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  1. GordonDee

    Cammy Kerr Tonight

    Tonight Cammy was our best player, the only one who really wanted it. I have criticized Cammy in the past because IMO he makes too many mistakes at crosses, but since he was dropped he has come back stronger and would now always be in my team.
  2. He had to pick the same team after 3 wins in a row, so I gave 4 for that. (We missed Marshall who is much better than Mackie who makes silly mistakes). The tactics were awful, we stopped the passing game and hoofed the ball up the park all night. Out-thought by Neilson yet again. McPake has a lot to learn - 1 star
  3. GordonDee

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Poor game, so far, but no surprise we are keeping it tight after last game. We need to get Dorrans more into the game, but he is capable of the 1 piece of magic that can win a game like this. I would take Nelson off before he gets sent off. Let’s be positive the last game we were down we were 5-1 down at half time
  4. Probably should have shown red for at least one of the challenges but 4 bookings will come back and bite them later in the season
  5. Played better against Partick and lost. So this was a great result. Poor performance though and we could have so easily lost. BTW what about some of those Ayr fouls, how they finished with 11 men is amazing to me.
  6. Wow it’s hard to be a Dundee supporter, we should be pressing more and defending better, you just never feel we can control a game.
  7. According to the BBC stats we commited only 3 fouls today. We are a push over and don’t want it enough, we have been like this for years. Look at stats for winners today, Celtic 12 fouls, Man City 10 fouls, Aberdeen 13, QOS 12. We are just not cynical enough, sick of being push overs, we need to be harder. Of course foul count is not always a measure of commitment, but I saw us just cruising the second half when they were working, fouling, pushing and shoving. I expected better from a McPake team, we need to toughen up, Goodwin’s St Mirren commited 17 fouls today and won against a team we consistently lose against (who btw had 18 fouls)
  8. Poor subs, poor tactics. Should have comfortably won this game, gave it away with naive tactics, not enough fight
  9. GordonDee

    Dundee V Partick (19, Oct 2019)

    Oh no - DeeTV frozen- is anyone getting the live stream?
  10. Allow Arbroath to kick us off the park, two players off injured
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