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  1. I don’t buy all this Judas nonsense. It was b*llocks then and it’s b*llocks now. He’s a quality coach and will make a great addition to McPake’s team.
  2. Just listening to the Simon Mayo show on Radio 2 and apparently, following a tour of Nigeria in 1972, the phrase "Dundee United" means idiot - just like it does in Dundee
  3. DD - we may be talking about other things here but youth football on Sundays is alive and kicking - have a look at the Dundee and District Youth Football Association website - Dundee teams involved in around 70 11 a side games last Sunday and 30 odd seven a side for the younger boys.http://www.ddyfa.co.uk/
  4. Is anything going to change as a result of this? Does anyone in Scottish football care? Celtic are so far ahead of the SPL and so far behind PSG. Couldn't be because they play against poor opposition each week? That couldn't be because of inequality of finances across the Scottish game? If we don't want Scottish teams humiliated in Europe we have to improve the quality of the SPL - spread the money more fairly is the only answer.
  5. Am I dreaming? - did my dad used to grow red and yellow striped tomatoes? we must hae been posh ...
  6. Slightly of topic but does anyone know what happened to Sevco and will be happening to Celtic for their smoke bomb shenanigans? It looked like the police adopted a "I see no ships" approach to this as well as the coins being thrown through in Perth.
  7. I love the "and Celtic are now 2 behind" comment after Cab's second goes in - never "and Dundee are now 2 ahead" from these pr**ks - nothing changes. Tomorrow is not going to end well....
  8. We'll need to see if the V and A becomes a "white elephant". All these companies spending big bucks on all of the hotel developments around the town clearly haven't done their homework and have no idea what attracts people to places. they'll not have visited the Guggenheim in Bilbao and will have decided to invest their cash here on a whim. Little Mix not musicians? I think they will be bringing people who play instruments with them and they will be using their voices to make the music together - or are you just trying to say you don't like their music? Like it or not, the kids like groups like these (and Olly Murrs too apparently), I don't think Genesis are still together - "granddad" :-) Are the Dees playing tomorrow?
  9. I think we're due one of those games where it all falls into place - 3 nil to us
  10. This really worked on Saturday - half a dozen St Mirren fans were sitting behind us in the main stand. Didn't cause any bother but I could have lived without it.
  11. As well as EMOG and "Half past Four" I remember "The Sleeping Giant" - Ally Strachan from Barnhill wrote it and put out a handful of editions. My memory from c1990 is that it was really funny - particularly his cartoons. He was doing a Phd in Chemistry so he had lots of spare time on his hands! Would it work in this online, instantly connected world? Only one way to find out...
  12. Hi Everyone,

    Just to let you know that Pirie91 has joined The Dark Blues Forum today: 28/10/16

    Stop by and say hello:

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