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  1. Dee_Dee

    Paisley Bound Next Week?

    I'm going to Paisley and have renewed my season ticket. Had the money in the bank and at £18.80 per game it will be worth it whatever league we are in as the Championchip was £20 this season, stay up and the saving is even more. I go to all the home matches whether they are on TV or not so it was worth it for me personally
  2. Dee_Dee

    Relegation Battle

    We’ve flirted with it for 3 seasons now, reckon it’s our turn for play offs at best. God help us with that given that we’ve been thoroughly outplayed by 3 Championship teams already this season.
  3. Dee_Dee

    Relegation Battle

    I thought Hamilton were nailed on for a win today against that Hearts team. The fact we couldn’t beat them is exactly why we are where we are
  4. Dee_Dee

    Season Tickets

    Depends on the individual I suppose Islay, I go to all the home games whether we are on TV or not. Doesn’t make any odds to me whether it’s Fri/Sat/Sun. I realise other fans can’t do every day. Up to the individual to decide if it’s worth it to them. I usually end up missing a game or two due to other commitments but I don’t buy my season ticket just based on how many games I’ll make, I buy it to help the club and save having to organise tickets for home games.
  5. Dee_Dee

    Season Tickets

    Just checked. Ross County’s admission price is £20 this season. In the Championship, you are guaranteed 18 home matches. 18 x £20 = £360 pay at the gate so most of our early bird prices would still be worth getting even if we were relegated.
  6. Dee_Dee

    Relegation Battle

    Must admit I’m getting a bit of a dread on. In a league of 3, the other 2 start picking up points just as we play the hard teams. I think finishing 10th will depend pretty much on how many games we can field Nelson & Curran as a front 2. Need an extra body in midfield too, we are winning nothing with Gowser and Woods on their own in there. One of the wingers has to go in my opinion, I’d drop Jessie Curran to bench
  7. Might get another chance, I wasn’t at Ibrox but Rangers fan at my work said Horsefield was stinking in midweek
  8. At least Curran and Nelson have a week and a half to get fit. We must get them playing every week. Don’t think we can afford Dales and J Curran in team at same time, need another body in centre mid
  9. I’m getting worried about our position again after things looking up for a bit. Hamilton always seem to be able to pull out a result we aren’t capable of, like winning at Aberdeen. Got a feeling St Mirren will beat Livi on Saturday in the first of 4 home games out of 6 they have before the split
  10. Dee_Dee

    Rangers V Dundee

    Saw that coming, thank fk I didn’t bother going
  11. Dee_Dee

    May 2018 Accounts

    And yet some folk think it’s viable for Dundee to charge £15 admittance. Cloud cuckoo land
  12. Dee_Dee

    Rangers V Dundee

    Bad time to be playing Rangers, with Rodgers looking like he’s leaving Celtic for Leicester they are gonna be in a state of mass hysteria at Ibrox tomorrow. Penalties virtually guaranteed
  13. Would have taken Wright off as I thought he faded in second half. They were probably running out of steam after the first half effort. Got to get Nelson on pitch for 90mins, our best chance of a goal by far. Unlucky not to bag a first half hat trick against a top 4 team.

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