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  1. WeighorstsWang

    Hearts V Dundee

    He threw his toys out the pram when pulled up for his pitiful display against Dunfermline. Toys everywhere and stormed out the ground.
  2. WeighorstsWang

    Hearts V Dundee

    Celtic went a whole season unbeaten with a three man midfield.
  3. WeighorstsWang

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    To be fair, we can't afford that type of quality unless it's a punt on an unknown who comes good (then usually leaves for somebody like Aberdeen or Hibs). It is eerily quiet on the CM front though.
  4. WeighorstsWang

    Hearts V Dundee

    Last three years have seen near 5,000, 4,200 & 3,600. It's certainly a helluva drop this year. All inconsequential though, the attendances are far from the worst thing going on just now.
  5. WeighorstsWang

    Hearts V Dundee

    Judging by Saturday, the supporters certainly are.
  6. WeighorstsWang

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    What type of player is Stephen Gleeson?
  7. WeighorstsWang

    Celtic's New Hybrid Pitch

    Hardly a surprise everythi g at that club is rotten to the core.
  8. WeighorstsWang

    Living In Norwich

    Won't be long now until he's driving barefoot to Dundee.
  9. WeighorstsWang

    Scottish Cup

    I don't blame you, I'm much like that myself with McIntyre's bulls**t now as well.
  10. WeighorstsWang

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    Sean Goss is exactly what we need, thought he was underrated at Rangers. Would take him in a second. Same with Hyndman who just left Hibs.
  11. WeighorstsWang

    Scottish Cup

    Jim '20%' McIntyre, no less.
  12. WeighorstsWang

    Scottish Cup

    My views are that it's hilarious how much of a free ride he's getting in the job. He'll be a hell of a more accountable than 20% should we get relegated, considering he's had most of the season a transfer window and there was "Right good players here" when he come in. Of course, it wasn't his fault at all Ross Count were relegated either. Some folks need to dislodge what's happened in the past and actually look at what is happening right now.
  13. WeighorstsWang

    Scottish Cup

  14. WeighorstsWang

    Scottish Cup

    Billy like futba!

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