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  1. Why would Gary Harkins be of the opinion that Hartley's signings are sh*t? Hes played with St Mirren, Kilmarnock and most recently was surrounded by utter guff like Gary Irvine, Willie Dyer and David Clarkson et al. Gary must be on the glue if that's really something he has said out loud.
  2. Si Ferry. Both beautiful and horrific in the same style.
  3. Aye, McDonald walked out of Burnley's game against City. He was substituted at half time and got changed then went straight to the pub. Ye kin tak' the boy awa oot o' Dundee, but you'll never tak Dundee oot o' the boy.
  4. Think they bid £80,000. Supposedly Kilmarnock are seriously considering cashing in. As they should, he should have been turned into glue after St Mirren, IMO.
  5. What I've been told (not someone ITK in the slightest) is that it starts at 6/7 year olds. It would be odd if true, it's sell out in infant sizes I'd imagine.
  6. If you could sign one star from the past… Morten Weighorst. I’m most excited about this season because… We'll always try and play on the front foot. The way football should be played I’m least excited about this season because… Sometimes that leads to us being pumped. Two songs that define your side? Actor that would play your gaffer in a film and why? Ray Winstone. There's just something about them I connect with one another. Key Player? Greg Stewart. Paul McGowan. Scott Bain. All vital in equal measure. Weak l
  7. I see Charlton have bid £100,000 for Josh Magennis. £1m at least if that's the rate, even with only a year left. *** awful 'footballer'.
  8. Dundee City Council will do as they're fuckin' telt. Comprende? *swaggers away*
  9. Didn't Harkins and Hartley fall out after/during the 6-2 Derby?
  10. If it is true, of course the club have everything in their favour. He's a professional footballer. He can't do his job properly with a drink in him. I know if I was taken on an expenses paid trip and requested not to drink I'd be in the sh*t if I was caught bevvying.
  11. I was absolutely steaming last season and asked folk to move out my seat three times. Not once were they in the wrong seat. I've never been so embarrassed (three times). I've no idea how I got in or why I even attempted. I think we drew. Never again. For shame.
  12. Some folk really have to take the Dundee tint glasses off regarding Kerr.
  13. Dens is a good 20-25 minute walk from the town centre ffs.
  14. I totally forgot we had Loy. Chuck him in Yordi's place in mine, please.
  15. I've no idea what's going on there, J. Has something failed to post properly? I'd like to see a return of the back 3. Godzilla and O'Dea to battle it out with Graham and Jules to show Boyce how to play football. Holt and Kerr either side, with Gowser and Ross anchoring. Williams/Duffy and Stewart in behind Yordi. Ehltak2e's to make an appearance from the bench and score a tap in set up by Greg in the last minute. Ross County 0 : Dundee 2.
  16. In fact, I want it incorporated into the new grounds main stand.
  17. If this is your one and only post, it would go down in history.
  18. Ok, that's your choice not to name them. As its my choice to ask you to name them when I see what I think is, quite frankly, a crazy statement. We've been back and forth and we're no further forward as well as its nothing to do with the actual topic, so I think we should just leave it there.
  19. Pop Tart stadium. Everybody gets some toasted goodness on opening and we can get Stevie Lovell's ex to open it.
  20. So at first you knew 5 pubs would close. Then it was your opinion 5 pubs would close. Now it's you know they would struggle and may close. Yet you haven't named one - and I expect you're saying yours would be fine. How unexpected.
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