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  1. Dorrans agent is clearly trying to get his man a move. Good luck to the man, hopefully he gets another decent pay day.
  2. "that is some bump on your head mate, what happened?" "got heidered at 5's but managed to play on" "OMG DID THEY NOT PHONE POLICE THAT'S A CRIMINAL ACT"
  3. I never said it was intentional. Massive assumption there.
  4. So his head hit the side of Harkes' cheek but he didn't header him? Right-o. 🤨
  5. I'd say it's some of Wighton's ability that Nelson needs or he'll be finished shortly.
  6. I'd rather the club went under than sell your soul to the Old Firm. You can't accuse them of killing the game up here then go cap in hand to them to save your skin.
  7. Mackie broke Harkes' cheekbone when he heidered him. Happy New Year.
  8. Gallagher to Celtic is a terrific shout. He's the epitome of a Neil Lennon signing, cheap and nowhere near good enough for a club like that.
  9. Turning home games against the Old Firm into away games. Chucking all their supporters in one stand and giving Rangers and Celtic the other three. Pathetic.
  10. Actually, I think mines is the same as Rev!
  11. I've got one up the loft. It'll fit you if you're the average height of a 5 year old (which, if you're James Grady is entirely possible)
  12. The high profile scout was Les Ferdinand and he's probably raging that Shankland never got on the park.
  13. Anonymous last derby bar the many, many instances he should have been booked.
  14. We need folk who can create. Craig can create. I agree we need aggression in the side but anybody with a bit of spark would be more than welcome, too.
  15. Did he say if there was any hot water in the Derry toilets back then? Only rumour I've seen regarding Shankland was a £350,000 bid, from England.
  16. Wouldn't want Aird anywhere near the club.
  17. Does not compute. Those two cannot go hand in hand. original verdict wins : Jim Spence is a f**cking walloper.
  18. He's a f**cking walloper. He's trying to work his ticket back in to the good books because even they realised he's a f**cking walloper.
  19. Robertson. A laddie that age in a game of that magnitude, going one down then absolutely controlling it for 60 minutes is superb. We need to go full Jim McLean and just batter him senseless until he signs a ten year deal.
  20. Also; when I find somebody daft enough to marry me. She's shagging Finlay Robertson so I'm never disappointed in the bairns I'll be bringing up.
  21. Thought Mackie was fine. Worked his socks off and was nudging folk off the ball all game. McDaid's has two derbies and cost us two penalties (then we crumbled). Every player out there stood up tonight and (for me) it's no coincidence that happened without McDaid on the park.
  22. Plenty of fight. Plenty of dig. Now, bring confidence to the play. Thought Robertson and Dorrans had good games. McGowan, whilst lacking in pace, showed all the heart in the world and carried the team at points. Meekings and McGhee were fine, first couple mi utes aside. All in, a fair point.
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