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  1. Full house at Pittodrie? No chance of that, especially if televised. A flukey 1 goal win for the Dee.
  2. I think Dieng will be number 1 for the rest of the season.
  3. To be honest, I'm not sure I would disagree with his comments. I would be surprised if Kamara becomes a regular starter for Rangers over the 4 years of his contract.
  4. You seriously think Rangers would sign Kamara to weaken Dundee rather than to improve Rangers? I suspect Steven Gerrard could care less about weakening Dundee, we are already incredibly weak.
  5. Absolutely. Players need to be recruited with the long term in mind. It is not sustainable to change the squad every time we change manager. The role of the manager should be to get the best out of the staff available rather than changing them all to bring in their own type of player.
  6. He'll never get another job as a manager if any Chairman reads that article. It comes across as him putting his head in the sand.
  7. This is why we should have a Director of Football who is in charge of recruitment and contracts and a first team coach responsible for getting the best result possible each week.
  8. Can't see past a comfortable Hibs victory unfortunately. Hope I'm proved wrong though.
  9. I would go a step further and say the DoF should be the one signing players and the manager organising them into a winning team. The manager should be focused on winning the next game and the DoF focused on longer term activities such as player recruitment. Managers change every year or two and bringing in all their own players leaves clubs with expensive bills paying them all off every time they change managers.
  10. In my opinion, this whole sorry episode shows that Nelms has got it wrong in his choice of manager. If McIntyre can't operate without Dodds, then he shouldn't have been hired as the manager. What does that say in his confidence of his own ability?
  11. I agree. Today was the reality check that we need to go back to absolute basics.
  12. The whole episode just proves that we are essentially still a shambles of a club at the boardroom level. After all the faffing around to hire McCann in the first place, does he want it, does he not, and then the perseverance with him when a blind man could see for months that we were watching a train crash. A proper leader would have dealt with the hiring and the firing decisively rather than dithering like Nelms has done. When he finally sacked McCann, he has followed it up by hiring a guy who can't do a job unless his wee mate is beside him and seems to be dithering again about what to do about it. It's pathetic.
  13. This. Jim McIntyre is losing credibility if this is his stance.
  14. If McIntyre can't do the job without Billy Dodds, then is McIntyre really the right man for the job? Doesnt say much about his belief in his own ability to me. It's not Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola we're talking about here, it's Billy Dodds! Hardly a renowned football coach that the club can't do without. There must be tens of thousands of Football coaches on the planet and only a handful are persona-non-grata at Dens. Billy Dodds hates Dundee since the CVA affair. He voted to liquidate the club then and it has been evident in all his media work since then. Nelms but be a masochist if he is going to employ Dodds.
  15. Absolutely smacks of being our Mixu appointment. McIntyre I can just about accept, even if it's a lazy appointment. Dodds I can't accept.
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