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  1. I have a couple of letters from Kate Beckinsale's lawyers.
  2. I really wish people would leave footballers (and other 'celebrities') alone. Fair enough he has said thanks for the message but just in general the amount of people who hound folk to get free stuff etc is sickening. Suppose that's the way of the world now though.
  3. He was just sizing up what size of hole he'd need to dispose of your body.
  4. What a strange move. Send out Semple and bring in Crawford.
  5. Why would you 'prefer' we started taking punts on random Goalkeepers, a position the only recognised competition is below par as it is? Any move for a keeper has to be 100% set in stone starter. Bemusing anybody would take the risk of a punt on a goalkeeper.
  6. It isn't true, expect a comment from the club soon enough.
  7. He deletes a load of tweets where he's been wrong. There's no doubt he's pulled a couple obscure ones out of nowhere - the question has to be how he would know Alloa are signing a boy from Stranraer and also Hamilton signing a boy from the English 4th tier. That, to me, points to somebody who spends his whole day trawling Twitter for rumours.
  8. It's usually from through my fingers I watch them but I suppose its just about the same sort of view you'll get. Welcome aboard - nae orange when we're on though!
  9. Think Ness has got his own fitness program to work to and is being eased in - understandably so.
  10. Two brilliant pictures for Charlie with one of (?) his kids there.
  11. I take it the 'breakthrough' was the insurance ruling?
  12. Hopefully any pay out we do get we spend on giving the youth coaches paid deals again, possibly bringing the others back in if they're both required and available. Either that or a hippy crack vendor in the Derry.
  13. Nope. Stokes left 2 years before McPake then come back two years after he left.
  14. Hopefully more talented than his namesake journo.
  15. Sorry if there's confusion here. It wasn't Byrne's dad. If it was he'd be getting told to have a word with his son regarding that bloody haircut. Definitely. I think he brings different attributes to the team than Adam and Dorrans would.
  16. Can you no read? It was the Football Factory TRILOGY!
  17. The club were approached, he wasn't too keen. He's been asked to give it some serious thought.
  18. I'm not sure how McPake would know him? I want Stokes absolutely nowhere near Dens. He can keep his bigoted, drug using, violent self as far as f**cking possible away from the club. Far too much has gone on through the club - some still ongoing - to be bringing some welt like him in.
  19. Apart from the one being ushered out the door - although he's apparently off to a better level.
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