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  1. Where did I say that? 1m35s in. He's followed the flight of the ball and Nish has put his header back across him at a reachable position. He hasn't had to quickly change direction nor is there a deflection. It's a decent save. It's romanticised overtly because of its importance. Stand alone in another game it would be quickly forgotten about and I'd argue Bain made numerous as good as, if not better, saves in his first season.
  2. Speroni instantly springs to mind. Then there's Bain against United. Don't get me wrong, it was a decent save. One I'd be expecting him to make. @harry94, good point regarding Hearts/Hibs.
  3. You'll be doing well to get a big in the next 4/5 weeks, tbh. My limit is £750. Even ones ~£1k are sold out. I'm half tempted to just hold off until about August when eBay and Gumtree will just be awash with bikes after folk go back to work.
  4. You were exactly the same as me, Chomp. Really tried to get in the White Lines (lol) but just found it a bit empty. I'm enjoying trial by media.
  5. It certainly can happen at all clubs. Whether all clubs take that option is entirely up to them.
  6. We can't be paying them as we'd have to extend their loans and its outside a transfer window.
  7. No, it's to get the guys a wage until the furlough scheme ends.
  8. A few in France to play in - they weren't 'big' clubs, more akin to Forfar! Also a couple in Spain but there wasn't any football on, just trips.
  9. Obviously missing the raspberry which I've only seen sold in singles. I get 3 bars of orange for the handsome sum of £1 from Home Bargains. Everybody has licked a square battery! Some learnt after one lesson, some went back for seconds..
  10. Same here. Had about 16 coaches for him alone and still looked like he hadn't warmed up. Loved Marrocco. Wand of a left foot. ETA : Aye, piss off. Turns out he was Swiss!
  11. Aye, best of luck to Salford with that.
  12. You still get orange, peppermint, chocolate and raspberry. The orange is beautiful. The raspberry is like licking a square battery.
  13. Garmany - Cologne. Due to the Dundee hammering mainly. Italy - Lazio. Were great to watch when I was younger and now they have Ciro. Sampdoria - dem strips bae. Torino. Fuk Juve! Spain - Barcelona and Real Betis. Barca have always been joyous for me and I strangely always had Real Betis tops when growing up. Edit : if I were to go to Italy for a game though I'd be going to Bologna. Beautiful stadium that I need to visit before I die.
  14. Just to add to this : if you get a chance to listen to Andy McLaren be it with James English, Soccer FM or any of his other appearances I recommend you take it. Comes across as a rely nice bloke who has never forgotten his roots or those who were always there for him.
  15. Swanson's old man runs a pub and makes a fortune off United fans anytime they've a game in, near or passing through Edinburgh. Not sure if him signing for us would stop that happening but would you risk it? Andy McLaren just loved football. From what I've heard from him on podcasts he enjoyed his time at United but there's no ties there.
  16. Would take Swanson. Highly doubt Swanson would come here.
  17. Dusseldorf, Moenchengladbach & Cologne. Enjoy!
  18. His speech upon learning that he was being released due to admin kind of backs this up. His opening line of "I don't give a sh*t, I'll just go back to Italy and smoke cigars". He followed it up with some heartfelt words about how the people in charge overspending had just ruined kids careers before they'd begun - but I get what you mean (and hope you understand my point, too!)
  19. I can't see that - unless next season is another 6 months away in which case there will only be about 10 clubs not in admin.
  20. Gems been up the poley a long, long time. This just goes to show that the vast majority of club chairman, owners and boards are spineless shitebags.
  21. It was a disaster in hindsight, yes. But it was great fun and we got to see some unbelievably talented players wear the strip. It hasn't led to 20 years of dross on the park after it. Unless you can explain why there was 30 years of dross on it beforehand?
  22. Well, it certainly wasn't started by a plonker eating a bat in the Wuhan wet market. I'm certain of that.
  23. It'd kill the food kiosks though.. Unless we cut holes in the masks!
  24. It'll probably be the Gretna loan that wasn't a loan and doesn't show in the accounts.
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