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  1. He applied for the job, he has been well backed. His career would be over before its begun down to him and only him.
  2. That looks a beauty. If you get a minute want to get a full length photo?
  3. It's absolutely criminal and just goes to show how truly terrible the standard here is.
  4. There's load of them that all sit and share stuff they find online. About 50% of it is them, themselves, masquerading as Dundee fans. A strange quandary they find themselves in. It's kind of like this scenario:
  5. St Johnstone have a fan base. Cracker.
  6. I thought you'd made a mistake. You've not. Makes a lot better reading when you narrow it down to 5/6. Still not good enough, right enough.
  7. Nah he's utterly sh**e but the way we're going I'm wanting somebody in the middle of the park that's just 100% endeavour. Only one, mind.
  8. Amazing the amount of times folk online make a mistake and "could hardly make a game at that point, I was living down South". It may well be true, just a strange coincidence all the time. Welcome to the board btw @Abdul Ksthree. Out of interest, have you read the site a while and decided to dip your toe in the water?
  9. It's his name. Where did you sit in the 90's? You left the Derry to sit in the Coxy. The Coxy wasn't even built never mind opened that whole decade.
  10. Think everyone on the board knows my opinion of his ilk but from here on in, he's the first name on my teamsheet. As long as it's CM.
  11. Where did you sit in the 90's then?
  13. Aye, if we can get the actor lassie in I'm all for that. I'd even buy a season ticket.
  14. Stuart McCall or John Collins would tickle my interest, for polar opposite reasons.
  15. No they won't. This is fact. Challenge me if you like.
  16. You're right, I don't. Hopefully the kid goes out on loan and finds his feet in the game and when he comes back kicks on and makes an impact at first team level.
  17. How big a shop do your hoose need?! 😂
  18. Android using chrome, mate. (I think it's fixed now, if you're involved in the site)
  19. I'd rather give McPake an extension and bring John Hughes in as striker, tbh.
  20. His biggest mistake was 30 minutes in. If there are still nerves by that point, then I fear you're right and he is nowhere near ready for first team football. At any level. I'm not wanting him punted, I'm merely turning folks excuses back around on them. Yes, it was wrong to select him with hindsight - hindsight of his own performance. Yes he's young - but so are other who have excelled. He got a chance to show what he can do and he failed to grasp that. The majority of that is at his own two feet. Same as Kerr. Same as Marshall. McDaid, Callachan etc etc etc. They're the ones who are being paid to go out and do the basics right and take it from there. They all failed. They all deserve ridicule, no matter your age or standing in the squad.
  21. Stopped working for me again, feel like I'm cluttering up the forum so only quoting certain posts.
  22. What difference does that make? Finlay's first game he was MOTM. We can't expect players to be at that level, granted but what I do expect is being able to control a ball. He failed, repeatedly, to do this. As for the Cammy comment, I agree. I'm amazed he's still here too.
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