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  1. 500 odd tickets sold according to the guys on the desk when I picked up my ticket earlier.
  2. Beak>> and Giant Swan are Bristol's greatest exports at the minute. But, they're not as great as the Mighty Dee.
  3. We might not be able to take much from a game against a League 1 side, but Meekings Ness, Byrne, Nelson and even Curran were stand outs. The past few seasons, maybe, we might have struggled against sides in a lower league but we dominated today it was lovely stuff!
  4. Thanks for enquiring, Donny O. I bought a replica of the '76 onwards top years ago from Burton on the Marketgait (without the Admiral badge), which is a real beauty, but I'd put my hand up for a rep. of any of the 'Sampdoria' DFC tops. For the life of me I can't find the originals on eBay and they are my favourite Dee tops. I have the JSearch style ones, from as a bairn, but the early 90s ones are the best. If Toffs were to reissue those I'd definitely buy one. This is highly doubtful but it would be great to see them.
  5. All the best, Alan. Unfortunately I wasn't alive to see you play but from the stories I've heard you must've been some player. Stay strong.
  6. Legs: Robert Mugabe in a Bonne(t). Let's just hope that whoever we find to start scoring goals isn't about the opportunism but the conversion.
  7. I voted for Kevin Holt. He was class on Saturday. When (I doubt he's gonna re-sign) he gone I'll probably miss him. It might be because I'm in the habit of seeing the big dumpling in Dark Blue or it might be that he's been an okay left back for Dundee. Today he was exceptional though and what a goal! Props to the whole back line and O'Hara in the first half; sare and with the teeth but he never shirked responsibility today. I loved seeing him win that tackle in the middle of the park; I'm sure every Dee did. That's what we want! Wighton was class and I can't wait to see what he's gonna become. Saturday reminds me of why I love Dundee. Away the Dee!
  8. We're gonna stay up (through sheer belief from me and a bit of luck) this season. Next season is a different story though, as it always is.
  9. Second prize V Celtic last season. I was over the moon.
  10. Early Tully reporting that Moussa needs a knee operation and could be out for at least a month. Hopefully Haber takes note of his performance last night and tries his best to replicate it every week.
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