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  1. All the the young people from Aberdeen traveled to Inverness, Stonehaven and down to us in Dundee on Saturday and got pissed, the trains and taxis where busy. So much for locking down Aberdeen, there is going to be a big spike in the virus and it will be down to the young idiots who don’t think they will catch it.
  2. Chucked my scarf at east end park the pars destroyed us 6-1 I think, tam Carson between the sticks , our bus was full at halftime but the driver wouldn’t leave until full time
  3. I’ve said it in other posts, there are Dundee fans who can’t afford season tickets, there are fans who can’t afford to pay £24 to go to a game( every 2 weeks) so if this is a way that they can contribute to the club with £10 or more if they can once a month, then it’s a great idea, there might be fans who can no longer attend matches due to ill health. This is a great idea to help the club, I signed up straight away as I’m lucky enough to be in work I also bought 3 season tickets for me and my boys, I work most weekends but I bought them to help my club, let’s embrace this as a way to bring in extra money to help the club that we all love
  4. Can’t think of any, but a group of us went to the dump to watch Steve Campbell for Scotland under 21, it might have been his under 21 cap and I’m sure he was playing left back
  5. I’d be willing to donate these, if someone wants to sell them and give the money to the club, they won’t make much but it all adds up
  6. I’ve still got a few, there one with Jim Duffy on a chariot on the front cover when he resigned from thistle after his injury, I’ll have to go to my mums and dig them out, there was also one that had a hand drawn poster off billy Dodds in it
  7. Just found my full set of panini’s from 87 all unused, Forsyth giving jocky a run for his money with his tash
  8. Sun reporting it’s Kane who has not accepted the cuts
  9. My first trip to park head was in 88 when they had to beat us to win the league, I remember the away end packed with Celtic fans then at half time they brought them along the pitch and put them in segregation which was supposed to separate the fans, there must have been over 70000 there
  10. I’ve posted this before, sadly this is the major problem in Scottish football, if your not 5f 10 plus or a speed demon, they are not interested in you and it doesn’t matter how good you are, the other major problem is we release players for to soon from the youth set ups all over the UK. People progress at deferent levels and might take longer to develop, I’ve seen fantastic young player realised by clubs at young age and they are either lost to football forever or go junior or if lucky enough in the lower leagues.
  11. It’s say it’s circa 1000 since the shop opened 10 days ago, I thought it would be more than that , I bought 3 and the guy in front bought 10 the guy behind was buying 7
  12. Yes your correct, sadly Scottish teams would pick the guys who where big and the fast players, sadly it didn’t matter how skilful your where if you where skinny or small you had no chance, as a country we have lost thousands of young players because of this, when Utd signed Kevin Gallagher as a youngster he was not the greatest of players but he was as fast as a whippet, they taught him how they wanted him to play
  13. I can’t see GS going. The future of all clubs in Scotland is to bring through young players, All clubs went down the road of bringing in cheap foreign players in late 80s and 90s trying to compete with old firm, The last time Scotland qualified for a tournament was 98 and the average age of the team was 32 we had the oldest squad in the tournament, that was because even then there where no players coming through the youth systems at clubs, We need to increase the size of the league so teams can bring through you players and give them a run in the first team. Teams are getting rid of reserve teams but they where great for young players, when I was up at dens those game where great as you played with first team players and gained great experience, even the older players in the opposite teams would give you advice and tell you to knock it past them and take for a run(sadly we’ve lost all this). All your hear is there will be pointless games if increase the league, well Celtic are going to win the league then it’s Aberdeen or the Rangers then it’s anybody else for the other places and it’s been like this for years (boring crap ) so it pointless before we kick off the season. Our owners now that bringing through young players and the new stadium is the only way money can be made. Little bit off topic but needed a rant
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