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  1. DarkBlueBob

    Tuesday Night

    Think Henvey has played in all of those matches. he was still able to play for reserves even when on loan. looks like a strong aberdeen team tonight so good result for the young lads if they can match them in the second half .
  2. DarkBlueBob

    St Mirren V Dundee

    He has returned to the club midway through a loan and outwith the transfer window so isn’t allowed to play again for us. His last game for Cowdenbeath was weeks ago after he was hooked at half time and he’s played every game for our reserves since so assume there was some sort of fall out at Cowden for him to return early.
  3. DarkBlueBob

    St Mirren V Dundee

    He can’t play for the first team again this season.
  4. Mcintyre isn’t on a deal until the end of the season. He is on a rolling contract.
  5. not true to suggest the manager is forced to using one agency though. of the 13 players signed this season only two share an agency.
  6. Have seen you post things like this a few times. it's nonsense. We have signed players attached to plenty of different agents over the past few years. no one has been hamstrung.
  7. DarkBlueBob

    Claudio Caniggia - Thursday 29th November

    How did they try to end it?
  8. Great insight from the club of what happens behind the scenes around a game. here is link to full 23 minute video - https://deetv.dundeefc.co.uk/tv/video/vod/2192
  9. DarkBlueBob

    Welcome To Dens Benjamin Källman

    It’s not Jacqui. The reporters asking questions during these press conferences are from the Tv and radio companies as this is the broadcast section of the press call.
  10. DarkBlueBob

    Caulker Sent Hame

    I was actually told something similar last night. Apparently traveled home to speak to a club in England. wasn't given a name of the club but told he might be off soon.
  11. DarkBlueBob

    Poll: the Dundee Derbies

    Not for the first time the Tully headline is misleading at best and a load of shite at worst, Nelms doesn't say 'We are missing United', he says we have had to modify the budget. Typical nonsense from Tully to sell papers. Here are his quotes - “Dundee United and us, on the park we’re rivals but business-wise we’re on the same page. “I think for the fans, it would be really good to have Dundee United in the league. “The derbies are always exciting, the atmosphere in the grounds are fantastic. “However, financially we’ve had to modify the way we work because we haven’t had those games. “We’ve modified the budgets and everything for them not to be here and I think we’ve done that quite well. “You just have to deal with it.”
  12. DarkBlueBob

    Dfcss Meeting On Sat - Q And A With The Bod

    It's the DFCSS board
  13. DarkBlueBob

    Charity Gala 3March

    Appears to be a DFC in the Community event rather than a club thing, It was advertised a few weeks back on the official site but has been pushed more on the community trusts facebook I think, Feb 14th - http://dundeefc.co.uk/news/charity-gala-aid-dfc-community It's also now been postponed due to weather.
  14. DarkBlueBob

    Clean Sheets

    Just looking through some of the stats on the back of today's clean sheet. Over the past two season our clean sheet record in league games doesn't make good reading for Scott Bain - Games with Scott Bain - played 48, clean sheets 4 Games without Scott Bain - played 4, clean sheets 3
  15. DarkBlueBob

    Maximising Revenue

    I don't know the ins and outs of what is required but surely you have some way to show that you have served in the military? I'm sure the ticket office will be easy to deal with over this.
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