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  1. Used to really enjoy the day long trip to Dumfries. Apart from when we f**ked it on the park, they served me chips and cheese (with a cheese slice) during the game. Best part was always the welcoming silence and stares as you walk into their pubs.
  2. I'd quite happily contribute to any pot other than anything associated with DFCSS.
  3. 18 months ago, with the youths, for two days. The first team squad were in Portugal.
  4. ?? Tony Watt was never at Dundee.
  5. This is Dundee, we'llkeep him in on loan and give him a PCA.
  6. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/spieler/vertragslosespieler/statistik/1/plus//galerie/0?ausrichtung=alle&spielerposition_id=14&land_id=alle&altersklasse=&wettbewerb_id=alle&seit=alle&yt0=Show
  7. All very good ideas barring this; There's no chance I want some folk on here, never mind a larger pool, looking for talented footballers.
  8. I'd probably agree with Ross. We looked so unbalanced when he was in there but we looked even worse when he wasn't.
  9. When Jim McIntyre was put on the Bru, never to return to the game again.
  10. This ways bugs me. This 'if he wasn't there, they'd be sh*t!' nonsense. Do you expect they'd just play with ten men all season?
  11. Not sure if it's been mentioned but good to see McPake clarify that Johnson leaving 'suited both parties'.
  12. 6p in the pound, muthafuckaaaa. 😎
  13. Forster is ideal for the blood and snotters of this league, too. Only thing is, he's slow as a week in the jail - just like Berra. He certainly never managed to talk other through a game when he was getting Hearts stranded at the bottom of the league. He's been punted and they've improved immensely (with the signing of Boyce too, granted).
  14. Probably be safer just taking your chances with the Coronavirus.
  15. Berra has knocked back Salford. f**cking brickin' it.
  16. Looks a lot like the sports scientist, apparently.
  17. That's a cracking picture. 5 of they players are absolutely finished and the most glum one just won the Champions League. Funny old game, huh?
  18. Get that on your Twitter page, you DAB c**t.
  19. Sorry, I only got as far as ( Peter Grant) in your post and was writing my farewells texts.
  20. We bid for him. Ayr rejected it. Shankland told Ayr he wasn't leaving. Not sure what else the club could do tbh.
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