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  1. Napper

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    one nil to queens...rather sadly, I'm not surprise..
  2. It's said JM is still in the market for at least another two players.. what's the priority? I'd say four players minimum.. cover at left back, no nonsense midfielder, centre back and a creative midfielder , number ten sort of player.. no pressure then..
  3. I'm wondering what's happened .After JM told quite a few players they were no longer in his thoughts, I would think he already had replacements lined up. I was surprised we didn't see a significant influx as soon as the window opened. So slightly surprised that didn't happen. The worrying thought is maybe he has to get players out to get players in.. either that or it's taking longer to tie new players up. Perhaps they are looking at all their options because they may have offers from elsewhere.. But, at the moment, the squad we have will see us turfed out the cup and relegated quick style if JM can't get a few new faces through the door.. As for Kamara, Kenny Miller was on radio Scotland last night saying it would be best for him to go because his head was already at Rangers...
  4. I'd guess (and hope) that after JM released and told nearly nine players they were no longer required, he'd have some guys lined up... I expect that's the case.. just a few negotiations etc ongoing... if that's not the case, and I don't think it is, it would be madness to clean out the squad with nothing lined up!
  5. Napper


    Can they be cancelled by either side before the player moves to the new club? My point being, say Kamara gets injured between now and the end of the season, can sevco cancel the deal.. and. if that's the case, surely Kamara has to be benched till the summer as he can't be trusted to putting his all into being part of getting us out of the deep doo doo..
  6. Napper

    Unfair On the Young Guys?

    Yep.. what I meant, was because of the lack of any quality in the squad.. these guys have been forced to play every game... no good .. thank feck the window will open soon.. cos' I imagine.. and hope .. we get some other guys in soon..
  7. i just wonder if some of the criticism of a few of our players over the last few weeks has not been that fair.? It seems to me, if we had actually had a semi decent squad, the younger guys such as Curran, C Miller and Kallman would not have played almost every game.. what's been apparent is JM has only felt he can trust a core of 12 or 13c players .. hence him saying the team almost picks itself... it's even more evident when he has actually released a a few of the guys who were playing.. I imagine he was just hoping to get to the break still in touch with the teams above us ... I'm guessing he has a few already lined up to come in which will give Curran and Kallman a break.. which would be fair to them.. I think they both have potential, but are not stick ons for every game.. fortunately, we are still in touch with the teams above.. this is where JM will earn his wages... win the mini league and we will stay up... fingers, and everything else crossed.. we need at least six players to have a squad that may have a chance..
  8. It's said before.. and, no doubt, will be said again... massive games.. 4 points minimum required..
  9. Napper

    Celtic Game

    3 phucking nil...
  10. Napper

    Celtic Game

    2-0..game was over.. but, now it's definitely over...just a matter of trying to keep the score down..
  11. Napper

    Celtic Game

    it's the hope that kills you..
  12. Napper

    Celtic Game

    my forecast?... a plucky one or two nil defeat... or, an absolute doing..
  13. Napper

    Aberdeen V Dundee

    sounds like the second half collapse from Saturday has continued on to tonight... in the transfer window we need to bring in an understudy for Kamara.. some more creativity wouldn't go amiss either.. just when I thought McIntyre had a settled side and defence...
  14. Napper

    Neil McCann

    on radio Escocia tonight.. got a bit shirty when Micheal Stewart suggested McIntyre is getting the team to perform better.. apparently a lot of the summer signings are "projects" rough diamonds who just need nurturing... McCann also (justifiably ) quoted injuries to Kamara and McGowan.. he talks well, but I would never believe he would have turned it around.. however, I'll always try and remember his time as player.. the fact that he came back during the points deduction season and , no matter his flaws, he honestly tried his best.. (it, imho, wasn't enough)..
  15. Napper

    Killie V Dundee

    ffs! Deacon injured in the warm up!

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