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  1. WeighorstsWang


    Jocky Scott and Craig Levein. Don't even bother closing the doors, just burn the fucker down.
  2. WeighorstsWang


    I don't believe that's so. Dorian's is an opportunity we couldn't (and shouldn't) have passed up. Ness and Byrne sitting. Dorrans ahead of them in a free role with McDaid on one wing and McPake (he has to be given a run) on the other. That leaves Robertson to come in for any of the 3 in the middle. It's ideal, IMO.
  3. WeighorstsWang

    Cammy Kerr Tonight

    Only time I noticed McGowan was when he was getting rings run around him. He was humiliated last night and looked an old man out there.
  4. WeighorstsWang

    Cammy Kerr Tonight

    Yep. Thumbs up from me for Kerr. Nullified Apere and tried to make runs like he used to. Keep it up.
  5. WeighorstsWang


    Nowhere near good enough. Not as a striker nor a winger.
  6. WeighorstsWang

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    After a 12hr shift I sat and seen Nelson and McGowan needed punted at half time. How the f**k can the boy on the touchline not see that? One of those guys just single handedly cost Dundee the game.
  7. WeighorstsWang

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Absolutely f**cking awful. McGowan is too far off the pace, get him off. Nelson is just f**cking stinking. Never a winger. Get him off.
  8. WeighorstsWang


    Just watched it tonight. Found it very interesting. I've heard snippets as I was relatively young when it was going on and even now, those who shared the line still contradict one another. Also learnt that Tommy Sheridan has always been a walloper. I thought it was just the last decade he took a nosedive.
  9. WeighorstsWang

    Hearts Sack Avril

    It's Neil McCann's time.
  10. It would depend entirely on what you want with 'survival'. Could we reach the top league and sustain top flight football as so many think we should be doing? Probably to most likely not. Scrambling around the Championship with the odd jaunt up and the odd jaunt down a league. I'd certainly believe we could, yes.
  11. WeighorstsWang

    The Magnificent Dab Admin Thread

    Three million, seven hundred thousand pounds in losses. In one year.
  12. WeighorstsWang

    The Magnificent Dab Admin Thread

    £80,000 per week on wages. 133% wage to turnover ratio. BUT JIMMY FYFFE IS OPENING A PUB ACROSS THE ROAD, IT'LL BE AHRYT.
  13. WeighorstsWang

    Sheffield Utd

    Every year a team somewhere gets promoted to the top league and does exceptionally well, playing good football and winning plaudits. Every year we get a thread started on here about how we should be playing like them.
  14. WeighorstsWang

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Absolutely not. I've been lifted numerous times. I've never been successfully charged though. I'm not a grass. I know the game and I play it.
  15. WeighorstsWang

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Breach of the peace. Drunk and disorderly. Numerous other charges. He wasn't arrested though I don't think?
  16. WeighorstsWang

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Erm, no it wouldn't. He's been summoned to appear at court. He should in no way jeopardise the case or himself by talking about it - however vague. Plus, if he said a 'minor ruckus' occurred, folk would still be speculating and wanting answers. It's a lose/lose for him.
  17. WeighorstsWang

    McPake and Irvine Charged

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  18. WeighorstsWang

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    A few things : McPake never denied it. The guy who started it all by putting out a picture on Snapchat saying McPake was fighting/headering folk in Braes come out the following day and said he had made that up. McPake's wife phoned him to which he said he wasn't fighting (the sensible thing to do, I'd reckon most of us would). A reporter has got wind of it, put a status up and has later had to remove it due to McPake and Irvine being called to court. Considering he wasn't arrested, I'm taking it it'll be the JP he's up in front of. There should be plenty of witnesses and I'd guess an array of video evidence to prove him doing right or wrong. Personally, it makes absolutely no difference to me if he's been in a scuffle. Rumour : What I've seen elsewhere is some young boy(s) were singing the United ditty "Who's the lying on the Dens Park, who's that lying on the floor?" to James. A song of a serious injury, one that ended his career and Gary Irvine took exception to this and headered one boy - apparently causing permanent disfigurement (irony, huh?) - so McPake never actually had anything to do with any of the physical stuff. At the end of the day, I'm sure a fair amount of us have had and will have a scuffle in a pub. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. I know others may feel differently.
  19. WeighorstsWang

    Russia V. Scotland

    It's time for Clarke to go.
  20. WeighorstsWang

    Inverness Heading for Admin?

    f**k'um. They got 25 years out of it. Off they pop back where they belong, hopefully.
  21. 200 fans, 13 bags of whelks and the faint smell of smokies. I thank you.
  22. WeighorstsWang

    Spurs 2 Bayern 7!

    Another couple of examples in this game of why VAR is a massive waste of everyone's time.
  23. It could also go horribly wrong for him and he relapses being in the same surroundings he was at the start of his troubles. Obviously I hope that isn't the case but it's an exceptionally brave/stupid* move for him to make. *Delete as appropriate with hindsight.
  24. Wasn't McCall, was Stewart Forsyth.
  25. Turns out I'm wrong, he's a massive snake. McCall has taken the Partick job.
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