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  1. That makes for horrible reading!
  2. From the horses mouth itself "if they are not better than what we have, we are not brining them in." Cant really argue with that IMO. I would have loved for the club to make a statement and bring in the likes of Boyce from Ross County as i don't believe they would reject a decent offer for him as they got him for zilch but i would rather we didn't waste money on bring in substandard players also. Time will tell whether Hartley can turn this around but i am beginning to struggle being positive about the current situation.
  3. I really hope I've been hooked on to a line here...Do you honestly think CW should start in front of El Bak???? :S
  4. The campaign opposing the construction of a new sports performance centre at Caird Park have received political backing from the Scottish Green Party. What's peoples views on this? Seems ridiculous to me! https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/dundee/284577/caird-park-protest-group-get-green-support/
  5. Clearly PH is trying to find a working partnership up top that will produce the goods having now tried most options. Only seems right to give Yordi a go up top with El Bak?? or would you be happy if he tried Yordi and Loy from the start Bubster?
  6. to my knowledge if I remember correctly from a conversation I had with someone in the know from within Dens, the two lucky season ticket holders that get chosen at random can bring four guests along to enjoy the match and hospitality treatment ie you are asked what drinks you would like before you arrive and they are waiting for you when your are taken to your shed.
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