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  1. Lots of people on here ask about this and that and complain that the club tells them nothing! That's the point I was making. Literally weeks can go by and the first page on the official is always the same. Don't think many would disagree that the club is as someone said on here the other day, run like a secret society or words to that effect.
  2. This is incommunicado Dundee we're talking about here! Why would the fans want to know anything about the team. Ad long as they pay up, no worries!
  3. Deja vu. What is it about Dundee and this ongoing inability to replace Hemmings (1st time) and Stewart? It's as if a striker is a lower priority. I'm getting mightly sick of this groundhog day scenario. Plenty of midfielders though. What could go wrong?🤔
  4. Won't bring home the bacon!
  5. Should add that the warning signs are already evident in the two friendlies.
  6. Just repeating myself here regarding the striker position as I've said it several times before since the departure of Hemmings, (first time round) and Stewart and Loy? Why have the club let this need for a striker go on and on and on? It's an ongoing problem mirrored in the team's performance and results. It's the difference between staying in this damn league and getting promotion. Do Dundee have a problem attracting a decent goal scorer? Do they prioritize other positions first? There's a question mark over recruiting policy. Why do we year in year out see names pass
  7. 2nd week in succession with a 4-0 thrashing. Worst defensive record as well. Shame😆
  8. How many players have we allowed to go over the last 2 or 3 years for no return. We can't afford to be so benevolent and if the reported £250,000 paid for Nelson is true, then the owners are throwing away money we SUPPORTERS have paid in.
  9. Signed into say as much but you beat me to it. If a red card is issued by the government, this could be the straw that breaks the camel's black-the yanks might walk! So I have no sympathy whatsoever for any idiot player who breaks the rules on social distancing. What if our club dies? Everyone on here surely must support the rules, even the dab intruders. Points need to be deducted, players need to be banned and preferably someone needs to bang their heads together and ensure they know it's not a game, it's not just another 'flu!
  10. Exactly. Unless there are consequences for the team, no one will take any notice. The sheep were warned by the government and promised further repercussions while the SPFL sat back, (as they did with the cash injection from a prominent businessman/Budge). Time for the SPFL to get proactive and earn their stripes!
  11. Yeh seems unreasonable that they are treated differently. How else can they spend their big pay packets? Seems unreasonable until someone DIES because of their STUPIDITY. I,'m passionate about that.
  12. the game was cancelled. 1st team player, 2 first tem players, the other players, the risk of cross infection. It seems to me that the only fair way to act is every team that has a tested infected player, member of staff whatever, the game is postponed. If the rules are clearly set out there won't be any chance for claims of favouritism and cronyism which might happen if the rules are not clear and obvious to all - in particular obvious to the fans. Lunchtime briefing said they don't want the virus spreading to Perth. Sensible move made necessary by a flock of stupid sheep .
  13. I think it's common knowledge ,(and people on this forum complained about it in numbers at the time), that Wighton was a real talent, held back by Hartley because he was always played out of position. Poor lad never got a chance.
  14. Are you kidding? Today's dab daily, sorry, meant Courier, has all SEVEN back pages showing esentially dab-related propaganda. This includes a 4 page spread on Armstrong. There's the usual oversized dab photos laced with gallons of tangy ink.😡
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