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  1. Agree the "foreign players" part is spot on. It was obvious to me at Perth when the goal was lost the teams heads went down although before that the game could have gone either way.
  2. akuram

    Has NM Lost the Support?

    Very fair comments. Last season was dismal as a saints fan but our new signings look promising. All Dundee need to do is speed up your game and not let the opposition time to prepare.
  3. akuram

    McCann Keeps The Spat Going

    Did Neil McCann not hit Zander Clark then or was that also fiction? Think he should have just dropped the subject when he was winning.
  4. akuram

    6 Fouls

    Interesting foul count this as everyone is making out Saints are always fouling so how come we are second lowest on this chart? Think recently we have had to harden up due to our poor run of results. Dundee need to follow our example as we need you in the league.
  5. akuram

    Hearts V Dundee

    Hearts are a very physical team and all arms, at least they were on Wednesday night.
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