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  1. WeighorstsWang

    Welcome Home Barry

    Absolutely. Don't try and backtrack and claim folk are making things up. That's not a difference if opinion - that's just being a liar.
  2. WeighorstsWang

    Festive Events At Dens.

    Has there ever been anything like that done at the ground before for Hogmanay? Would the club even have a licence for drink that late? Certainly something that would interest a fair few folk I know.
  3. WeighorstsWang

    Welcome Home Barry

    Yes. You claimed McIntyre wasn't responsible for County being relegated and PB said McCann was 80% at fault for us being relegated. #HappyToHelp.
  4. WeighorstsWang

    Welcome Home Barry

    Apparently they never because they weren't there when they were relegated. Same as they never got Dundee relegated, it was Neil McCann. #DerryLogic.
  5. WeighorstsWang

    Decade Highlights for the Dee

    Player - Scott Bain. Goal - McGowan v Partick first season up. Moment - putting McIntyre back on the Bru.
  6. WeighorstsWang

    Welcome Home Barry

    Lovely fella, not sure on his credentials as a coach.
  7. WeighorstsWang

    Kamara (Again)

    Anybody with half a brain could see exactly why we are a backwater footballing nation nowadays - and it has nothi g to do with the Old Firm. Too many football fans and coaches accept mediocrity in tech ical terms as long as you run yourself into the ground and throw yourself about a bit. An embarrassing attitude that is deep rooted in Scottish football.
  8. WeighorstsWang

    Kamara (Again)

    Go back and read the match reaction threads.
  9. WeighorstsWang

    Kamara (Again)

    "Worried about his performances" The same folk championed Woods as he 'has a bit of dig'. Proven wrong, on both counts.
  10. WeighorstsWang

    Dundonian Heckles Corbyn

    Owner of a prominent bus company. Some boy.
  11. WeighorstsWang


    It's an absolutely I credible situation if true and one that certainly should not be laughed at.
  12. WeighorstsWang

    Austin McPhee

    I've heard Preston saying he's not very well liked in the changing room at Hearts - a few times. I suspect it's something personal - same as Stewart was for Levein.
  13. WeighorstsWang

    Kamara (Again)

    Quite clearly not, it appears.
  14. WeighorstsWang

    Kamara (Again)

    A terrific player chased out of the club by certain sections of the support (and a large amount of posters on here).
  15. WeighorstsWang


    Jocky Scott and Craig Levein. Don't even bother closing the doors, just burn the fucker down.
  16. WeighorstsWang


    I don't believe that's so. Dorian's is an opportunity we couldn't (and shouldn't) have passed up. Ness and Byrne sitting. Dorrans ahead of them in a free role with McDaid on one wing and McPake (he has to be given a run) on the other. That leaves Robertson to come in for any of the 3 in the middle. It's ideal, IMO.
  17. WeighorstsWang

    Cammy Kerr Tonight

    Only time I noticed McGowan was when he was getting rings run around him. He was humiliated last night and looked an old man out there.
  18. WeighorstsWang

    Cammy Kerr Tonight

    Yep. Thumbs up from me for Kerr. Nullified Apere and tried to make runs like he used to. Keep it up.
  19. WeighorstsWang


    Nowhere near good enough. Not as a striker nor a winger.
  20. WeighorstsWang

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    After a 12hr shift I sat and seen Nelson and McGowan needed punted at half time. How the f**k can the boy on the touchline not see that? One of those guys just single handedly cost Dundee the game.
  21. WeighorstsWang

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Absolutely f**cking awful. McGowan is too far off the pace, get him off. Nelson is just f**cking stinking. Never a winger. Get him off.
  22. WeighorstsWang


    Just watched it tonight. Found it very interesting. I've heard snippets as I was relatively young when it was going on and even now, those who shared the line still contradict one another. Also learnt that Tommy Sheridan has always been a walloper. I thought it was just the last decade he took a nosedive.
  23. WeighorstsWang

    Hearts Sack Avril

    It's Neil McCann's time.
  24. It would depend entirely on what you want with 'survival'. Could we reach the top league and sustain top flight football as so many think we should be doing? Probably to most likely not. Scrambling around the Championship with the odd jaunt up and the odd jaunt down a league. I'd certainly believe we could, yes.
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