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  1. There won't be any international holidays happening this summer unless you are willing to quarantine for 2 weeks on your return, and possibly 2 weeks on arrival at the country you are visiting. https://www.bbc.com/news/explainers-52544307
  2. Why not just wait until we are able to play football again and pick up where we left off? Whether that is three months, six months, 18 months. Just start from where we left off?
  3. The ScotGov should be spending whatever is required to ensure the survival of all our grandparents, parents, and family with health conditions, not saving football clubs. The survival of other, far more important business than football clubs will also be tested to the limit over the next few months. I'm seeing it unfold in front of me in China which is a few months ahead of the situation in Scotland, and it is an economic disaster unfolding. Small companies in particular have no cashflow and can't pay their rent, staff or suppliers. In Europe, Norweigan Air have just laid off half their workforce. This is likely to be the start of things to come unfortunately. Three months since thing began in China and the shopping centres and cafes are still empty and many haven't even managed to re-open yet. Cinemas, gyms etc all still closed. Football really shouldn't be our concern at this time.
  4. The issue is when a player or family member of a player gets infected, everyone they have been in contact with is supposed to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. For sport, that probably means the entire team will need to be quarantined for 2 weeks, or certainly many of them. It's happened with the women's rugby team. It's the impact of all the self-quarantines that have caused the greatest disruption here, and probably will in Scotland too.
  5. Exactly this! It's supposed to be the entertainment business but people go to Dens out of a sense of loyalty rather than because they actually want to go there and suffer it. The product is terrible and the experience of going to watch it is even worse. The whole club needs re-branded to attract new fans and lapsed fans. There is no marketing or PR to speak of. What kind of sales strategy consists of the product getting worse year on year, demand for the product falling year on year, yet prices increasing year on year? It goes against all business logic. At a more philosophical level, what is the purpose of Dundee Football Club? What does it stand for? I used to feel proud of DFC as a representation of pride in my home town and the people who grew up and live here, the generations of my family who followed Dundee before me, but now i feel very little connection to it at all.
  6. That's one way of looking at it. Another view is that it is those very owners who have created the situation by hiring bad manager after bad manager, a revolving door of players coming and going without any outward evidence of a strategy, terrible communications and PR with the fans over the years, horribly overpriced tickets which are also poorly marketed. Are we screwed with them or screwed without them?
  7. We just need a damage limitation exercise in the second half to stop the goal difference getting any worse.
  8. 4-1. Defence is a shambles.
  9. My concern is that our total season ticket sales might be only slightly lower than our average attendance for most games this season as PATG could be minimal with those prices. Considering Friday night games etc. 3500 attendances could be a thing.
  10. I'd be surprised if our crowds were not sub 4000 to be honest. The average will be boosted by the derbies, but for run of the mill games, 3500 is highly possible in my opinion unless we are neck and neck with United chasing for the title. I only get back to Dundee a few times a year but paying £24 to watch Arbroath and the likes does not really appeal.
  11. Full house at Pittodrie? No chance of that, especially if televised. A flukey 1 goal win for the Dee.
  12. I think Dieng will be number 1 for the rest of the season.
  13. To be honest, I'm not sure I would disagree with his comments. I would be surprised if Kamara becomes a regular starter for Rangers over the 4 years of his contract.
  14. You seriously think Rangers would sign Kamara to weaken Dundee rather than to improve Rangers? I suspect Steven Gerrard could care less about weakening Dundee, we are already incredibly weak.
  15. Absolutely. Players need to be recruited with the long term in mind. It is not sustainable to change the squad every time we change manager. The role of the manager should be to get the best out of the staff available rather than changing them all to bring in their own type of player.
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