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  1. I think it was business interruption we paid extra for. Their argument is we voted to cease the business.
  2. I asked a guy in work today if he could recommend any good books as he's never out the library or Waterstones usually. He's 33 years old. "The football Factory trilogy were a brilliant read" If there was a block button IRL, he'd be on it. FFS.
  3. Jamie Ness turns up to train and Charlie Adam talks break down. He must have been f**cking amazing in training today. 😎 Curious why talks would break down, tbh. If rumours are true and it's not even the club paying his wage, what could it be over? He wants two years, the club only offering one?
  4. It's sad. I remember being really impressed with him when I first seen him break through at Ibrox. Never like to see a player lose a career to injury - no matter how much money they make doing so. On the topic of impressive youth at Rangers, Rhys McCabe was another who I thought looked an excellent talent. He's just signed for Queen of the South. His move to Sheff Wed fizzled out and he ended up bouncing around clubs like Dunfermline (unknown to me). From what I've read he was a bit Billy big baws and that's f**ked him. Shame, really. Charlie Adam shows that if you just keep the head dow
  5. Draw with the worst team at home only to go and turn over the best team 3-0 away from home. Play in a shade of dark blue. A fan base which is, for the most part, filled with pissheids. Where have I seen this script before? 🤨
  6. If you think Wolves is bad, wait until you see Chelsea and Man Utd's 3rd kits.
  7. I've said it for a long time, McGregor is one of the most overhyped players I've seen in Scotland. Terrific player in Scotland, granted. European and international level he's absolutely nowhere near it. Thought Dykes was OK. No more. He seems to be getting rave reviews for some unknown reason. The back 3 were fine, constantly attacked down the right which just shows Israel realised Forrest at RWB was the clear weak link. Midfield poor. They're a poor team made to look more than capable tonight. Back to the drawing board.
  8. We have a dearth of decent strikers so I can see why he was given a call up. He's a bargain bin McBurnie. Not really fussed if he's terrible as it'll at least tick another off the list.
  9. He was never at Dens. He's been labouring for his mate for ages.
  10. I think at this moment he's second choice with their injuries?
  11. I heard he was fantastic in the dressing room and training well and there was an offer there on the table if he proved his fitness. Wonder what went wrong?
  12. Longridge is a better player than Murray. By all accounts, Murray is the next announcement.
  13. They've been at a few of the doo's I've been at. No idea if they've a tie in with that longest 40. Pretty expensive, IMO.
  14. Certainly the part I'm questioning. Either he didn't agree and the club put out a false statement. He did agree but the club never got him to sign the contract before he left on holiday or he's signed a deal that says he could change his mind at any time with X amount of days. All three of the only possible (to me, anyway) scenarios all come back to me looking at the club, not Kane and thinking 'WTF?'
  15. The rumours surrounding him not agreeing the pay cut was he's apart from his family who still stay down England. He's off on loan to France (again, apparently).
  16. Going to Burton Albion, according to Twitter rumours.
  17. Bad news for the team. Bad news for the fans. Bad news for the season ahead. Just really bad news all around.
  18. You're not allowed to point that out. He will throw a fit and say he won't be posting anymore.
  19. Bayo is being loaned out. Expect it to be to a club in Scotland to get his used to the style. I just can't see it being as low down the leagues as we are. Possibly someone like Livingston. Hearts, apparently.
  20. There was a poster on this very site saying we had a trialist showing the manager his fitness levels and fitting in well with the boys at training about a fortnight ago.
  21. Don't be too hasty, still nearly a year yet.
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