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  1. GlasgowDee

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Such an unbelievably weak squad, regardless of the result.
  2. GlasgowDee

    Motherwell On Saturday.

    Is McIntyre trying to do anything differently?
  3. GlasgowDee

    St Mirren Friendly

    Was there. Van Berekel won't be back. Had a bit of a mare and looked really nervous. Ran right down the tunnel. Really liked the look of Kamara. Good awareness. Hard to tell with Rutten as he was in a weaker team 2nd half. Really excited about Wolters. He's rapid and puts a decent ball in.
  4. GlasgowDee

    Loy Gone

    Must have something else lined up. Not the standard required I don't think so good move for both.
  5. GlasgowDee


    Pretty sure we can do better than Scobbie
  6. GlasgowDee


    Blair Spittal? A slow winger who csnt beat a man. This lad flatters to deceive
  7. If he's not up for it then fine. It would hardly be a massive coup getting him. Hope he manages to pump yinitid next season
  8. Looks like Buddies fans are up for closing the club down if he leaves. Having the moral high ground over us because they have a new (lego) stadium is pretty funny.
  9. Totally bizarre that anyone would want Barry Fergusson. A failed Clyde manager.
  10. McIntyre has done alright but nothing more. Got lucky with Boyce. Too much baggage as he would want Dodds. No thanks
  11. Jim McIntyre being mentioned. Doubt it. Especially don't want to see his assistant Dodds at dens again
  12. Won't be Neil. He's got ideas above his station right now
  13. GlasgowDee

    SPFL Play-Offs

    They didn't even go for it! He's seriously out his depth at United so naturally let's hope they csnt sack him. When Murray is your main man your struggling
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