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  1. RT @AwayDays_: Manchester United fans chanting: "Jihadi John we don't give a f**k, we're gonna win the FA Cup." (@willjohnson_20) https:/…

  2. any other season, and McGowan would've got it but can't argue at all with Hemmings, he's been sensational! Hopefully see him bagging at least that again next season! Congrats boys!
  3. Pretty sure it was the St Johnstone game at the start of the season.
  4. With a fully fit squad of all the players we've had at Dens this season, what would your 11 have been? I reckon I'd have gone for something along the lines of: --------------------------------------------------------------Bain-------------------------------------------------------------- McGinn----------------------------O'Dea-------------------------------------Julen--------------------------------Holt -------------------------------------McGowan----------------------------------Ross-------------------------------------- Stewart------------------------------------------------Harkin
  5. Hemmings averaging a goal every 130 minutes of football. Unbelievably impressive. p.s I did the calculation myself so could well be wrong.
  6. Gone for McPake's last minute winner against the DABs. Still feel that was the goal that relegated them
  7. has he had combined game time of a full 90 minutes yet? I'd be surprised if he has, so we're basically judging him off 1 full appearance which isn't fair IMO.
  8. Just looked on twitter and Scott Bain tweeted this: "What a pleasure its been @pmcginnwisdom my POTY, should be a priority to keep him #bestlegsinfootball" Don't know what this means, but I guess he still hasn't decided for sure. Maybe he was waiting to see what happened with Hibs?
  9. Like I said above, he got himself into good chances 2 or 3 times in the 20 minutes or so he was on but just couldn't get the ball in the back of the net. Think he could actually be a bit of a player.
  10. I think a few of the fans made his mind up for him today. Can't blame him either, I'd be off as well.
  11. I think give more game time he would actually be a very very good player for us. It's no coincidence that he finds himself in all these areas to create chances, his movement play is actually very good from the little bits I've seen of him, and I think starting regularly he would probably do some damage.
  12. Not quite sure Greg Stewart is our answer for a World Cup qualification. Also, Strachan has selected a few players into the Scotland squads for the first time recently, including Scott Bain.
  13. Just back from the game there, and actually couldn't believe that a certain section of the fans were booing McGinn. Have to add that it wasn't only when he came off the park, he was booed a couple more times when he got the ball. To be fair though to the rest of the fans, it did just seem to be the one busload that I heard giving any abuse to the players today, and as far as I'm concerned I wouldn't miss them at any games next season. Also, just to add that people are saying Stewart must be off because he was taken off early etc. he did take a pretty bad knock in the first half and didn't re
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