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  1. WeighorstsWang

    Tenth Annual Hall of Fame Dinner

    Morten confirmed.
  2. WeighorstsWang

    Paisley Bound Next Week?

    Shifts etc have fallen kindly so I will be going through. Hopefully the team turn up anaw.
  3. WeighorstsWang

    STV 'NEWS'-Unbelievable

    A Celtic fan on Twitter stood up against the flow and indeed said he sat and witnessed numerous tanked up Celts antagonise and verbally abuse police all of the first half before the incident. I hope he switched his notifications, the replies were quite something.
  4. What's the parameters of a "long pass", out of interest? Livingston for one are very direct (as the table shows) but it's almost always aimed to a player. Is a "long pass" into the channels? A clearance?
  5. WeighorstsWang

    Rate the Manager: Celtic (Home, 17th March 2019)

    Failure to beat St Mirren - bullet. Beats St Mirren - He gets the split then re-evaluate there after.
  6. WeighorstsWang

    Rate the Manager: Celtic (Home, 17th March 2019)

    Yet that manager was hounded.
  7. WeighorstsWang

    Rate the Manager: Celtic (Home, 17th March 2019)

    Erm, I'm not the one celebrating "restoring pride" or happy it was "only one nil".
  8. WeighorstsWang

    Rate the Manager: Celtic (Home, 17th March 2019)

    Seen this elsewhere: Brian Rice has walked into Hamilton, arguably a worse set of players put together by a different manager and set them up to attack. He's managed 3 wins in 7. One of those up in Aberdeen. Jim McIntyre has walked into Dundee, had two different squads, played pin the tail on the formation/personnel and has managed... 3 wins in 23 attempts. Pride restoring. Done. Finished.
  9. WeighorstsWang

    Rate the Manager: Celtic (Home, 17th March 2019)

    I'll take that as a compliment, thank you. If you ever need any pointers on how to properly master the quote function please feel free to PM me. I charge by the hour and it'll save your post count (a third of which is already spent following me around the forum anyway). Teehee.
  10. WeighorstsWang

    Rate the Manager: Celtic (Home, 17th March 2019)

    One way to end a losing streak is to not sit in your own box.. I was expecting us to have a go, yes. We need points. Hamilton didn't expect to win at Pittodrie, they never sat back and were rewarded with three points. That's restoring pride. Sitting in and having the keeper make some excellent saves and the opposition make some horrific finishing, restoring pride? Nah, not having it. The worry for me is folk celebrating this performance. Go out and do that against St Mirren and they'd be absolutely hounded. I'm not having this "it builds confidence" mumbo-jumbo either. It builds nothing, formation and personnel will all change and once again, we're no further forward. It was 'only 1-0 though'. Yippee.
  11. WeighorstsWang

    Rate the Manager: Celtic (Home, 17th March 2019)

    Do you have a skip in your step, proud of Dundee being camped in their half and only losing by one goal?
  12. WeighorstsWang

    Rate the Manager: Celtic (Home, 17th March 2019)

    Here we go again. "Restored a bit of pride" Completely outplayed, sat in our own box. 0 points. Proud as f**k, so we are. Edit : not once have I said Celtic not scoring was McIntyres fault. I said his game plan was working simply because Celtic were wasteful, not because it was a master stroke. Celtic score their chances, the game plan gets shown for what it was - far too respectful. Hopefully I don't have to explain this again, it's very tiresome.
  13. WeighorstsWang

    Six Minutes Added On

    Do they have a say in it?
  14. In one game, yes. He was also targeted by numerous teams as our weak point. Because he had his number once we should sacrifice any chance of ball retention in the hope that Hayes doesn't rip him (like he has, numerous times before)?
  15. WeighorstsWang

    Rate the Manager: Celtic (Home, 17th March 2019)

    They never invented anything. There was 5 substitutions and two injuries to deal with. Stop trying to blame the officials for everything. The fact is, we were in our own half 90% of the game - it was only a matter of time before we conceded. For rest really should have punished us first half alo e and that's just one example of poor finishing. No, he got a 3 because we lasted that long. As I said, he'd have got a one if Celtic finished the gilt edge chances they missed. They never, he gets a three. We got nothing. Exactly what we deserved.

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