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  1. Only 3 shots on target out of 12?!! Seriously though, we do need a striker ASAP but im happy that McPake seems to be going about his business thoroughly. No knee jerk at tonight’s result. Clean sheet again and qualifying is still well within our grasp!
  2. I see what you did there....
  3. DFC1974

    Raith V Dundee

    Jack Hamilton too. This game had the potential to be a banana skin and we’ve dealt with it fairly easily.
  4. DFC1974

    Raith V Dundee

    His name has disaster written all over it
  5. DFC1974

    Whats Still Required ?

    United were awful last night. I think if that is to be their preferred starting eleven then there is going to be a huge pressure on Shankland to carry them all season. Their midfield looked as directionless as ours from the previous 2 seasons and their defence was pulled all over the place. The Argentinian fullback looked as though McCann had scouted him. If Hearts had a natural finisher, they would have destroyed them last night. If that sh**e is to be the runaway leaders then it’s going to be painful viewing this season in terms of entertainment.
  6. Probably a weird thing to say after last season’s disaster, but I would like to see how Ben Kallman would have done with decent service from the flanks and at this level. He is a strong lad with a decent head and positional sense. I think last year, on the odd occasion that our non-existent midfield was able to pass the ball forward, it was always that slow and ineffective ‘threading through-the-middle’ to his feet whilst heavily marked. I thought he showed promise but was starved of any decent service. His opinion of Scottish football is probably very low after working with McCann and McIntyre though.
  7. DFC1974

    Raith V Dundee

    Is it the psychological damage from our previous 3 managers that has us Dees fans already identifying 'must win' games before a ball has even been kicked??!
  8. It is a player from Go Ahead Eagles and I’m sure we’ve dipped into that cauldron of quality before. Now, if they just start playing it out from the back...
  9. I got to admit Harry I’d be absolutely amazed/shocked if Faisal ended up back at Dens in any capacity. It back to the Williams debate - we waited so long to get him off our books after a couple of years of being effortlessly brushed off the ball before being farmed out on loan (where he was equally as ineffective). I think it would send the wrong message to even consider letting him use Dens.
  10. I agree that the chances on KH returning to Dens is about the same as Jack Hamilton’s returning to the Scotland squad, but regarding Hemming’s buddies when he was at Dens before, I’m pretty sure McPake was part of the same network of friends (along with Kevin Thompson).
  11. I’ve no issue with a good old fashioned fulltime ‘booo’ after a humiliation!! Whilst I agree that it’s quite a stupid ritual, it is a popular one nevertheless! Much better than screaming threats and/ or expletives (especially when kids about).
  12. You mean chances to impress are like crossed balls into a six yard box?
  13. I find it bizarre that we can pick holes at the likelihood of the free scoring Shankland continuing his previous 2 seasons form as his career progresses and yet we would have faith in Stevie ‘6 goals in 2 years’ May to find his shooting boots from 5 years ago as he his career starts to dip. If we need someone to cover ever blade of grass, we already have Craig Curran.
  14. We probably can, but is this something that can be done outside of the pressure of a ‘real’ match? The last game of the season was a nothing game and yet 2 (arguably 3) goals were needlessly given away. Do we go to Dunfermline and accept the same as part of the confidence rebuilding process? As I said, I’m happy for another clean slate but there will be no ‘adjustment’ time from me. Hamilton needs to start the season fully focused. Sorry if this sounds harsh!
  15. If we are serious about challenging for promotion at the first attempt, should we really be starting the season with a keeper low on confidence? I’m all for McPake giving Hamilton a clean slate (it will actually be his second clean slate from McPake after his St Mirren blunders), but a nervy keeper generates a nervy support which generates nervousness all round. It’s a vicious cycle we don’t really need. He simply has to hit the ground running from game 1.
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