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  1. Feel free to tell me where I've said we should sack him. I'll wait.
  2. I am comparing managers of DFC - that's as like for like as it gets. What if the season NM deserves to prove himself sees us go down? The board gambled on McCann so obviously thought he was an upgrade on PH, as did some on here (and still do). I am simply highlighting the additional leeway fans are giving McCann compared to what they were willing to give, imo, a superior manager. This "DFC minded" bias could see us relegated.
  3. I removed a sentence from my explanation post which included the "i" word above - felt I was on too shoogly a peg to bring it up.
  4. This is the whole crux of my statement that Spence cost us the game. We were just back level, growing into the game against opponents who were undoubtedly mentally fragile. To give them a gift in the manner he did at that time is unforgivable and had dire consequences - mentally deflated us, lifted them and from that point the game was a bogey. NM has shouldered part of the blame, but without that mistake I genuinely believe we at least get a point.
  5. Well freend, that was certainly not the intent of my post. I have already mentioned the half wits I was sitting in front of on Saturday due to taking a couple of additional kids and thus relocating to the "family" section of the Cox to take advantage of the bargain £2 entrance fee for under 12's. That conclusion they were half-wits was based upon far more than the incident discussed. These people thought Holt was at fault for Spence passing the ball right out the park amongst a myriad of other comments. @TheDarkBlues post never even discussed this particular incident to even dra
  6. I can think of loads more worse performances tbh. Regardless of ranking them - I think we can all agree it was an absolute holocaust of a performance and was completely unacceptable from the manager through to the players.
  7. I don't think there is one thing in that post that could be considered fact. Which is ironic considering the title.
  8. I've said from the very start that I'm not convinced by the McCann appointment. I'm still not. I don't want him punted or anything, but I just don't see what other people are seeing in him. He has made IMO 2 successful signings (Hendry and Kamara) with the rest floating somewhere between average (Jon, Parrish, Deacon) to pish (Moussa, Wolters, Spence). He failed to correctly utilize our best player (Scott Allan) which has led to him wanting to leave to another (bigger and better) team to get game time. The results have broadly mirrored last season and we find ourselves in a similar
  9. People could maybe just accept that we all see things differently and that not all players need a white knight to save their good name. All this talk of Spence being "singled out" and "targeted" is in essence nothing more than myself expressing a negative view on the player and his performance, a few people agreeing and then others proceeding to try and throw any other player (Holt, Gowser and Kamara popular choices so far) under the bus to stop poor Spencey being "targeted". He was brutal imo, and has yet to show me that he is capable of playing at this level and despite a howler wh
  10. No, I made a comment on half wits at the game, you decided to take it personally.
  11. I honestly think none of our players have the confidence to take the ball under pressure. Frighteningly I think it's because none of our players have good enough ability to take it in, hold off a man and pick a pass or drive with the ball.
  12. That's untrue. He passed the ball right out the park on the Derry side for starters - I can only presume, like some half wits at the game, you blame Holt for not reading the pass that was never on - he's easier to blame I suppose. Kamara had a poor game by his standards but was our only player like Gowser willing to receive the ball under pressure. That was a one off aberration for Kamara - par for the course for Spence imo
  13. Gowser and Kamara are the only two players in our side confident enough to demand and receive a pass under pressure. Every other player, and this is a shocking indictment, hides unless they are in space or, if forced to take it under pressure, are making a tackle seconds later. Throw ins on Saturday are a clear example of this. I was at a Sunday boys game today where young lads were more willing to provide an option from a throw in than our players were on Saturday. It was truly embarrassing.
  14. If you thought Gowser was sh**e yesterday (and indeed think he's been poor recently) then quite frankly we'll never agree on a midfielders performance. He a(longside Kamara) is now our best and most important player - if you can't see why then you see football differently from me. That's not a criticism - we all see things differently - but McGowan was far and away our best player yesterday.
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