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  1. Am I? I'm one of a select few on here who routinely call out the same abject players continually playing yet, now I'm the one accepting failure? Theres maybe a correlation between the two - maybe I just see how poor players are celebrated here and realise that until the first is changed then the latter won't ever be.
  2. He never said it, he agreed with it. The only thi g Rae said without being prompted is "Aye, it's a horrible atmosphere to play in at Dens if things aren't going your way but that comes with playing at a club who's fans have high expectations". Edit : I also don't believe it's strange even if he did say all of it. He's not the only player to say it and I doubt he will be the last. I've seen boys get abused at Dens when we're winning in a comfortable position (a few years ago now, right enough). There's wanting the club to do well and spurring them on, then there is vitriol tha
  3. I listened to Gavin Rae on a podcast yesterday. He agreed with the presenter, another former Dundee player, that the fan base here have delusions of grandeur. Being in the top flight is a success and that its a horrible place to play football if you're not winning because of the level of expectation from fans thinking this club is something it isn't. The OP is the epitome of this.
  4. Looks like there is a lot more to this. The time frame looks like this apparently : Sold to an Asian consortium, huge bet placed on Wigan to be relegated in Asia, Wigan go in to admin and deducted 12 points. It's being investigated.
  5. How did your mate enjoy the newspaper spotlight, with the pen?
  6. Kevin Thomson. Paid for by Dundee, I think. (Riverside?) He must get his hair cut a lot. Me and him had basically the same haircut schedule for a while. As your mates lass said, he's a sound guy. Terrible hair though when S cut it. He done/does Cammy's nut, too. The cuts are fine, it's the styling. Get some salt spray lads, ffs.
  7. I've nothing to add to this conversation other than imagine a program, set just before WW2 where men gather in one area to talk over how they'll take down the bloody Germans (as well as Killie) then throw their hats into the air and sing songs of killing United fans. Welcome to the Peaky Derry. Coming to BBC Scotland in the fall.
  8. That's a jpeg, not a gif.
  9. That's kind of how football clubs work.
  10. Alright mate, I've heard you're struggling to pay your rent. We had a whip round and got £1000 here, do you want it? Aye, please. That would be great, thanks a bundle! Gee us yer bed and couch then.
  11. Why? Ever since I remember there has always been problems with the society and the club. The folk in power hold all the cards and the SS try to stir angst up. I've said it for a very long time, they're self centred and want the cake and to eat it. That's not how it works, if they want to dictate how things go - save up more money and buy the Americans out. Otherwise put up or shut up.
  12. If he was willing to stay he'd have signed the deal when it was first offered to him, quite some time before the wage cut situation come about. As I said in a previous post, best of luck to him. He's souring that trying to make up that he hadn't always had one eye on a deal elsewhere.
  13. Scott Burns 2 hours ago "there's going to be a massive swings in odds on next Dundee United manager soon.." Scott Burns now "buy the paper I wrote for and read about Steve McClaren being asked to be new Dundee United manager".
  14. According to Courier, Wright isn't interested.
  15. Seen him with the ginger guy who played Tommy the mechanic on Corrie. Cain was sound as, ginger Tommy was a prick who I'd happily bludgeon to death with his imitation spanner set.
  16. Seeing quite a few United fans contacting their SLO, looking to hand Season Books back if Mackay is taken on. Brilliant to see a support utilise and say to the club 'it's him or us'.
  17. Pipped to the post by former Motherwell manager Ian Baraclough.
  18. People were happy enough to have VAR infest the game and ruin it because 'it's for the best' so I'm not too sure they'll have a leg to stand on if water breaks and adverts are brought in.
  19. He turned down a Premiership club and took a wage reduction to stay at Dundee and the first thing you come away with is "would he make as much elsewhere?". Get a grip of yourself.
  20. "We would like to welcome you to the Paul McGowan stadium at Camperdown Park... Unless you're Polis." Hero.
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