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  1. Dee_Dee

    Nathan Ralph - Release Clause

    Good luck to the boy. He was our least sh*te player this season but was still part of a horrendous defence that conceded a ridiculous amount of soft goals at an average of about 2 a game
  2. Dee_Dee

    Charlie Adam

    I’d be all for it if they got someone to assist him. It would also give us the best midfielder in the league
  3. Dee_Dee

    Team v St Mirren

    Hope we beat St Mirren and send them to the play-off. They look a better team than Hamilton right now and we want the best team playing against ICT or the Arabs don’t we?
  4. Dee_Dee

    Inundated With Applications

    aye didn’t bother reading before I posted
  5. “The club have been inundated with applications for the vacant manager position since yesterday’s announcement. To apply, please send a full CV together with an accompanying letter to Eric Drysdale, Club Secretary, Dundee FC, Kilmac Stadium at Dens Park, Sandeman Street, Dundee DD3 7JY or email” from official. At least they will see who is out there and available this time
  6. Dee_Dee

    Relegated Today

    Wasn’t that upset today, it was just confirmation of an already known fact. Bin McIntyre Now!
  7. Dee_Dee

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    It’s history, we are where we are. First priority now must be sacking this imposter of a manager to get the fans onside and looking forward to next season when it starts
  8. Dee_Dee

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    “10 in a row - you’ve got to go” sung from 2 stands today. No way back for him, just sack the hopeless chunt now and start getting ready for next season. No more hopeless ex arab players, they make sh1te managers
  9. Dee_Dee

    9 Defeats In a Row.

    He’d had Dodds beside him everywhere else, either the fans should have allowed Dodds to join him or we should not have hired him at all. I didn’t want him from the start, just my own opinion but I would never have anyone with arab connections at the club. They are on a loser with the fans right away when things start going wrong. Heard a few “f**k off you arab b**t**d shouts at the last couple of games and I must say I agree with them. He must go.
  10. Dee_Dee

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Sacking him right now would at least clear the air a bit. If he is still our manager by the time our 2 home games come around, any atmosphere that is there is likely to be toxic to say the least. Nelms crazily stated that 8th place was possible when he appointed McIntyre, even by his own barmy criteria, he must see that the manager has come up well short of any expectations and that the support have turned against him.
  11. To get mantle pieced by that St Johnstone team, 4 defeats without scoring a goal against them kinda shows the utter shambles that we are.
  12. First priority has to be empty the hopeless arab chunt and advertise for a manager
  13. Writing was on the wall when both Dunfermline and Ayr Utd came to Dens and played us off the park and was compounded when we were thrashed at QOS by a team who didn’t win for weeks after it. Probably a mercy that we are not making play off, no sense in extending the humiliation
  14. Sadly, official confirmation of automatic relegation is all we’ve got to look forward to till end of season now. We deserve it to be honest, we are the easiest beat team in the division and have stunk the league out all season. There are other honking teams but they are above us
  15. St Mirren’s goal difference is worth an extra point so we are in effect 7 points behind them. If we get beat at Motherwell and St Mirren win next week, it’s all over.
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