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    Dundee fan since 1985 when my dad first took me to Dens. In a misspent teenage youth I wrote a short lived Dundee FC fanzine called The Beloved.
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  1. Ah PB you've jinxed it now! If Peterhead score then I'll personally go up and tell NM how people (including you and I) had doubts about his pedigree...
  2. Very true my friend. Hoping for a 2-1 win in the next game to see us through...
  3. Brilliant my friend. Brilliant. Thank god for your guys humour. I'm sure we will still win (based on nothing but blind hope as always!).
  4. Hello Ryan Air...return flight to Toulouse please....f**cking hell
  5. Thanks to everyone on TDBF for all the great posts over the weekend. Made my holiday in France more bearable! I'm flying home on Wednesday morning then leaving the paradise of East Lothian to head to Peterhead to see what most of you guys are moaning about... the new look team can't be that bad...surely! 😜
  6. Down side about this weekend is I'm still in France (bloody family holidays) so will miss tomorrow. Two massive upsides: I met my all time musical hero Charlie Burchill from Simple Minds yesterday by chance whilst walking up the street (what a brilliant, lovely guy). And back on topic (...I can hear @Gedeeshouting at me from France...)the wifi has been fixed so I could listen to the defeat of the DABs... I'm away to open another bottle of red...
  7. On holiday in France at mo. Give the lads a big cheer from me
  8. Scrolling down the full draw and Groups I actually think this competition is a good idea. Not many easy groups; potential banana skins in all. Good stuff. Just get that diddy World Cup over and let the real games commence!
  9. I bloody knew it @Gedee look what KH's business description is.... Nature of business (SIC) 52103 - Operation of warehousing and storage facilities for land transport activities That's how he's moving your contraband tomatoes around....
  10. Okay...it was me. I dressed up as Islay... I thought carrying a 'Freedom of Information request' briefcase and wearing a 'I Love Companies House' t-shirt would do the job but alas no... I hadn't bargained on the ferries being cancelled either... Sorry Islay...all my fault
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