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  1. Well only around 900 bothered turning up last night.
  2. Exactly. A Dee in a crowd of 100 = admin 3 and oblivion eventually.
  3. Outnumbered at home by Motherwell says everything about the state we are in
  4. Just in from game. We had a not bad spell at start of second half, Hemmings hit bar and McDaid had a shot just wide but that was about it. Hats off to the 1500 Motherwell fans who backed their team for 90 minutes and at least made a bit of an atmosphere. If it hadn’t been for them it would have been like watching a game in a public park. Our support have hardly ever given the team backing like that since Ivano’s team at Tynecastle. Seems that unless it’s a derby, a lot of our fans are happier in the boozer. Utterly pathetic level of support tonight and I wouldn’t be surprised if the yanks start thinking “why are we ploughing money into this year after year?”
  5. 270 plus minutes against Inverness without a goal this season There can’t be many teams who have such an abysmal league record against them than we have since they came into the leagues. That was horrific today
  6. Nobody seems to know where to play him. Too fragile to be a main striker and a bit lightweight for midfield so he tended to be punted out on the wing. He did have ability but I always thought he was a bit over-rated. When he went to Hearts I predicted he’d do nothing there. Still makes me angry to see Martin Boyle running amok in the Premier when he was under-rated and just needed developed at Dens. Far more dangerous Premier player than Wighton will ever be.
  7. Great to get back to back wins to add to the draw at Arbroath. We are now looking upwards again. Level with Ayr on points and only 4 off second place.
  8. What a mental team we are. Bet there’s not another team in the country that could be cruising 4-1 then the opposition go down to 10 men and we end up hanging on by our fingertips at the end. We were totally humping them 4-1 (going on 6 as their keeper had a couple of great saves) then started fanning about doing olés. We should have kept pushing on and given them a real hammering and improved our goal difference, but no, not Dundee. Not gonna moan too much though as would have bitten your hand off for any sort of win before the game, I thought we’d get beat today. Subs seemed to weaken us again
  9. We really need to win this one but if we play like we have the last few games I can see us getting pumped. They ran us ragged at Dunfermline in first half. We could have won the game in the end but on the other hand, if we’d been 4 down at half time it wouldn’t have flattered them. We got 2 penalties at ideal times. Big game for McPake’s future, if he can get us going and win the match, things will not look so bad for the play off positions, but if we lose and the team leave the park to mass booing I think his time will be just about up.
  10. We can play as many strikers as we want but if they don’t get decent service, the end result will be the same, 1 shot at goal
  11. Think our support will very much depend on how we do over next couple of matches. I’m already out, pre organised party or I’d have been there.
  12. Pars move above us with away win at Ayr. Big couple of games coming up for McPake’s future. Lose at Arbroath and we’d be 6th and he should go if this happens. Really need wins against Arbroath and Dunfermline to get anywhere near on track
  13. Crucial couple of games coming up. If Dunfermline beat Ayr in their game in hand this midweek they will shove us down to fifth before Saturday, if this happens and we were to lose on Saturday we would be sixth which would be totally unacceptable. Need a couple of big performances against Arbroath and Dunfermline or manager is gonna have to go
  14. I never boo an individual player during the game, it doesn’t do anything to help and adds pressure on them. Always been of the view that it’s the manager who selects them and sets tactics. I think booing the whole team at half time or full time is entirely acceptable. It’s the only way the paying public can show their dissatisfaction with unacceptable performances
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