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  1. Certainly the part I'm questioning. Either he didn't agree and the club put out a false statement. He did agree but the club never got him to sign the contract before he left on holiday or he's signed a deal that says he could change his mind at any time with X amount of days. All three of the only possible (to me, anyway) scenarios all come back to me looking at the club, not Kane and thinking 'WTF?'
  2. The rumours surrounding him not agreeing the pay cut was he's apart from his family who still stay down England. He's off on loan to France (again, apparently).
  3. Going to Burton Albion, according to Twitter rumours.
  4. Bad news for the team. Bad news for the fans. Bad news for the season ahead. Just really bad news all around.
  5. You're not allowed to point that out. He will throw a fit and say he won't be posting anymore.
  6. Bayo is being loaned out. Expect it to be to a club in Scotland to get his used to the style. I just can't see it being as low down the leagues as we are. Possibly someone like Livingston. Hearts, apparently.
  7. There was a poster on this very site saying we had a trialist showing the manager his fitness levels and fitting in well with the boys at training about a fortnight ago.
  8. Don't be too hasty, still nearly a year yet.
  9. I doubt it. Doohan is off to Ross County so Celtic would need Hazard for 3rd choice. (They may have another youngster though).
  10. I'll need to look into a bit but from the comments I've read both here and on twitter, it seems its not before time. Good move by the club.
  11. Good news that all players (bar Nelson) agreed the pay cuts to help the club out. It shouldn't ever be forgotten.
  12. @Ludo*1 bringing the noise.
  13. I have it from one of his family, as of 2 minutes ago via text that he's not. He could be covering for him. Seeing as he's an Arab, I doubt it. Not bad that you know two of the players who played with him at Dens. Considering there is only two - who both stay at different sides of the country. You can post whatever you like. Just don't get all tetchy when somebody pulls you up. For not caring, you are going to a lot of lengths to act victimised about "posting what you're told" and quitting the forum because folk have the audacity to question it. If it makes it easier for you - I will not reply to any of your posts from here on out. As I said and for everyone to see, we will see how this plays out.
  14. Dirty protest if its not at least a three year deal he signs.
  15. I do have an axe to grind when I know for a fact its false, yes. I only asked if it was you, no need to get personal - especially since you "couldn't care less". To claim you've more right than wrong is stretching it, I'd say. We will see how this plays out.
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