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  1. I think I’m very much in the minority here, but I see the vote change U-Turn as putting Nelms in a good light. The ‘position of power’ that he found himself in following the missing vote put him between a rock and a hard place. No vote meant saving Partick, Hearts etc from appallingly unfair relegations - albeit possibly only temporarily. The Yes vote meant an immediate release of much needed cash for a number of clubs. Nelms went public with his reasons that Yes meant clubs got the income they needed to survive and emphasised his point that the U Turn was about the reconstruction which he vociferously supported. The fact talks have collapsed is nothing to do with Nelms. Hearts and Partick are down because of those who voted against sporting justice and the chance of temporary reconstruction to negate the unfair relegations imposed by the pandemic are the ones who are killing Scottish football, not DFC.
  2. Billio was signed while Jocky was at club, same time as Luna and Artero, and stayed on till into the next season with Bonetti
  3. Roccati Den Bieman - Hendry -Caulker - Ralph Kiko - Allen - Ketzbia - Czachowski Caniggia - Ravanelli
  4. Losing Fraser and Ferguson was a sickener that felt like a smash n grab robbery. However, the signings of Connor, Bomber and Graham Harvey plugged the gaps that were left. Losing Stewart, Hemmings and Harkins was a disaster that were are still paying the price for now. I think losing one of the three would have been manageable but if rumours I heard were true, losing the other two due to personal clashes with management is a bitter pill that should’ve easily been avoided.
  5. I’m sure Rab and Nemsadze played in same side before Rab was sold to Celtic (just after CC33’s debut).
  6. Spot on in every aspect. I’d also add to the United example that if Hearts were currently in Hamilton’s position, they’d be wholly against reconstruction too. The whole voting process and subsequent reconstruction plan as a fallout from it is, as you say, nothing to do with any form of greater good for the game but simply a desperate example of survival of the fittest driven by shameless hypocrisy. I wonder how things would have panned out if Nelms had voted ‘No’ but with a reconstruction action group caveat. I bet Ogren would be chair of the action group and Budge would be vehemently opposed to the idea.
  7. Scottish Professional Football League governs all 4 leagues.
  8. True, however assuming reconstruction won’t take place, it will only be ICT and Hearts that will have an axe to grind. I doubt we will even notice if ICT boycott as their away support is usually so small anyway. I think for a club of Hearts size, a boycott is difficult as there is always a split within the support regarding the effectiveness of boycotting (not providing 12th man Vs Hitting the pocket of the devil) that they will still sellout the Shankley anyway.
  9. Why would anyone boycott us and not, for example, Ayr United? We both voted for exactly the same thing as did 85% of the rest of the teams.
  10. I think we are where we would have ended up if the season ended anyway but we will never know. I would have loved to have seen how Berra’s influence would have seen our’s, and more importantly, McPake's, confidence grow and us challenge for second place. Really disappointed with how the vote fiasco ended though. Nothing to do with the final decision and, unlike others, I couldn’t give a rats a**e about the dabs (they had done enough imho - sporting integrity works the others way too) it’s once again the incompetent way we appear to have handled things - missing vote, No, Yes, No, Yes, with nothing more than a shallow promise to discuss a fantasy reconstruction -ffs Nelms, make a f**kin decision and stick to it from now on please (unless it’s billy Dodds!) Next season, whenever it starts, will be a challenge but hopefully we will be in a better shape to push Hearts than we did against the Dabs this season. I think 20/21 will be an entertaining season. I’m looking forward to it.
  11. According to The Sun (I know), if the reconstruction proposal is implemented then Partick will be saved from the drop and I assume Falkirk will join Raith. I am not sure I’ve read anything that has officially condemned Partick to relegation yet to be fair. I think if it had we would likely have seen a statement from Gerry Britton expressing Partick’s outrage as they will have been dealt such an unfair hand in all this, it is crazy to think they’d stay silent about it.
  12. I think talks of reconstruction are just fantasy. The only way it would have any chance of being taken seriously would be if it was included as part of the original Yes vote. Ive obviously no idea what Nelms talks included to force such a dramatic change of opinion, but the current 11-1 voting system will, imo, instantly block any proposal in its tracks. The irony is, United will be one of the many blockers.
  13. I know what you are saying about us being only a single vote amongst the vast majority, but on the face of things we didn’t half bring a lot of this negative attention upon ourselves. The simplest thing to do was to say “you’ve not got our vote? I’ll resend it” but not Dundee, we have to spend the next 5 days doing nothing or talking about how the SPFL’s proposal should not be accepted, before we then go ahead and accept it!
  14. Hopefully Nelm’s mindset was focused on the greater good of Scottish football and, more importantly, DFC than having the Dabs at the forefront of his decision making. I will need to wait for the full story of this before I make a judgement. However, if in the unlikely event we have used our umpteenth U-Turn since Friday to do the very thing our 2 (two) statements said we were vehemently opposed to and without any concrete benefit for us, then I will lose every faith in John Nelms.
  15. We would still be in championship if we voted No?
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