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  1. Is this the same tit who got lifted for drink driving and 23 month in the jail for taking a knife to KFC and arguing with workers? Why is he even making the front page of the Tele?
  2. There's protests planned for Dundee and Glasgow on Saturday.
  3. People say the postal mail is dying on its a**e but all I keep seeing is an array of brown envelopes being passed around the SPFL.
  4. I'd prefer we went in for Jack Baird. There's talk if he's able to find somebody then a cut price deal can be done. Baird and Mullen, please.
  5. It's crazy, scary, enthralling and disheartening all rolled into one massive ball. There has to be hope that a middle ground can be found and it can all calm down. What is happening there, right now, is no good for anybody. Edit : What that middle ground is, whether it can be achieved or whether anybody actually wants it.. Is anybody's guess.
  6. Trying to push through a deal. There's not a chance clubs are putting money aside for deals to the likes of Simon Murray when their squads are furloughed and next to no money coming in. Hopefully he ends up in the Premiership.
  7. I imagine they'll be made compulsory to gain entry into the football for the first wee while - will most likely be included in the ticket price (probably heightened).
  8. Only vote yes for the banter. If we are casting a serious vote, it's no.
  9. Would take Slivka and Whittaker from Hibs, the latter for a back up Utility man. It's a no from me for McManus. Anytime I've watched him he's had pace to burn without the technique.
  10. I always wanted to get the photo of Bobby Cox holding the league trophy on my calf but never bothered. I've got an arm full of stuff relating to Dundee so I might get something to do with the club in the small spaces I have left.
  11. I think the 95' defence is tougher (Zurab is the best by a mile though) and the same with the midfield (Nemsadze). I honestly think 95' would run out quite comfortable winners.
  12. Not sure if it was here or elsewhere it was mentioned but I am sure I read we are to try and sign Ben Turner as our centre half?
  13. Players and officials will need tested - tests aren't free. Medics, police etc will need paid. That'll be the biggest outlay.
  14. Give Rangers and Celtic what they want, a two team league. Let them play one another 36 times, with full houses.
  15. Ouch! Hadn't seen that. I take it that the policy suddenly wasn't available anymore?
  16. Where did I say that? 1m35s in. He's followed the flight of the ball and Nish has put his header back across him at a reachable position. He hasn't had to quickly change direction nor is there a deflection. It's a decent save. It's romanticised overtly because of its importance. Stand alone in another game it would be quickly forgotten about and I'd argue Bain made numerous as good as, if not better, saves in his first season.
  17. Speroni instantly springs to mind. Then there's Bain against United. Don't get me wrong, it was a decent save. One I'd be expecting him to make. @harry94, good point regarding Hearts/Hibs.
  18. You'll be doing well to get a big in the next 4/5 weeks, tbh. My limit is £750. Even ones ~£1k are sold out. I'm half tempted to just hold off until about August when eBay and Gumtree will just be awash with bikes after folk go back to work.
  19. You were exactly the same as me, Chomp. Really tried to get in the White Lines (lol) but just found it a bit empty. I'm enjoying trial by media.
  20. It certainly can happen at all clubs. Whether all clubs take that option is entirely up to them.
  21. We can't be paying them as we'd have to extend their loans and its outside a transfer window.
  22. No, it's to get the guys a wage until the furlough scheme ends.
  23. A few in France to play in - they weren't 'big' clubs, more akin to Forfar! Also a couple in Spain but there wasn't any football on, just trips.
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