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  1. I like the way Adam was much more forward thinking. More than than Dorrans. He had a few nice long balls forward turning defense into attack, much quicker than have done in the past. No real forward support with no recognized strikers on the pitch
  2. Pretty poor first half Montrose were the better team. We are struggling with no recognized front players on the park. Good run by McDaid for the penalty. Charlie is not fully fit, but still pinged a few good forward passes. He is playing behind Dorrans . Keeper flapped at their goal.
  3. 1-1 keeper not too impressive☹️
  4. I wonder if they are using the AI robot cameras? I signed up, desperate to see live football again, hope we send a full squad and Charlie gets his debut! https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/54062392
  5. Jukubaik looked decent in that build up- quick back to front something we lacked last year
  6. W We like to announce multiple signings at the same time 😉
  7. I saw this, interesting to see our name linked with it. Wonder what stage we are at and if they are running trails?
  8. I can't understand why we keep picking Forrest and McGregor. They are good players and they are playing for the best team in Scotland, but they are just not international players. I thought Christie was at least positive, but we have too many dour solid players with no flair. When Clarke was at Kilmarnock he had Stewart and we all know his capabilities, but Scotland just does not seem to produce player like that right now. Is it the tactics, or more likely that brawn is beating skill Teams like Livingston, Ross County and Hamilton getting success by having big guys who are very physical but
  9. Thanks for everyone's input. I bank at a Credit Union a great alternative to the big banks here in the US. They do not allow this type of foreign transaction even using an IBAN. I will mail the club and ask for their advice, as I stated I pay DeeTV through PayPal which is internationally recognized, so maybe they could consider that method.
  10. I would like to sign up but living abroad direct debits do not work as banks here do not accept foreign transactions like this. I pay DeeTV through PayPal monthly, perhaps someone at the club has thought about international transactions?
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