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  1. "Neil Mc Cann " and friends lifting spirits in these stay in doors days
  2. CJ45


    Jim Duffy surely abetter choice than robbo if thats our No 1 target
  3. Craig Burley and Ravenelli..didnt help the finances too much
  4. Self destruction isnt the way to fightback from relegation.
  5. From a few years back..its quite good
  6. "Albert Craig , Albert Craig , Albert Craig.. From a Dundee fan in the derry trying to wind up the Hearts fans
  7. Best was 2 away games around 87-88 ? Scored 6 against falkirk on the saurday then beat Morton away 7-1 midweek..
  8. A game with meaning ....a chance to get off the bottom..got to be enough to get the players fired up to give everything to try get a win
  9. Wrong man at the wrong time...needs to win next week
  10. Mcintyre getting even less out of the team so far..
  11. Scraping the barrel by the Sounds of it...
  12. Parish should play...whole defence were sh*t for the goals
  13. Stupid time to change a manager..few days before game..typical Dundee f*ck up
  14. Why would anyone want Ian Mc Call to manage Dundee ?...Mixu would be more fun
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