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  1. WeighorstsWang

    Big Team

    McLean was a successful coach, he wasn't a great one. Many of the players who played under him hated him and he ruined an absolute sh*t load of boys careers by signing everyone and sundry to cherry pick the gems.
  2. WeighorstsWang

    Graham Dorrans

  3. WeighorstsWang

    Graham Dorrans

    Every signing is risky. Will he be anymore expensive (and risky) than Ness, Forster, Hamilton or Hemmings say? Sad news for the boy. Hopefully makes a full recovery.
  4. WeighorstsWang


    Would take Konrad in a heartbeat. Jules second, then absolute nobody after that. No Kusunga. No Gadzhalov and especially no Gomis.
  5. WeighorstsWang

    The Cost of Watching Scottish Football

    Rehashed 'reporting' from about a month ago. Same news, different day. I'll put £50 on this topic goes the exact same as the last one did. People will say it's too expensive but they "go out of habit/love". Folk will say they won't be renewing, they will.
  6. WeighorstsWang

    Watching Scotland Is Like Watching....

    I don't think Clarke walked into a shambles and is trying to improve it. He's regularly playing and calling up players way out of their depth. The problem we have as a country is the coaching and the nutrition. I'm not going to blame the parents, it's not their fault. The folk who blame a generation, fail to remember who raised that generation.
  7. WeighorstsWang

    Big Team

    Agreed. We still see folk trying to push the "we're one of the biggest clubs in Scotland" narrative. We might have been, at one point. Since those days we're probably up there with most relegations, getting there with the trophy drought and certainly peak administration tables. We get 5,000 through the gates? Who gives a sh*t.
  8. WeighorstsWang

    My Season Ticket

    Can only echo the sentiments posted, fantastic gesture. Maybe ask the club ( @Verity ) if there is anything/body they could help with this?
  9. WeighorstsWang

    Watching Scotland Is Like Watching....

    To be fair, I reckon we'd pump Scotland too.
  10. WeighorstsWang

    Alloa On Saturday

    That midfield is giving me the fear tbh.
  11. WeighorstsWang

    Davies Is Away.

    How many of us could go on the sick and tell our employer we are unable to work but openly flaunt and sell a second income?
  12. WeighorstsWang

    Welcome To Dens Sean Mackie....

    I've had a wee look and he's highly rated. They're actually disappointed he wasn't kept to challenge the ever eternal Stevenson. This could be a god send, although Marshall has done nothing wrong apart from look a bit slow.
  13. WeighorstsWang

    Slavering Obsessed Arabs

    Hopefully the wee lassie that loves sharing stuff from here but seems to have lost her bottle when folk started quoting her.
  14. WeighorstsWang

    Derby: In/Out

    Owen and Shearer having pops at one another on Twitter is a highlight.
  15. WeighorstsWang

    Welcome To Dens Sean Mackie....

    Go to 2 minutes in on the video.
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