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  1. DFC1974

    Alloa On Saturday

    Twice in last 5 minutes Alloa have sliced our defence open. Squeaky erse against Alloa tells a story.
  2. DFC1974

    Big Team

    Duffy was probably the first player from my era that went from Dundee hero to Dundee manager. I think he had earned a bit of reputation as a shoe-string-budget talent spotter with Shaw, Britton, Charnley, Tosh, Power, Pagaeud and Hamilton all being good investments as well as introducing youth players like Neil McCann and Iain Anderson. However, watching that team struggle to grind out results against teams such as East Fife and Clydebank will always be a mystery and is of a similar situation as we find ourselves now.
  3. DFC1974

    Graham Dorrans

    Yes. Providing he knows how to pass the ball forwards.
  4. DFC1974

    'Emergency Loan Conditions'

    £200k!!? Please tell me that his 3 years of wages are incorporated in this fee!! I try so hard to erase the 'Neil McCann: Football Manager' memory from my mind but then information like this comes out....
  5. And here lies the problem that has been our painfully obvious downfall since Stewart and Harkins left Dens. We must have the longest list of midfielders of any club over the last 3 or 4 seasons and yet somehow we failed to find anyone capable of playing a defence splitting pass. Sideways, backwards or running around in circles, we’ve cornered the market, but someone who can thread a forward pass that opens up a defence...the search continues.
  6. DFC1974

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    If it is then it's very shortsighted of them as most are barely midway through their careers and on only 2 year contracts.
  7. DFC1974

    Welcome To Dens Sean Mackie....

    I think so too. Chances for Ferrie will probably be very few and Mackie basically hung him out. Not sure if Ferrie's 2 game suspension (is it 2 for straight red?) will carry over into league games but if it does it also leaves McPake without senior keeper backup on the bench. Mackie has got off to a very bad start.
  8. DFC1974

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    I couldn’t care about the Challenge Cup as a contest but Dundee played a full strength team and went out to win that today and didn’t. I’ve no doubt if that was a Scottish Cup game it would have been the same performance.
  9. DFC1974

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    To be fair, McIntyre wasn’t a rookie and we all saw what happened there. Also McPake is surrounded by experience to help him develop so I think it’s far too early to be on the manager’s back. Hopefully he sits down with Strachan and Nicholl this week to try and figure out what’s going wrong. The worrying thing for me was there seemed to be an obvious lack of urgency with the players (Sharp and Anderson excluded) as time ticked away and further humiliation approached.
  10. Fair enough. It was a sweet strike that deserved better than the FT result.
  11. DFC1974

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    Even the fact that this was “only the challenge cup” can’t hide the utter humiliation behind thatvresult and performance. I can’t yhink of a more embarrassing 9 days a Dundee fan and that’s saying something! Utter utter shambles from back to front.
  12. DFC1974

    Elgin On Sunday

    It’s hilariously embarsssing. If we were playing a team of championship level or higher it would be a repeat of last Friday’s result. Elgin breaking our defence down far too easily and regularly.
  13. DFC1974

    Hemmings, Johnson and Nelson

    I’d like to see Josh McPake start in the no 10 role. Fin has been doing fine in his natural position without complicating things by trying him in new positions/roles like we did with Wighton.
  14. Reporters in the media have generally always been quite open about who they support...Dougie Donnelly (Clyde), Bill Leckie (St Mirren), Jim White (Rangers), Stuart Cosgrove (St Johnstone), Tam Cowan (Motherwell), Chic Young (St Mirren) and of course unbelievable Jeff (Hartlepool)! We see big Rab report in the paper and his focus is generally in favour of Dundee.
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