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  1. We are a bit of a bogey team to Hearts, I’m not so worried about 2 trips to Tynecastle as I am about our own bogey team, 2 trips to Inverness where I have never seen Dundee win a league match
  2. If it means we can keep Hemmings I’m ok with that, boy was a bit injury prone and his rash challenges meant a booking almost every time he was on. Was good back ups If we end up losing both of them it’s an effing shambles
  3. He will be a huge miss. Remember how porous and easy to score against our defence was before he came. Even worse if Hearts come down and he’s playing for them, they won’t be losing many goals in this league
  4. We need Hemmings putting the bell in the net. Needs sorted out somehow. Nelson is good but injury prone and doesn’t score regularly enough to be main striker. Think if we lose Hemmings over this it could very well f**k up our season
  5. It would be hilarious if being selfish and not voting for reconstruction (which was always the easiest and fairest way to sort out this shambles) comes back and bites them in the a**e and they end up not being promoted and financially ruined. I would laugh and laugh and laugh
  6. With the cost cutting going on, I’ll be surprised if we sign anybody
  7. Drive up to Dundee listening to Sportsound. Get into Dens around 2:40 and buy a steak pie & bovril. Meet up with old pal, watch match. Drive home and have a couple of pints in my local with mates and discuss the various games we’ve been to.
  8. We saw first hand what Berra did to seal up our defence in this league. If he’s playing for Hearts next season they won’t be letting many goals in. Our defence was like a sieve before he came to Dens so we’ll need to get it right from the start
  9. I sincerely hope they get an injunction stopping the season from starting. The other clubs were presented with an easy way to avoid the harm caused by calling the season and rejected it. If I were Hearts I’d be saying “f**k them all” and try to create as much havoc as possible Not only have they been put down from an incomplete season but they can’t start next season til October because diddy teams can’t do testing or play behind closed doors. Utter farce and I’m right behind them on this
  10. Playing the play offs would be good but can’t see it happening although in current climate who knows? If they don’t happen at least we will get rid of Inverness who we cant buy a win against
  11. If it’s a 14 team top league Partick and Stranraer won’t be relegated as everyone will shunt up. To be honest, I only care about Dundee, and anything that stops us having to fight Hearts for promotion next season is fine with me.
  12. It never is easy and I’m not saying it would be but if you think it would be easier facing Hearts, United or ICT I just can’t see that logic, sorry. At this stage we simply don’t know when it’s going to be safe so literally anything could happen. Think the remaining Premier games have more chance of being cancelled than played never mind the play off games. I just don’t think there will be enough time to do anything with this season if next season is going to be anything like a normal season. Dunno we are all just guessing when things will be normal again.
  13. League reconstruction, if it goes through, could benefit us in 2 ways. 1) if it’s a 14 top league, we won’t be competing next season against Hearts, United or ICT (bogey team). We would be the biggest team in the league and while this doesn’t guarantee promotion, it gives us a hell of a better chance. 2) if this virus takes longer to clear than expected, there may not be time to play a full normal season so a 16 team (30 game) league could possibly come into play, in which case we would be promoted and playing in top league. Either scenario benefits us.
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