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  1. His biggest mistake was 30 minutes in. If there are still nerves by that point, then I fear you're right and he is nowhere near ready for first team football. At any level. I'm not wanting him punted, I'm merely turning folks excuses back around on them. Yes, it was wrong to select him with hindsight - hindsight of his own performance. Yes he's young - but so are other who have excelled. He got a chance to show what he can do and he failed to grasp that. The majority of that is at his own two feet. Same as Kerr. Same as Marshall. McDaid, Callachan etc etc etc. They're the ones who are being paid to go out and do the basics right and take it from there. They all failed. They all deserve ridicule, no matter your age or standing in the squad.
  2. Stopped working for me again, feel like I'm cluttering up the forum so only quoting certain posts.
  3. What difference does that make? Finlay's first game he was MOTM. We can't expect players to be at that level, granted but what I do expect is being able to control a ball. He failed, repeatedly, to do this. As for the Cammy comment, I agree. I'm amazed he's still here too.
  4. He deserves the ridiculing. The hounding him is purely a reaction to folk trying to abdicate him of any blame. McPake isn't to blame for his terrible touch and control at numerous points in the game. As I said, if he isn't ready then perhaps he should be chapping on doors and looking for a loan move whilst the window is open.
  5. Why not? He's paid to be a professional footballer. I'm sick to the back teeth of "if he's good enough he's old enough" when it works for him but "ah, he's only 17, let's not have a go at him". If he isn't good enough to make an impact in first team affairs, get him out the door either on loan or for good. Simple as that.
  6. A team full of fear and inability is never a good mix. Times run out, James. Off you pop.
  7. Correct. A fine ball whipped in. Took a step forward realised he was getting none of it and stayed at home. Had he kept going for it he'd have been ridiculed. He made the right call. Couple of good saves tonight.
  8. Aw ferfucksake, I wanted to see the scarf!
  9. Time is up. McPake has to go and a load of they players should be on the Bru with him. Spineless, heartless and most of all, talentless shitebags.
  10. Did you ever get the photo of that scarf taken?
  11. Delighted with the news Dorrans has agreed to stay.
  12. . FINN DORRANS CALLAGHAN MCGOWAN. MCDAID . HEMMINGS Edit : apparently Dunfermline just go back to front with long ball after long ball so for that reason, I'd agree with Forster coming into it.
  13. Hamilton, Kerr, Forster, McDaid. - not good enough. Byrne, Ness, Meekings, McGowan - mixture of finished/not bothered. Then there is Nelson and I've absolutely no idea what's going on in his head. Just looks completely shot.
  14. Shankland was never signing for Dundee, even if we agreed a fee with Ayr.
  15. I don't have one. I'm certainly against standing outside the front door with a sharpie written banner and attempting to chase the only people keeping the club afloat, out of it.
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