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  1. Still hurting because we were basically cheated out of a point by the decision to allow 6+ mins injury time. Genuinely shocked when board went up. Agree about result not unexpected and can still see us getting 33 points. What will that mean? Most likely play offs v Inverness.
  2. cg73

    Six Minutes Added On

    Spot on we were not time wasting at all. Disgraceful refereeing to allow 6+ mins. Sickeningly biased refereeing.
  3. cg73

    Six Minutes Added On

    I was stunned when 6 minutes signalled. It is cheating. That is what it is.
  4. cg73

    Relegation Battle

    Knew Hamilton would win today so as expected. We blew it last week. Going tomorrow so hopeful of a decent game. Expecting loss and we need to look yo win at both saints. Home win v aberdeen unlikely to say the least. Those season tickets looking more and more expensive.....
  5. cg73

    Reception for Scott Bain

    In the unlikely event we get a penalty Bain will do what he never ever looked like doing. He'll save it.
  6. cg73

    Score Predicitions for This Weekend?

    Hamilton win St Mirren lose Dundee lose
  7. I think we will win in Perth and draw with st mirren. Lose heavily other two.
  8. Starting tonight. Fingers crossed. Killie could feasibly be 2nd. Lots to play for. Come on!
  9. Wishful thinking we don't have to play on the artificial pitches. I think 11th place most likely scenario for us now. Hamilton 10th. (Basturts)
  10. I predict before split Hamilton +7 Dundee +4 St Mirren +2 Fixtures for us should be... V st J (a) V Livi (h) V St M (h) V Ham (h) V Mwell (a). I think 11 points there. Finish in style.
  11. cg73

    Dundee 4 - 1 Celtic

    I was at this game. One of my most prized Dee watching memories. I remember mcclair free kick gave them half time advantage despite us dominating. Ross Jack was sensational and we got our reward in style.
  12. 100% McKinnon is undeniably an animal. He obviously wants a few quid for regurgitating the same old story. Let's send him down like the judge did.
  13. cg73

    Dee Experience V Arab Experience

    Scottish football is strugglng to tempt big crowds with the exception of the theatre of hate duo. It is too expensive though kids prices are encouraging for home fans. Referees appear inept if not biased on occasion. The quote from the dee at tannadice is utterly insignificant. I don't want to sing love is in the air. It disgusts me as a song. Terrible song. Beautiful sunday not for me either though a comical retort when 2 0 up at half time at tannadice and cruising in utd's relegation season (few years ago now) before Scott Bain got himself needlessly sent off preventing a likely rout. I chose to be a Dee and yes it could be better but there is hope. I equally chose not to follow utd but i respect people who do because they're a provincial team as we are. They can keep their view ruining big flag, lack of leg room, horrid team colours, crappy pitch etc. If it comes down to it we ought to beat them in a play off but still think we will be 10th.

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