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  1. It would be completely pointless. Too many part time players in the leagues.
  2. Very surprised by that. From what I was told and posted as much - the club were offered him and they said they were not interested.
  3. The lights shine so bright, but they're fading after dawn.
  4. That's probably why fat boy Ciftci can't get in the country, then.
  5. OK. Jamaica is on the quarantine list so he will have to self isolate upon arrival.
  6. Hopefully just a trial in that case then. What's the story with Canada? Will he need to fortnight quarantine when he lands before he can begin his trial?
  7. I have a couple of letters from Kate Beckinsale's lawyers.
  8. I really wish people would leave footballers (and other 'celebrities') alone. Fair enough he has said thanks for the message but just in general the amount of people who hound folk to get free stuff etc is sickening. Suppose that's the way of the world now though.
  9. He was just sizing up what size of hole he'd need to dispose of your body.
  10. What a strange move. Send out Semple and bring in Crawford.
  11. Why would you 'prefer' we started taking punts on random Goalkeepers, a position the only recognised competition is below par as it is? Any move for a keeper has to be 100% set in stone starter. Bemusing anybody would take the risk of a punt on a goalkeeper.
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