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  1. Sorry, I only got as far as ( Peter Grant) in your post and was writing my farewells texts.
  2. We bid for him. Ayr rejected it. Shankland told Ayr he wasn't leaving. Not sure what else the club could do tbh.
  3. Crankshaw has had about 7. He's 21. I doubt it, they've just had a big cash injection before these transfers. They're selling players who have told them they're leaving for free at the seasons end. It certainly appears they feel they're guaranteed a play off place.
  4. If Peter Grant gets his ticket in this club I'll see you all at the bridge.
  5. Surprised most of they wallopers can turn a computer on never mind type coherently.
  6. Johnson AND Smith? In the same day?! It must be Christmas again.
  7. Had both home and away as a kid. I remember pushing it into itself and it become a Tammy in the winter. Happier days!
  8. Another club on the resume willing to let him leave for nowt. Not a good look, Danny.
  9. Happy enough with that. Nelson next.
  10. Imagine Watt and Hemmings up front together. OYF. We'd more than likely manage to score before April.
  11. Get it in the goal on Saturday then!
  12. Levein was at Dunfermline on Friday as he's in talks to go there as DoF.
  13. When he's motivated. He's spent the past two years missing training and going on massive benders in Tenerife. Why would I ask Leeds fans from years ago? I'd ask a fan of a club he was at recently. Let's try Motherwell. They've nae idea, he was always pished in Spain.
  14. There been rumours constantly that he is a bit of a prick around training etc. Thinks he's better than he is and just generally doesn't put the effort in. Motherwell fans said he was exactly the same there.
  15. Hoping it's us that Ndaba is on his way to, just so it puts the Berra rumours to bed. All will become clear tomorrow I suppose.
  16. Nope. McPake has said we offered more than what Arbroath are paying now and we were told to up it.
  17. The insistence to blame Hamilton for everything is a horrible thing to see. Hamilton was never getting anywhere near that due to the speed on the cross. Marshall was cauflght napping and deserves pulled up for it. Kerr was poor but standing stationary in your own box waiting on a ball puts all the blame on Marshall for me.
  18. They're playing "we're the only full time team here and still aren't top of the league" They're spending an absolute fortune and it looks like they're just about to click at the business end of the season.
  19. Berra was a pretty decent centra half. Comfortable on the ball, fantastic Aerially and a real good turn of pace when he was found out of position. He's now slower than Forster so unless strikers man Mark him, he's an absolute waste of a signing. Get this in the f**cking sea.
  20. I still fail to see how that means Nelms has ruined McPake's managerial career.
  21. You couldn't have guessed that from my username?!
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