see to himself, so McCann had very little options and the club was up against it if Bain wouldn't pay the fine, for me you can't have players overruling the manager.
  6. DeeVinci

    Cammy Kerr - Signs New Contract

    Great to get Cammy signed up, I think/hope he flourishes in the championship.
  7. DeeVinci


    Another inspired McIntyre decision
  8. DeeVinci

    Cammy Kerr.

    Cammy would do a job in the championship but agree his crossing needs to improve, by that I mean deeper curling crosses with pace, maybe is trying to be too accurate rather than just sticking the ball in, as for defending it didn't help he had Jessie Curran playing in front of him now there's a footballer that's clueless at the art of defending.
  9. DeeVinci


    Hear what your saying Cobra but that means he'll have to have around a win ratio of 50% to keep the fans onside not impossible but I can see the fans expecting more in this Division especially against United.
  10. DeeVinci


    Questions have to be asked why, if true, talks were so advanced and then fell down ? Strachan ?
  11. DeeVinci


    I'm no sure Billy, I'd love to make out I do, Mcpake may well work out just fine and maybe we're moving to a different model were say Strachan sources the players and Mcpake trains and picks the team, I really hope it works out but I'm too long in the tooth to expect it just will.
  12. DeeVinci


    Massive gamble, I'm not convinced and it's unrealistic to think he'll get time, he needs to get a few early victories to settle us fans as at this level we should be competing for the championship, no ifs no buts. I've said in another post this appointment scares me more than enthuses me, just not convinced Mcpake is good enough to build a squad and then make them competitive in a few months, I really hope it works for our sakes as it doesn't take much to find yourself in the wrong playoffs in this division.
  13. DeeVinci


    Big risk if it's Mcpake on his own, the Strachan thing seems fancifully I'm sure he will be happy giving advice but can't see him being here day to day or even week to week, Jimmy Nicoll has always been well respected in Scottish football so might work as number 2. Still leaves a big question why has another manager at a smaller club yet again rejected us (Ross the last time). In all honesty Mcpake scares me as I'm not convinced he knows enough to build a squad and then take that squad and seriously make a challenge for the championship, feels like a big big gamble! This is a massive rebuild for DFC and maybe just too soon for Mcpake, fingers crossed the Dens roller coaster is leaving the station
  14. DeeVinci

    Neil McCann

    I think that's a great point, McCanns team may have come good (by that I mean avoid relegation) with a manager who could have adjusted a few things. Instead McIntyre decided the were all gash and his bunch would do better, sidelining Kamara was a massive mistake McCann would not have made.
  15. DeeVinci

    Nathan Ralph - Release Clause

    A little bit gutted, thought he would stroll the championship but if he does have a release clause then that's a bad bit of business by DFC, seems a bit strange considering he came with next to no reputation but there was a need to insert a clause in a two year deal.
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