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  1. Ever since the Hartley days we have relied on scoring more goals than we concede.Thats been our main failing in the last few years.Most of the successful provincial clubs are strong at the back and build from there.Here’s hoping jmp realises this. whether we can keep Berra or not, this wee run proves that a strong defence is the starting point.Ive also noticed we are now pressing teams into making mistakes instead of standing back watching.I think we are now making real progress ,maybe a little late for promotion but at last there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.Still not convinced over jmp but this might be a turning point for him.My message is ,keep it up guys ,and leave it all out there.
  2. Don’t get this,Christie on what I have seen looks far superior to cammy.Is this jmp meddling unnecessarily or forced.
  3. I agree with this.The last few years have drained every supporter.A team that can compete is all it needs,not necessarily winning every week but leaving at ten to five saying we gave it a good go, every player being decent in their position gives us a chance in every game.IMO, a decent side would not only bring back people who could afford a ST, but encourage lapsed fans to make sure they attend games because it’s worth the sacrifice .Livi for example, not rocket science, came from nowhere with virtually no support.We would lap up that kind of success.Can it happen with FPS? Hope so.personally I think they know fk all about scottish football,prove me wrong please.
  4. This.Winning is the answer.getting gubbed most weeks doesn’t encourage regular attendance.
  5. Ambition?mcpake as our manager,that’s some ambition.
  6. Yes It would be ridiculous,but it’s Dundee we’re talking about.
  7. tell that to everybody who didn’t go to the Motherwell match.they must all be wrong.Remember ,this is the championship.we have by far a superior budget to almost all the other teams ,yet don’t have a proper manager to manage.
  8. No chance of getting it right until mcpake is punted
  9. Meekings shouldn’t even get a shirt,never mind be captain.only marginally better than Forster,which is not a compliment.
  10. I suppose that’s why mcpake has got meekings as his captain.laughable.
  11. Good signings? Loan signings like last year.it doesn’t work.didnt know it was Nelson and DJs fault the whole team are clueless,but there you are you know better than me.
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