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  1. Pop Tart stadium. Everybody gets some toasted goodness on opening and we can get Stevie Lovell's ex to open it.
  2. So at first you knew 5 pubs would close. Then it was your opinion 5 pubs would close. Now it's you know they would struggle and may close. Yet you haven't named one - and I expect you're saying yours would be fine. How unexpected.
  3. This. He'd lose out significantly if we bought it back. When is our lease up, out of interest? If Bennett sees these plans and gets peeved, what notice period of eviction do we get?
  4. My heart says no - I love Dens, it's home. My head says yes. - for the club I love to survive and grow we need to grasp this opportunity with both hands.
  5. Then have to spend millions fixing it as it falls into a state of disrepair until we then spend millions more building new stands. Which could have been done and indeed making the club money back for many many years.
  6. Thanks for repeating exactly what I said.
  7. You're right - we don't need a new stadium. We can forever stay as a yo-yo club plodding along getting to a cup final once every however many years. OR We can do what's best for the club, move to a new stadium with top of the range facilities, bars and potential office space incorporated whilst outside revenue streams (rental of the pitch for gigs etc) could swell the coffers. None of which will guarantee we reach more finals etc, but IMO, it gives us a damn site better chance than hoping we can find good willed folk like FPS to plug gaps.
  8. It's not your opinion if you said you know 5 pubs would shut.
  9. There was a time Goodwillie was a very, very good prospect. Russell has achieved better than I ever thought he would. The other two are utter kack. Goodwillie's fee was due to what he looked like he may become so he can't really be likened to Greg.
  10. You're the one who come out with the statement. I think you should back it up. The Maltman would be a guarantee, I'd think. Possibly Whyte's (although I've been told that it's chocca midweek and Sunday's). What were your five?
  11. Name them. I can think of two - at a push.
  12. A lounge would suffice for Jocky.
  13. They signed it over for £1.6m. The guy who has got it is a big United fan though. He's getting £400,000 a year.
  14. Mallan is now deployed as a deep lying midfielder, is he not? Very much in the role of O'Hara, McGowan, Ross and Vincent.
  15. Why are people continuing to name Mallan? Where exactly do you see him fitting in?
  16. Fantastic gesture by United. It's down somewhat on what they used to give away but that is no way a dig at them. Anything being given away free to help kids of any background have an enjoyable day out (well, it's Tannadice so enjoyable might not be the correct word ) is excellent. Dundee stopped their initiative a few years previous to the current board turning up. Is it something that has been asked/spoken of?
  17. The boy definitely said he's on trial at Dundee. Whether he's got his clubs mixed up (or refused to say United for fear of being labelled a beast) I don't know.
  18. We need to upgrade our radar equipment if it's taken us near 3 month to find the boy.
  19. Rumours of £2000. we told him to do one at £1500 before. I'd expect we're back in about there tbh.
  20. There is meant to be a release clause. Think the club have put themselves first this time though. Inbound rumours of £2k a week..
  21. It was all supposed to be kept quiet..
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