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  1. This. Looked a real player when he broke through at Ibrox. Would add some much needed height to the midfield and from what I remember, was excellent on the ball.
  2. Just read online deal at Sunderland has been completed, just waiting to be announced.
  3. I certainly never. Going by Twitter a load of folk did though £10 and £20 bets on him at anything from 25/1 - > 40/1.
  4. Yup. Hope he has a great career wherever he ends up. @SpiderDee1893 saying Doolan is signing.
  5. It's going to be a helluva tough ask for McPake to go from team mate, to youth coach to first team manager and expect a certain level of respect. The thing that goes for him is most of the squad will be his own. If Kenny Miller stays around, he could be pretty key to the managers authority in the dressing room.
  6. Wonder if he's still sending boys who call him lazy topless photos of himself asking if lazy people get physiques like his.
  7. Livi fans saying Shaun Byrne has been told he can find another club..
  8. Celtic's statement and subsequent 'pinning' of the tweet was embarrassing. They've now unpinned the tweet, I imagine it'll be gone altogether by late Sunday evening. Glorious.
  9. Said it before, I'll say it again. It's a massive waste of time and money.
  10. Can't see it, mate. I'm hopeful it's Byrne that's being allowed to go out the door.
  11. Ayr fans aren't bothered in the slightest he's away. They're actually quite excited that Charlie Telfer might be replacing him.
  12. They've knocked back all over Dunfermline's offers. Connor Shields for us..
  13. Affairs are for Fridays and Saturdays (or so I heard)...
  14. I seen on P&B earlier (but haven't seen anywhere else) that Dundee have been told all derbies next season will be Friday night affairs, for TV.
  15. Charlie Adam to be announced in the build up to the Blackpool game. 8,000 punters to turn up to see him unveiled and sing his name. Money, baby! Then he gets injured and is out for the season. Admin, baby!
  16. I seen Arbroath were apparently after him - if he's was seriously wanting back North for family reasons surely Peterhead would be his best bet?
  17. The CM? Theres talk of Doran leaving ICT for Falkirk. Looks like they're sparing no expense to get straight back up.
  18. I must admit, I had a good ol' belly laugh when I first read it.
  19. Haven't seen any of their other dealings apart from McAlister re-signing. I don't think Muirhead will do anything worthwhile.
  20. They must be honouring his original deal - rumoured to be massive wages. Robbie Muirhead has signed for Morton.
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