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  1. It could also go horribly wrong for him and he relapses being in the same surroundings he was at the start of his troubles. Obviously I hope that isn't the case but it's an exceptionally brave/stupid* move for him to make. *Delete as appropriate with hindsight.
  2. Wasn't McCall, was Stewart Forsyth.
  3. Turns out I'm wrong, he's a massive snake. McCall has taken the Partick job.
  4. WeighorstsWang

    Our Best Line Up

    To be fair, I don't think McGowan would make a particularly good salesman!
  5. WeighorstsWang

    Our Best Line Up

    Yet is the one teams target. The only agenda anyone has is seeing the team improve, replacing Kerr is certainly an option to look at to bring that result.
  6. Old Firm levels of entitlement. Edit : as for the striker debate. Nelson is nowhere near the level of the other two (when all are on form). Johnson was let go by Motherwell because he could not displace Curtis Main and was about 4th choice. To say we have "three premiership strikers" I assume we mean guys that would get in a squad in the premiership, not a starting 11?
  7. WeighorstsWang

    Our Best Line Up

    He's been needing replaced for years. Should be absolutely walking this league, isn't. The regression is alarming and it's seriously harming the performance of the team, too. Get him out and away to Peterhead again, let them build his confidence back.
  8. He has said, numerous times, Ayr is his final job in football. Ayr gave him another chance in football after his personal problems and no one else would go near him and that as long as they want him, he will always be in their debt and will stay there. Leaving a club where his job is basically watertight, challenging at the top end of the table and he is adored to go back to a club he was chased out of and the club itself is in disarray behind the scenes and most importantly, on the park isn't really "logical" tbh.
  9. Only on the quote. Original post isn't censored.
  10. This has stemmed from Chic Young saying it. Partick have approached one club, Clyde. They were told where to go.
  11. @eyeothedug, you must have missed this question.
  12. Ian McCall won't be going to Patrick.
  13. WeighorstsWang

    Our Best Line Up

    One that doesn't include Cammy Kerr.
  14. WeighorstsWang

    Do They Just Make Up Nonsense About Us?

    Sorry man. Thought you were having a laugh at Kick It Kick Out who the ticket is for use by.
  15. WeighorstsWang

    Do They Just Make Up Nonsense About Us?

    ? Kick it kick out does a lot of good work in the community?
  16. WeighorstsWang

    The Cost of Watching Scottish Football

    Unless, like recently, that team is consistently sh**e.
  17. WeighorstsWang

    Jack Hamilton

    Surely at the very, very least every goalkeeper should be 'a good shotstopper'?
  18. WeighorstsWang

    The Cost of Watching Scottish Football

    I'm dubious that slashing the price in half would double the gate, tbh. A2
  19. WeighorstsWang

    Graham Dorrans

    How do you know he's unfit? The only player we can sign are out of contract.
  20. WeighorstsWang

    Big Team

    McLean was a successful coach, he wasn't a great one. Many of the players who played under him hated him and he ruined an absolute sh*t load of boys careers by signing everyone and sundry to cherry pick the gems.
  21. WeighorstsWang

    Graham Dorrans

  22. WeighorstsWang

    Graham Dorrans

    Every signing is risky. Will he be anymore expensive (and risky) than Ness, Forster, Hamilton or Hemmings say? Sad news for the boy. Hopefully makes a full recovery.
  23. WeighorstsWang


    Would take Konrad in a heartbeat. Jules second, then absolute nobody after that. No Kusunga. No Gadzhalov and especially no Gomis.
  24. WeighorstsWang

    The Cost of Watching Scottish Football

    Rehashed 'reporting' from about a month ago. Same news, different day. I'll put £50 on this topic goes the exact same as the last one did. People will say it's too expensive but they "go out of habit/love". Folk will say they won't be renewing, they will.
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