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  1. Decent enough move by the club, I suppose. I read elsewhere yesterday a guy who has been vocal in the "we should help the club and donate anything we can" complain and say "that's £60 lost for me". Think Buster is right, make it free for ST holders - or at least heavily discount it.
  2. I never knew that. I also wrote that post wrong (I had a bad day yesterday for this) It was supposed to read "He isn't impartial. He's a nutter"
  3. Craig Murray is an impartial nutter. Have you read his blogs?
  4. Aye sorry I worded that poorly. I expect them to be saying things like that but I really don't believe he's doing any more than looking. Talking to or offering deals to anybody at this time would be lunacy. Then again, it is Dundee. 🤷‍♂️
  5. I assume the rumours come from Simon Murray tweeting nearly every Dundee player asking them if they would like him back at the club and just growing his social media presence after leaving Bidvest. Those desperate to be a footballers pal will retweet it, reply to him and then make out they've inside knowledge. I'd be very surprised if the club are looking at players right now.
  6. One of my favourite songs and the story that goes with the advert is really cool.
  7. Imagine that's the weekend boozers are to re-open. We'd make a f**cking fortune.
  8. Well, this is certainly interesting. Video of his own QC calling him a 'sex pest' and 'a bully' , just before the trial. Still, he got him off with it.
  9. "The jury has delivered a majority verdict on the charges brought against the former First Minister. We are devastated by the verdict. However it is our fervent hope that as a society we can move forward in our understanding of sexual harassment and sexual assault. In defending Alex Salmond, Gordon Jackson quoted Woman H and said his client should have been a ‘better man’.   He said behaviour which others described as demeaning, intimidating and humiliating, was ‘trivial’. The behaviours that Alex Salmond and his defence team admitted to in evidence were not and are not trivial. Today we want to send a strong and indisputable message that such behaviours should not be tolerated – by any person, in any position, under any circumstances.  This has been a traumatic process however we thank Police Scotland and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service for taking our experiences seriously and for allowing our voices to be heard. Many of us did speak up at the time of our incidents but were faced with procedures that could not deal with complaints against such a powerful figure. Others were silenced by fear of repercussions. It was our hope, as individuals, that through coming forward at this time we could achieve justice and enact change. We remain firm in our belief that coming forward to report our experiences and concerns was the right thing to do. But it is clear we alone cannot achieve the change we seek.   The outcome of this trial will pose many questions and be cause for much debate. But as politicians, commentators and society reflect on this case, we would ask you to consider whether behaviour which is so often merely described as ‘inappropriate’ or is tolerated by society, is acceptable towards your daughters, granddaughters, sisters, wives, friends, and colleagues. Many of them will already have suffered such conduct. Often in silence. We would also request that as you debate, you conduct it respectfully and stay mindful of the many women in Scotland who may have had traumatic experiences and are considering whether or not Scotland is a country in which they can come forward to seek help and support. This is more important now than ever before. All people should feel safe, valued and equal in society and their workplace and it is imperative to ensure robust complaint structures are in place. We should all take strength in calling out bullying, sexual harassment and sexual assault wherever it takes place. And we should all seek to create an environment in which people can challenge and report these behaviours without hesitation or fear of retribution. Some say that women’s fight for respect has gone ‘too far’. We argue it has far to go. For too long, behaviour which should be condemned has been accepted and excused. For too long perpetrators in positions of power have been shielded by their ability to influence and intimidate.   For too long women’s complaints have been dismissed or swept under the carpet.   And for too long, women have been let down by organisational structures which should exist to protect them, not put them in situations which endanger their welfare. This must end. To those who have spoken out in support – thank you, we see you. While we are devastated by the verdict, we will not let it define us. We hope through shining a light on our experiences, it will serve to protect and empower women in the future. Be brave, be loud, be heard. Signed, Woman A, Woman B, Woman C, Woman D, Woman F, Woman, G, Woman H, Woman J, Woman K"
  10. What would he bring to the side that Nelson doesn't to make you think that?
  11. That's my suspicion, too. He's been getting caught off guard a lot recently (and this will be being beamed worldwide rather than just our wee island) and I reckon he's being taken out the limelight. The "I'll let him answer this" being the straw.
  12. That's because they b*****ds never ate mud and tree bark when they were bairns! Hand sanitizing as a Bairn?! Pfffft. Yi'd o got yer pus punched fer that at meh rabid skale, let me tell thee! Up the tinkers!
  13. It's a running joke, I think. He done it a lot on one episode where nobody was listening to him and then it took off on Twitter. Folk just kept replying to Ferry's tweets with 'Si, Si, Si.' It's been an ever present since.
  14. "Yes, I grabbed her by the arms and attempted to kiss her. It was only in a jovial way" "Yes, I pulled her hair. It was affectionate pull though." "No I wasn't going to rape her, it was merely a sleepy cuddle after which she got up and left" "Yes I was stroking her face whilst she slept. I was only trying to wake her in an unabrupt manner." He may not have raped, nor had the intention to rape - but at the very f**cking least that is worrying behaviour for a man of any age to get away with never mind try to pass off as jovial. He's an absolute creep who should not be left alone with women unsupervised.
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