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  1. Napper


    ok, I know highlights don't tell the whole story..but, from what i saw, although they had they majority of possession, we had the more clear cut chances... many final decisions were either rushed or badly made.. that last breakaway was a travesty in the final third...
  2. Selling season books so early .. does it not smack of the tangerine hoards a couple of seasons ago when they were selling early? seems to me, it could be taken as a need for dosh ... especially when we have no idea what division we will be playing in next season.. like I say, no proof.. but, slightly worrying? why the need to start generating cash so early?
  3. Napper

    Rangers V Dundee

    who's playing up front tonight?
  4. not sure about that Kusunga seemed quite solid..
  5. Stone wall red card.. imho it was a pen... two great goals and some good football.. thought Kusunga had a good game.. certainly wasn't at fault for their goal.. could have been a red for the foul on Curran that led to our second goal.. two footed cynical challenge.. great free kick for the goal.. Nathan Ralph has come on on leaps and bounds since his first game..
  6. Napper


    great to see a keeper who commands his box.. some great saves today.. I can't see Hamilton (good keeper, but, imho, has confidence issues) regaining his place as long as Dieng stays fit.
  7. anyone worried that we may end up meeting the arabians in the play off?.. all's well if we condemn them to another year where they belong.. but, it'd be unbearable if they fluke a win..
  8. Napper

    St Mirren V That Lot

    2-0 now...much as I never want Utd to win any game.. if they beat St Mirren, I hope that knocks any confidence out of the Buddies for the remainder of the season and Utd go on to get cuffed in the next round..
  9. Napper

    Dundee V Kilmarnock

    f**cking bulls**t.. gutted.. another draw that seems like a loss..
  10. Napper

    Dundee V Kilmarnock

    sounds like we are running out of steam.. hopefully a second wind will kick in soon.. never trust the mini sheep to do you a favour..
  11. Napper

    Dundee V Kilmarnock

    Early days..but, it looks like Nelson will prove to be a great signing for the club...
  12. Napper

    Dundee V Kilmarnock

    I've forgotten what it's like to have actual strikers at the club..
  13. Napper

    McCann the Pundit

    Do I? feel free not to read them if it offends..
  14. on Radio Scotland tonight.. still banging on that his team would have come good.. talks a good game though..
  15. Napper

    11 In 12 Out

    is this the biggest midseason turnover in a squad we've had? JM has been ruthless.. let's hope the additions are better quality than those heading out...

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