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  1. We the 40 clubs are their passport to the big money that European football brings. TBH neither could care less about sporting integrity, they want and can win everything and every game and if they don't their supporters are incensed. That is not competition, I know it was only for a short time but Scottish football was much better when a couple of others had a chance. The disparity means they can buy our best players and stifle competition. Its self serving and has had the effect on our national team that any self serving system would. Fundamental change in the game would be a system like here (US) with drafts where the weakest teams get the best new young players and therefore have a chance of competing. I hope John got some assurances but I am skeptical that the ugly sisters would keep any promises given.
  2. I would think there’s a way Deeboy to get the free content, otherwise you should pay for the service which is well worth the cost. I use my computer , iPad or phone and a chromecast to get dee tv on my tv.
  3. Miss Dundee terribly. I have been watching old games on Dee TV, some great stuff on there. Watched the cup game with United tonight, it’s free for all.
  4. Fortunately I am from Dundee and despite living here for 20 years and being married to a fine American girl, I can't vote cause I am still a Scottish citizen :-). He has his supporters and they were very clever to get him elected, and now he pedals their agenda which is racist and dividing. They are using him to turn back the clock and bring back policies that died due to the fact they were wrong. The religious right supporting him is unbelievable.
  5. The most damning thing against Trump is how he has split the country, only caring about the people who voted for him. This e very people have done worse under him but still vote fro him. He called my state governor a snake. He hates the west coast as his support here is practically zero. He cares nothing about common people he is only there as a puppet of big business. He says he is a Christian but never went to church and his personal behavior toward his wives and other women is disgusting and immoral. He is the worst thing to happen to America in its entire history. I am not a great Biden supporter but we can't suffer 4 more years under this man and his sycophantic Republican associates. Biden for President November 2020
  6. Cobra, we are f**ked, basically our health system is run from profit, and if there's no money in it for corporations or health insurance companies then there is no interest in fixing it. The testing for the virus is not happening and the government here is being more secretive than China. I live about three miles from the US epicenter in a nursing home in Kirkland and believe it or not the first responders (Fire service) who attended these dying people have not even been tested! The criteria for testing is: your need hospitalized, you have guaranteed contact with a person confirmed with corona virus, or you traveled from an area such as China or Italy- you must fulfill two of the three to be tested! Of the 100 who have died so far 52 are in Washington state. Yet we only closed public places this week and a good proportion are still going to work including at Boeing who employ 72000 people in the state. Trump is responsible because he called it fake news, only now showing contrition as the death toll mounts. He also rejected testing kits from WHO. There are rumors of the testing kits being sourced for a Trump family member's company
  7. Digital rights / SFA crazy rules would stop it being shown in America 🙂
  8. Disappointing to dominate a team and to not win. We have to take our chances, we had many of them. I think not having Hemmings fit tonight was the difference, but he should not be our only goal source. Nelson was disappointing, Crankshaw looked more dangerous when he came on
  9. Thanks DBK, the logistics are tricky as it is 11:45 am KO here, Guess I am having an extended lunch hour! Also have to keep away from crowds, we are the epicenter of Corona Virus is the States!
  10. Always want to be there, but I am geographically undesirable. Thank god for Dee TV!
  11. Alloa Athletic 1 - 1 Ayr United Dundee 2 - 1 Arbroath Dunfermline 1 - 2 Dundee United Queen of the South 0 - 1 Greenock Morton
  12. This table encouraged me a bit from SoccerSTATS.com. Better that all of our rivals for second place. Form: Last 8 matches (HOME AND AWAY) GP W D L GF GA GD Pts 1 Dundee Utd 8 4 3 1 13 5 +8 15 2 Dundee FC 8 4 2 2 10 9 +1 14 3 Morton 8 3 4 1 16 13 +3 13 4 Alloa Athletic 8 3 4 1 14 11 +3 13 5 Arbroath FC 8 4 0 4 7 8 -1 12 6 Ayr United 8 3 2 3 7 11 -4 11 7 Inverness 8 3 1 4 9 8 +1 10 8 Dunfermline 8 3 0 5 14 16 -2 9 9 Partick Thistle 8 2 2 4 9 13 -4 8 10 Queen of South 8 2 1 5 10 13 -3 7
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