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  1. . FINN DORRANS CALLAGHAN MCGOWAN. MCDAID . HEMMINGS Edit : apparently Dunfermline just go back to front with long ball after long ball so for that reason, I'd agree with Forster coming into it.
  2. Hamilton, Kerr, Forster, McDaid. - not good enough. Byrne, Ness, Meekings, McGowan - mixture of finished/not bothered. Then there is Nelson and I've absolutely no idea what's going on in his head. Just looks completely shot.
  3. Shankland was never signing for Dundee, even if we agreed a fee with Ayr.
  4. I don't have one. I'm certainly against standing outside the front door with a sharpie written banner and attempting to chase the only people keeping the club afloat, out of it.
  5. I would say 'the Jack Hendry route' but he doesn't even cover injuries anymore. They just lob a CM in at CB.
  6. I'd heard that a few weeks back. It was a choice of Johnstone or Morgan in return on loan. Johnstone then signed a new deal and started in the Old Firm and Morgan is about to be sold to the MLS.
  7. He's got a few companies on the go, doesn't he? Most likely be Arbroath to replace O'Brian I'd imagine.
  8. Tried to get tickets for a few games this season through a few folk I know. Absolutely no luck whatsoever. I did get one offer - Millwall at the end of the month. I kindly declined.
  9. Yeah, most likely. I just want to see the floppy haired wizard in Dark Blue again.
  10. Scott Wright is back in training.. 🥰
  11. Perhaps we (and them themselves) aren't as strict diet wise. Tiny things make massive differences.
  12. Nope. Like last time you'd just end up with folk in it for an ego trip and their free cakes. I can't think of a single one in Scotland that has worked.
  13. Dorrans agent is clearly trying to get his man a move. Good luck to the man, hopefully he gets another decent pay day.
  14. "that is some bump on your head mate, what happened?" "got heidered at 5's but managed to play on" "OMG DID THEY NOT PHONE POLICE THAT'S A CRIMINAL ACT"
  15. I never said it was intentional. Massive assumption there.
  16. So his head hit the side of Harkes' cheek but he didn't header him? Right-o. 🤨
  17. I'd say it's some of Wighton's ability that Nelson needs or he'll be finished shortly.
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