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  1. There would also be extra money from bending over and taking it from United, Chomp - the whole they stay up we get Derby dough. Hope only one happens though!
  2. What? Who mentioned Stewart or Dyer? Me. You want to just rifle players anywhere because it's a position near where they play and they're tall. How is Holt more adapt at playing CH than our former left back Dyer would be? This is the highest league in this country, playing in a city Derby where tensions run high and the bragging rights of the city are on the line but you're all for throwing a left back into the centre because um, he's tall and a defender. Mental.
  3. I'd take a Hamilton v Morton score line.
  4. Which is your choice, I respectfully disagree that United have any momentum at all and are, for want of better word - fooked!
  5. McGinn started out as a centre half. Because it's not Holt's position. He's an attack minded left back. I'm not saying he can't play there, I'm saying your assumption that 'because he plays in defence and he's tall, he should play centre half nae bather' Why can't Greg Stewart play centre mid? Would you have been happy playing Dyer at CH?!
  6. What an absolutely crazy statement to make.
  7. I never said you did, I asked why you chose that precise point. As in, why does momentum start from 8 games ago and not say, 5? Why would you pick the point United won their first league game in *** knows how long compared to when Killie won the week before?
  8. Why are you cutting it off at the last time they met? Because it looks favourable for United? Kilmarnock have changed manager and by all accounts look a lot better for it. United done the same earlier in the season and so far all I and everyone else has seen - they haven't improved one iota. Hence the exact same points of which they trail the team above.
  9. I'm not really sure I want them to die. I wouldn't want their kind coming to Dens and pretending to support a club not built on villainy.
  10. What 'momentum' do they have? Over three months ago, they were seven points behind. They've had this 'momentum' and run of victories - they remain, yup, seven points behind.
  11. Killie only lost 1-0 - courtesy of a 90th minute wonder strike - against the soon to be league champions at the weekend there. United were getting pie'd from a fairly average showing from Dundee. United are getting far too much credit from you, BJS.
  12. Some of his flicks and quick, precise passing is a joy to watch. Quickly endearing himself to me after what I'd say was an ineffective verging on poor start to his Dundee career.
  13. These past few weeks, Ross has begun to really impress. He's clearly got some confidence now and appears more settled.
  14. I genuinely think Paton is awful. He's got this swagger about him that gives off the impression he can play great long range passes. Hell, he even does the Beckham 'arm swipe' when he tries them. He was better as a grafter, short passes and being a driving force. Nowadays he's half the player he ever was - or maybe it's just because he's getting more exposure I'm seeing just how bad he truly is.
  15. It doesn't help we couldn't make any substitutions and two of our 'forward' players were out on their feet from about the 60th minute.
  16. I've always thought the captain should be a back line player. Somebody who sees the whole game. Sadly, our back line is forever changing, O'Dea isn't tied up and McGinn appears too quiet. Bain for me. Harkins upped his game when given the armband, or maybe it was just a return to form.
  17. The referee never, which is the only one who matters.
  18. Low would chase, niggle and close down, stopping many of the attacks developing into crosses. Granted, Harkins was much more use than Low ever could have been aerially. Where Harkins should have excelled was holding the ball in and releasing Hemmings/Stewart given half a chance. He neither held it in nor released when given the one glaring opportunity to do so.
  19. Likes to make out he's a united through and through even though he grew up an Aberdeen fan.
  20. Said since he signed he's an excellent talent. Hopefully we can get him to sign up.
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