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  1. Although disappointed with the performance I do think there were a few positives from tonight, Dorrans looks a player, McGhee continues to impress and the team never gave up. That pitch was awful, the bounce, players grip on it truly terrible really that pitch is not fit for full time football. All things considered not to displeased to leave with a point.
  2. DeeVinci

    Big Team

    Sorry to bust your bubble but we are, based on attendances and trophies won, one of the biggest clubs in Scotland, I'd say maybe 7th or 8th. We're not a Super club like the two Glasgow clubs, we're not as big as the Dons, Jam Tarts or Hibees but we're up next with the Utd. Just because we haven't competed with smaller clubs out with the top six for many a year doesn't mean they are bigger clubs, some of them don't even have stadiums that can hold 5000. How many other clubs can get over 10,000 (the derby) for a game when not playing the top 5. Sure, we have to live up to the tag and agree we haven't since admin1 and admin2 severally restricted our ability to build a team.
  3. DeeVinci

    Hemmings, Johnson and Nelson

    I think that's why 5 is better for just now they are not good enough just yet, 442 against your lesser teams should work but as we've seen against better teams we get overrun and are wingers or full backs are not solid enough to cope with the opposition.
  4. DeeVinci


    I hear what your saying and it showed last night we are still a work in progress from the players through to management and I agree back post crosses have resulted in too many goals conceded but I still feel that I'm happier with McPake at the helm learning in this division.
  5. DeeVinci

    Not a Dig At Jmcp.

    Agree McPake fell into the trap of "we'll outpunch you before you outpunch us" Nicholl may well have advised otherwise and McPake should have remembered Hartleys mistakes in Derby's and been more cautious as we don't yet have a settled midfield or striking partnership so we are a bit away from being able to go out and dominate teams offensively. We've shown resilience in defending until last night where McPake ripped up past game formulas and went for it. Whatever way you play or set up the players must win their battles on the park, McPake will have at least learned a lot about them last night. This is the biggest test for any manager is how you learn and bounce back from big set backs and that's what will make or break McPake.
  6. DeeVinci

    Scunnered Beyond Belief

    After a restless night's sleep I woke up with a major sair heid hoping it had all been a bad dream, I'm sure most Dees are experiencing the same post derby trauma today. As sore as it is I'll let the DABs have there fun for just now and get on with backing the D, there's a long way to go this season and the play off places is the aim and if we get a chance of challenging for the title that would be a bonus with this new squad. In reality this was a cruel lesson to learn for our young rookie manager, who's not even got 10 competitive games under his belt yet but hopefully he learnt awful lot last night. He took a page right out of Hartleys management book in over estimating his squads ability for a Derby, the squad have only just been put together a few weeks ago and it's stability that's required not show voting, I get it he wanted to shut the DABs up with an all out attacking formation hoping we'd be the victors by a handful of goals but we're not at that point yet with this team and it would have been better to take the safer option of how we set up against Aberdeen which the team seems more equipped/comfortable playing. When we play Alloa and the likes yes go for it but the bigger teams need to be handled with care for just now. I'm not getting into single out players on this post or moaning about decisions or luck as getting beat by four goals against anyone is unacceptable but I hope McPake has learnt a harsh lesson and never allows his team to be beat like that again.
  7. DeeVinci

    Finn Robertson

    Agree there is plenty to like about him and need him tied up on a longer contract but he wasn't good enough in the first half against the Pars and not much better 2nd half. This player needs handled with care and I felt the Pars was a game to soon for him.
  8. DeeVinci

    Damage Limitation.

    The thing I always found difficult in the 3 5 2 is that your midfield need to be really aware of the attacking threat and able to burst a gut to come and cover areas/players as the centre backs cover the initial attacking threat, as a player you get pulled into different areas a lot more than you would on a flat 4 4 2. Its not just the wing backs who have a part to play.
  9. DeeVinci

    Damage Limitation.

    A game of two half's indeed, a good lot for us all to take in and fair play to JP for changing things, that's a good sign for me that he's not to proud to change his game plan for the good of the team, lady luck shined on us when the hit the bar and got a penalty giving us an opportunity to change things at half time.
  10. DeeVinci

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    Thought the same but I've never seen Kerr as a midfielder so a mistake maybe to start him in that position, was better 2nd half but needs to be better. Although Robertson improved second half he looked a lost in there first half...and hopefully this game is a lesson for JP in that we don't have the speed at the back and the domainance in midfield to play a 352.
  11. DeeVinci

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    Lucky to only be one down, no much change from last season, slow at the back, toothless in midfield can't break down teams who swarm them and Jack Hamilton mistake.
  12. DeeVinci

    Whats Still Required ?

    I'd agree at least five players as the squad is so thin, decent starting 15 but we need a bit of depth when injuries kick in, if we only have room for three I'd pick two more strikers and a midfielder. I'm thinking were a good bit short of cruising this league but if we can hang in there until Christmas and strengthen again we've a fair chance of being there at the end. Playoff's are definitely achievable.
  13. DeeVinci


    I still think Goodwin has showed he has the potential to be a good manager and would not have been to displeased if he had come to Dens. Glad we won't be facing him at Alloa as I'm sure he would have had them fired up. Think he has a harder job on his hands at Saints as we would have given him more time to build a team (well maybe) and he'll be playing SPL teams.
  14. DeeVinci

    Dave Mackay

    Welcome back Dave, liked him as a player at the Dee, annoyed me a bit a Saints but did get a fair bit of stick from many a Dee and let's not forget he took great delight in being a dab slayer at the Scottish cup final 2014 every Dee deserves a second chance
  15. DeeVinci

    New Kit Verdict

    Looks good, like the all dark blue version shorts and all. Now to see it swinging round someones head after they score against the horrible tangy mob
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