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  1. 7 hours ago, Derry Drummer said:

    Tbh I don't think it's a good thing we may be signing an unfit, out of contract player just because he is mates with the gaffer. That didn't work last year... 

    How do you know he's unfit? 

    The only player we can sign are out of contract. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Boba Fett said:

    I’m really surprised 90% are in favour of him signing.

    Good player in his day BUT very expensive and very risky.

    Every signing is risky. Will he be anymore expensive (and risky) than Ness, Forster, Hamilton or Hemmings say?

    1 hour ago, Blue4evr said:

    Just as well we didn't sign Scott Wright, he's out for the season with a knee injury. Pity for the lad.

    Sad news for the boy. Hopefully makes a full recovery.

  3. I don't think Clarke walked into a shambles and is trying to improve it. He's regularly playing and calling up players way out of their depth. 

    The problem we have as a country is the coaching and the nutrition. I'm not going to blame the parents, it's not their fault. 

    The folk who blame a generation, fail to remember who raised that generation. 

  4. Agreed. We still see folk trying to push the "we're one of the biggest clubs in Scotland" narrative. 

    We might have been, at one point. Since those days we're probably up there with most relegations, getting there with the trophy drought and certainly peak administration tables. 

    We get 5,000 through the gates? Who gives a sh*t. 

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  5. 22 hours ago, HK Blues said:

    Let's be honest, putting everything aside how many of us would tell our employer we were leaving whilst we were on the sick and being paid?  

    How many of us could go on the sick and tell our employer we are unable to work but openly flaunt and sell a second income? 

  6. 13 hours ago, TheDarkBlues said:

    Just had some Arab send us a report, all because someone on this forum, happened to mention something about something they said on another forum.

    Couldn't make that sh*t up!

    Hopefully the wee lassie that loves sharing stuff from here but seems to have lost her bottle when folk started quoting her. 

  7. 6 hours ago, Head Shaker said:

    Aye because if we ever do them like that there would be no rubbing it in for days afterwards eh?

    If you want to make accounts and stalk their forums to wind them up, then bash on. Make no mistake about it, I will call you out for being an absolute walloper. 

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