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  1. Morning everyone we completed our run on Saturday evening but some of us continued yesterday. Thank you everyone on here for your support we are not far away from from reach 2k if anyone can you please donate what you can link provided below https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/runforthedee1893?utm_term=VMQdE23a4
  2. Well done brother 77% once we are completed I will update and further thank everyone
  3. Cheers I did reach out to a few journos I knew see if anything could be done also even got in touch with Alan patullo too did realise was in todays paper do you have a link
  4. Amazing to see that gaffer took party to add to our miles as did Derek Soutar who recently just had surgery took part today. As a group we are now 70% complete of our run here's the link for anyone who wants to donate to the cause thank you again for all your support https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/runforthedee1893?utm_term=VMQdE23a4
  5. Cheers darkblue alot have done more miles than me but I'm very happy that I got involved
  6. Cheers @BCram I never thought of that I know all our fans doing what they can will share link when I update before completion next week
  7. Further update everyone we have now passed our target of £1,500 by £25 and we are 60% through our miles. Thank you to everyone who on here has donated and supported all of us my legs are in bits but well worth the effort for the club
  8. Further update everyone as a group we have ran/walked 43% of this so far for the club. Of our new target we are £70 away from our £1,500 target. Ex dee Graham Harvey is even clocking up the miles for the club, Derek Soutar is supporting our fans and giving encouraging messages as recently just had surgery. From the bottom of my heart and all the runners/walkers we thank you all for your support ddyb
  9. I'm sure when I signed up yesterday there was direct debit option or PayPal when you go through the process
  10. Futher update everyone we have now surpassed the £1,000 target current total £1,150 have now set a new target of £1,500 great see the support from everyone thank you so much
  11. Are you on twitter or fb if so contact Scott McRuvie he will sent all the info
  12. Further update for everyone total now sitting at £938 well in way to smashing 1,000 target
  13. Run for dees now sitting at £650 target now raised too £1,000 great effort by everyone
  14. £570 raised in under 12 hours unbelievable the support from everyone thank you such much
  15. @DarkBlueKnight I did 2.5km run yesterday after work and 5.5km walk with kids today as walks aloud do but not on top of every day stuff
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